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The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world. A place where all men and women are created equal and enjoy in all the treasures in this world as it was meant to be. A place where corruption and deceit cease to exist. This world will be filled with self thinkers who will share their ideals to the point where the cost of living will no longer be a factor when buying food or getting an education. I see a world where


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  • Ruth:

    My appreciation and agrement to your wonderfully Testimonial to a wonderful world
    That only the Twelve-Vision-Party has that key the change is needed in every walk of our lives we need this change think of the prosperity that our children will enjoy

    Not burden with sacrifices to support their taxes and take control of health care.T.V.P
    Is what we need the Prim law.

  • Ruth:

    The Twelve Visions Party, this special movement that as the key to prosperity and
    Success quite different from the career politician stripping our lives of values.

    T.V.P will bring the change needed for every woman boys and girls the Neothink
    Society and the Prime Law. read more go to

  • Ruth:

    MR Hamilton founder of the Neothink society and the Twelve vision- party has given this great labor of love causing me to see the big picture and not the illusion cast before me in many ways, by the big business-political business men with regulation Choke off value producing especially the smaller entrepreneurs this is the why we need The Twelve vision Party the key to the twelve vision world making all the people Rich including the poor ending the rule of man to the wealth of man kind.

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