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I have read Mark Hamilton’s 3 Neothink vision books.
Mark Hamilton along with Frank W. have created a wealth of information that will change the way we look at things today and in the future.
I am so frustrated with the way our politicians have turned their backs on the people that elected them and have opted to go for the corporations interest only. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are republicans of democrats.
With the Twelve Visions Party we are at last in a position to have out lives back. Look for yourself what is going on and you can see the deception everywhere with our currant system.
If you really want things to change from what they are now, You wont see any with doing the same old thing that that we have been doing all along. We need a new system that works and the Twelve Visions Party offers that to us. Read the material and see for yourself.
It’s time for us to stand up and be counted and make a real difference.
Sincerely Donald Brown


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