More TVP

Having read the Neothink books, and the Twelve Visions Party platform, I’m not sure how America can turn away from the U.S. Constitution with the Prime Law Amendment.
America is in a very dark place, with even more darkness facing it in the near and distant future. The TVP is about the common sense of turning America around.
Doing away with our career politicians and our ever rising taxes, doing away with a government interested in themselves and spending all our tax dollars can only mean a better, stronger America.
The platform of the TVP needs to be read by every American before our “government” sees what a threat it is for their future and stops it’s production.
Me, my family, my children, my grandchildren… all deserve the booming economy, the technological revolution, the protection-only government, universal wealth and health for all the people, even the poor, that the TVP stands for!
Mark Hamilton has opened my eyes to the new hope for America. Not one word he writes is derogative to our best interest. Our current government and politicians would disagree with that statement because America’s best interest is not what our government is all about anymore, and they want to insure they keep things just as they are – them staying in control of every aspect of our lives.
The flow of medical cures, jobs for everyone, low/no taxes, low prices,…would be endless freedom to live the kind of life we all want and desire.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all your hard work, for the visions you’ve shared and for the sensible, eye opening truths about the present condition of America. But, thank you most of all for showing us how easy we could all work together to become the America our forefathers intended – a protection-only government with freedom to create, prosper, and be happy and healthy!


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