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Hello Mark Hamilton,
I started reading the Heirloom package in June, 2009. I have read all three plus “Pax Neo-Tech.” Today, I attended my 1st “Secret Meeting,” and can’t wait for the next 11.
You have opened my eyes to the way the Universe works, and the way to a Civilization of the Universe.
I already had a great family and good job, but, thanks to your books, I keep becoming happier with what I have, and keep striving to create values. At work, I started voicing my opinions about what I thought would improve work conditions, to my managers, and all have been implemented [within 9 months of starting this new job]. I feel so powerful.
I am so excited about Neothink, and TVP, that I want to include my husband. I want him to share, but he is reluctant. He did, however, attend the Texas TVP convention with me recently, and found it interesting, but said, “I just don’t understand how they think they can do those things.” I said, ” Read the books and you will.” He has read a little. But, he is a psychologist, and I’m afraid he won’t like them, because there are some derogatory comments about psychologists in the books. My husband is the love of my life. He is the nicest, most loving, most honest person I have ever known. I don’t believe he is the kind of psychologist referred to. I don’t think he tries to bleed people for money. I think He really wants to help them. What would be a good thing to tell him before he reads the Heirloom?
Thank you Mark Hamilton, for everything!


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