More TVP

Together, these ideas envision a world, in which man realizes, “ He is the Supreme
Treasure of this Universe, in Matter!
” Mark Hamilton draws a map, that unites us, mentally and psychologically, on the same page. Or, it could be said, to exchange our old Diseased condition, for a Natural and Healthy one, benefiting all of Man, in alignment with our Universe.

His desire and reason, understand ” Change and the Overcoming “, that he and all men ace. As one cell in the body, by itself, cannot overcome the whole body, neither can this
mental and psychological scientist, overcome the world, alone. We may use his map, to
pave the way, to happiness and the value of Creative and Harmonious living. ” Life is but,
a Dream.”

Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for the Set-Up, which allows me to meet, these Realized Treasures, our Universe!
Sincerely, JFM


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