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Hello everybody.
My name’s Issa
To start this I got to say that joining the Neothink Society and the TVP founded by Mark Hamilton it was and still and will be the best thing in my life, the integrations that I’m in is indescribable and the readers will not feel and understand this until you out there involve and allowing your self in , in order to realize and discover you ability to create and to be happy to realize you own ability to lead your self and to live the life you meant to live, and truly it’s priceless, you need to know that your life is yours and our business here in the Society because we complete each other, your value creation is for and mine/our is for you.
We’re a happy family and you deserve to be among like mended people for you to get away from the created illusions and stagnation around you.
I said this before and I’m saying it know once you discover your true creativity and happiness and live the life you meant to live you can never go back.
Our mentor Mark Hamilton and his family dedicated his/their life’s to humanity to see beyond the created illusions and start seeing the true me/us.
I’m lucky and want to have you all be like me/us happy and healthy and soon will be very wealthy and this’s the propose of the TVP (twelve Visions Party).
is to Make All People rich Including The Poor.
Thank you for reading


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  • I think you’ve nailed it Issa. Subscribing to the teachings of Mark Hamilton for a couple of years now it seems good luck/fortune seeks me and my family out. Business sets growth records for a franchise system and indistry in decline. Each year we continue to live better than the year before. Now, confronted with the challenges before the New York Twelve Visions Party (TVP), I have found like-minded people to share the journey. Some of these relationships will end up in life long friendships. There’s a new steamroller in town and its the TVP. Leave your woes behind and live the life you were meant to live!

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