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I have been a Neothink Member for over two years now. What an exciting Journey it has been for me. There’s been some work involved but very exciting and rewarding. With Mark Hamilton and his Literature, I discovered that I’m a Writer and estimate writing a Book in at least two years. Upon discovering that I’m a Writer and what to write about, I been having Eureka Ideas almost on a daily basis. I wake up in the morning Neothinking and go to bed Neothinking and three mornings ago I had a Eureka Idea upon waking up. I’m so inspired with writing that I’m having difficulty even making time to make repairs and improvements on the house, so I bought me a Digital Recorder and use it and put it down on paper later. Mark Hamilton and his Literature has help me to start on Being all That I can Be. The TVP Movement’s Objective is to Help all people Be all That They can Be, even the poor. Thank You Mark and Ya-hoo TVP……………………..Gregory Klatt


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  • I love that you found your FNE. Looking forward to reading what you are thinking about. I always thought of being a writer myself but so much was going on that I couldn’t find the time. Then I told myself that I am writing my own story everyday and felt I would write the story when I was 80 years old. This was before Neothink. After I joined in with all of us, learning what Mark Hamilton was willing to mentor me I couldn’t believe the journey I was on now. With the help of the TVP, 80 years old is too young. I’m looking forward to finally getting the Anti-civilization over with so we can all live the life we are meant to live, in pure love, honesty,wealth and health.

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