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I praise Mark Hamilton and his work -eliminating the deceitful ruling class, raising the level of awareness for the non-ruling class, breaking complex puzzle pieces down to what is, teaching through action intense verbs how to absorb learning through positive introspection. I was brought to this higher consciousness because this society noticed something in me to be honored, honed, brought to its fullest. I think faster, pierce quicker, intuitively find solutions like never before. I am more loving toward my family, friends, associates. I have a greater and increasing respect for value creating business people. -Successful people are not the enemy, red tape bureaucrats, fda, sec, are. Limiting people to want to be controlled (these people are saving my life, protecting me, keeping me comfortable; they deserve my power, my submission). That lie is what perpetuates the anticivilization. Technological advancements, scientific medical discoveries, extending save-life medicines, all held up so these people can maintain authority, tax-free lifestyles. People know where and how to spend their money; when something is a scam, that business will eliminate its self out of fraudulence. We all deserve to live in the society of the universe, without dogma, counter-productive pride in a dark age system. I support TVP, Mark Hamilton, Neothink


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  • I understand every thing that you have written and agree whole heartly. We are a very large family now and growing more everyday. Soon the C of U will be the only civilazation left and that is a very good thing. The TVP is our door and we all need to open it. Mark Hamilton and Neothink are our learning tools to know ourselves. All we have to do is read about everything and I do mean everything because you will learn it all. Pat

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