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Hello all
What a pleasant journey to be among the TVP and become a visionary I really thought that I was lucky, happy and healthy until I got introduced to the Neothink Society and the TVP I can see the meaning and the need for the implementation of the Prime Law to the constitution I can see and feel the real health and happiness and wanting everybody out there to experience what they deserve .
I learned that the emotions can and is been manipulated and it can be constructive and or destructive but love in most if isn’t in all cases is constructive and that what I/We all feel here at TVP.
I learned that we all take auctions weather mental or fiscal or both and the importance for everybody to do that to publicize the greatest movement ever found on earth to the mankind .

I can see how lucky I’m and very thankful to Mark Hamilton and National officers for their dedications to the humanity.

I can see and feel the pure love for self and others and that what’s strengthen the foundation of the TVP.

what I learned here is a lot more than to list but I can say this , once you put your foot on the first step of the ladder going to the top and feeling the life you meant to live and start seeing beyond the illusions you’ll be a visionary and you can never go back to the old stagnation that once was built by great illusions, you’ll start living the life of your dream.
thank you for reading.


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