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To whom it may concern,
I want the freedom to live my life as I see fit, be healthy, wealthy and happy and create values for humankind. I feel compelled to help create an entirely new civilization. To that end I and my fellow Visionaries are creating the Twelve Visions Party® to depoliticize America and then the world.
I have undertaken this endeavor because I understand that active participation is required to advance individuals and society to their fullest potential. The Twelve Visions Party® is a vital piece of the big puzzle picture reflecting human potential. The success of the TVP® will enable the health, wealth and happiness of all.
Imagine the long lasting benefits of unrestrained freedom for the geniuses of society creating values for all.
Now I have taken the opportunity to facilitate a grass roots organization to advance civilization. I have teamed up with many people with the same goals. It will be a long adventure filled with hard work and honest thinking. This is my chance to make a difference.
Michael Burns
TVP West Region Chair


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