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Without the Prime Law as an added Amendment to our U. S. Constitution I believe that every American man, woman, and child would still end up vulnerable to the resurgence of so called powerful rules of another man or human being. Meaning that our government will steadily keep growing beyond its only one purpose and that is the purpose of protection only of the American people.

As an apprentice of Mark Hamilton I believe instead of governments becoming eventually ruling classes of parasitical elites. They should become a protection service provider only and a very accredited business corporation. But as an apprentice of the author Mark Hamilton, a Neothinker, and a member of the Twelve Visions Party I strongly trust with total honesty that my colleagues and I are focusing our abet on the Prime literatures of Mark Hamilton.

I believe that our government is steadily growing beyond its one and only proper purpose, which is supposed to be protection only. I believe instead it becoming a government of protection. It is becoming and always been a government of eventually of a ruling class of parasitical elites. From my understanding of the U. S. President focus and proper role is that he is the Command-in-Chief of the military and of Homeland Security and not of this country’s economy that suppose to be to me left to conscious individuals that why we appoint member of Congress which to me. They all should be replace with the Prime Law Amendment or with the solar eclipse program.


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