More TVP

When you watch the news media political pseudo-science rhetoric (b.s.),… have you caught yourself saying “yeah right”, like in total denial to what was said…knowing without a doubt that it was not a statement of truthful fact. In fact, it was a out in out lie, or twisted truth for the benefit of the speaker involved?

My children showed me from the beginning how it all begins. Questions, what does that say?, what does that mean? We are all inquisitive. We instinctively want to know about everything. Mark Hamilton’s, Neothink Inside Secrets literature means to me I didn’t miss the boat after all..The truth is still, there and available.

If we go around the media and governments, we CAN know what we are here for. We don’t have to reach our 50′s and go, that’s it? No, we can learn more, as long as we listen to our instincts and never fall into the media/government ruling on what you should think and believe in. We can find the meaning of life, anytime.


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