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Dear Mark Hamilton.

I would like to thank Neothink & the Neothink Team and Mark Hamilton with all my hart and the list goes on. Before I knew of Neothink and read any of there manuscript’s I was a true mess. I was not happy with the life style of today and how it has been treating and doing things to all of us and as a person you can just feel that things are not right with the world. After I read the fist manuscript my eyes started to open up and I was getting answer’s to questions that my soul was looking for I have moments of spontaneous crying because my hart can feel I’m being told is truth for once and to find out, I’m not the only one in the world that feels this way and there will be a wonderful change in the world and I feel Neothink teachings and Neothink can do it, I can tell you as a simple farm boy my mother and farther have now seen me grow in ways they could not dream of. I have drive and direction in my life now, I’m being shown how to look for Common denominators how to build small life puzzles and how to think in pictures and to put puzzles together with the pictures I’m seeing in life. An the best of all how to spot a Neocheater. Neothink & Neothink are my new life teachers and are part of my family and I will not look back only forward.

Kind Regards

Ray C M,

South Africa


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