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Mark Hamilton’s Neothink manuscripts, communicates with brilliance the creative methods and tools used to engage people in personal transformation. The Neothink manuscripts, dispenses methods and concepts for an individual to transform to the next level in one’s life. With Mark Hamilton’s dynamic, approaches, offers a positive, energetic, optimistic, earnest, and sensible way to live, learn, and transform. Neothink epitomizes all of those things that anybody who really is looking for something different in life, something better, bigger in their life.

Mark epitomizes all of those things that I think people aspire for. Reading the manuscripts empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. Neothink techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and the results are lasting.

I value the concepts and admire the magnificence of his determination to bring to the everyday person. Mark has the ability to break down the old patterns that prevent you from being your true self with tools that you use at your own pace. Once you find that you are no longer dictated by old beliefs, you are on the road to creating joy, true happiness and success in all areas of your life.

No matter whom you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy, if you’re down and out and in the dumps or at your lowest low read Mark Hamilton’s Neothink manuscripts have something to offer you. Read them over and over and each time you will learn something different. Take risks, take actions, and really become something or someone to be proud of.

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  • Dale Sproul:

    I have been studying more on the TVP and I do have some questions. First off one would be concerning regulations, It is already known that there is way to many regulations at present. However I am wondering how one would strike a happy medium if you will. History has shown also that when there is no regulations what so ever things have been known to get out of hand also. For example that is how Unions started because of the abuse of workers in sweet shops. When they started actually it may have been for good intentions. But they themselves gained more power and become corrupt themselves. So it seems that there should be some basic regulations for the proper treatment of the workers. What do you say about that ? I guess in many ways this concerns me The people I come from were Irish and Scottish and those people like others when they first came to this country were treated quite badly. As fore myself in many ways its been that in modern times for me in my life. I guess one might say I have been worked or run hard and put away wet many times with no feelings what so ever for the workers. So naturally this would be of a concern for basic common people.                                                                      The next question would be concerning the idea of the Government sell off with a protection only idea. How about the Forest Service and those public lands? I am not saying those lands could not be better managed but the first intentions of the first Foresters was to set aside land for public use and recreation. In that way people from cities and none land owners could have a place to go and use properly. If those places all of the sudden are sold off then everything would be private owned and those public privileges would be taken away. That almost sounds like the haves and have nots, do not forget in convincing someone like myself however open minded coming from a background of not very much, that can be taken as a threat to what privileges we do have.                                                                       TVP Party Please respond and explain this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thank You;    Dale Sproul 

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