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Mr. Hamilton,

I am honored to be among the thousands of Neothink readers of today. When I first received the letter from Mark Hamilton about my life and what I could become, I was skeptical and thought to myself, could this be real? I took a chance and ordered the first book the Neothink Package of Inside Secrets. When I received the book, I thought to myself, “Wow this book is huge”, but I started reading and to my surprise I was amazed to see my life and my lifestyle inside the covers of this book. I am a slow reader, because of my eyesight not being too good, but I started seeing more and more of the problems that I have had in my life. The illusions and mysticisms that plagued me, I thought there was something terribly wrong with me. As I read more each day I started to see that I had been cheated out of becoming what I was meant to be. I got on the internet and started listening to the nightly broadcasts and the teleseminars that are available to new members. I was so happy to see so many people that felt the same way I did and also found a reason to make me want to live as long as I could. I am learning how to schedule my days with the mini-day schedule that I found in the Neothink Package of Inside Secrets and also heard on the broadcasts. I am a retired lady with a wonderful family and friends, and I look forward to each new day in my Neothink life.

There comes a time when you give credit to someone or something for your life changing for the better. I can tell you that Neothink has done it for me. I’m sure that millions of others feel the same way. Going through life I have looked in the mirror and asked who I am or what will become of me. I have asked myself what I should be doing and if there is more to life. Aging and death have been two great fears of mine, not just for me but for my loved ones.

For years I have searched for results with the same end result – pieces of information with nothing to put them together. This is what Mark Hamilton has done for me. The Neothink Insider Secrets hold all the information needed to put the pieces together. What ever I needed answers for Neothink has been there to help me piece everything together. All my fears of living in a mortal world have subsided because I know there are others who will help create the answers using Neothink. Being a part of creations has brought out never ending exhilaration in me. Many people strive to be happy any given day, but with Neothink it is a way of life.

There are people who have never gone through and tried it so they may so it is to good to be true. Coming from someone who has read the Neothink Insider Secrets I can tell you that it is true. I look forward to the many things it will do for me. There have been many changes in me already. Before I was introduced to Mark Hamilton I felt like an outsider although I felt I never hurt anybody. Most people thought of me as a really nice guy, but not as much fun to be around because I had my mind tied into other things such as questions about life. Now I am recognized among my peers and feeling on top of the world. I want to help as many people in the world as I can.

Without Neothink there would be much more anger and hatred in the world. Mark Hamilton has offered the world a gift of retreat from all the frustrations that have been boiling over in the world for many years. It is a way of life – the place I wish to leave my hat and call home.



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