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Mark Hamilton,

Thank you so very much for your illuminating Neothink literature and also for the valuable seminars which you are making available to members of the Neothink Society.

On a personal level, I have been able to achieve so much more by applying your Miniday methods together with the Power-thinking techniques as detailed in your books and reinforced through the Neothink Society’s seminars. While I had always considered myself to be quite efficient in my endeavors, the novel methods available through the Neothink Society have allowed me to achieve substantially higher levels of productivity.

On a societal level, your Neothink literature and the Neothink Society also hold promise for much-needed improvements.

As a scientist, I have been able to enjoy creating values intended for the betterment of all people. But I look with disappointment for evidence that most people are now faring better due to the values created by my colleagues and myself. Indeed, it is disappointing to see how the mushrooming of giant banks and over-bearing government bureaucracies have increasingly “sucked out” so much substance from so many people that the majority of folks seem worse off today than when I began my working career over 40 years ago. The Neothink Society’s notion that government should PROTECT the people and its constructive approach for making this happen are most welcome.

I enthusiastically applaud and again thank you for all of your outstanding efforts.

Best wishes,

Carl C


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