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My name is Billy W. Thanks to Mr Hamilton and the NEOTHINK, I have came to the knowledgement of the proper way of thinking. I in my own heart knew that there was a differant form of contiousness…a more intence way to think. Which inable me to see things for what they are. It helps me to think faster and in more depth anhanceing details. Thust defineing percepts to concepts to ideals to reality in which shows the path to the realization of the perpose of what it means to be human.To build, create, enjoy life to the fullest. To be more than just people going no where other than to live pay taxes and die, We in fact have the power through contiousness and intelligence to reshape our world in which we live in. Not to go through life blinded to the truth. But to be able to see the truth vs the deception. Everthing else will fall unto the shadows except the truth. In short REALITY is just a state of mind. I thank Mr Hamilton for his knowledgement and wisdom that inable me to see the truth.

Sincerely Billy W.


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