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Dear TVP Mentor's:

Here is my testimonial.  I am grateful to Neo-Think, Mr. Mark Hamilton, the Neo-Think National Committee and to the following mentors who have made this mentoring process possible.  I want to congratulate and thank the following individuals:

Michael Dilworth, Tom Cary, Loren Taylor, Ralph Merritt, Michael
Burns, Issa Fiad, Raymond Desmarais, Kenneth Townsend, Jill Reed, Steve Fagan

The TVP Mentoring Program has been a great experience, a value, a deep integration, a deep learning curve.  I would recommend the TVP Mentoring program to all future TVP Mentor Students as this has allowed me to grow in honest, deep integration.  The program has proved to be difficult, but has spurred me onto becoming the person I was always meant to be.  This has been a difficult, honest, tough, learning, humbling process and yes one of tears. 

I am grateful to the mentors for their continued support, challenge for growth, their love and encouragement!  I know that this program only helps Neo-Think, TVP Members to become stronger, integrated, responsible, self leaders.  Thank you Mentors.  I highly recommend this program to all future students.

PS–Please pass the word along to all mentors letting them know that I value and am thankful for them!!!


Mr. Wes E. Hoffman


I enjoyed taking the tvp media class. It was simple and clear. I am so happy I took time to do this. I recomend all warriors to do this. I feel much better just knowing this information. Please take this class. Thank you Russ Creamer


In one word, 'Wow!" This program really gets one to understand the basis
upon which TVP is coming from and its one sole purpose. Its gives you
its philosophical  understanding and it assists you to establish your prime motivation
for getting behind this movement knowing full well there no third party agenda.
This realization in itself fundamentally changes politics into something apolitical whereby
the prime purpose is to serve and foster the development of the individual. Once
that is clear in ones mind who wouldn't want to support this notion as it is as basic as
life itself.
In addition to getting a sound understanding of what TVP is about, the program
gives a clear organizational structure as to how this is to come about. One realizes
that the idea of 'change' TVP is promoting aligns with natural law rather than
a special interest group(s) and/or a specific political agenda. In this sense "change"
is not a simple naive notion or a thinly guised  political slogan but is in fact something
tangible and doable by putting organizational structure in place. The mentor program
consolidates the notion that the TVP platform is something we can make happen by
getting whole heartedly behind it by doing our part within an overall structure.
To achieve that kind of consensus as to the 'why', a program such as this
is not only necessary to glue us all onto the same page but it also shows the quality of self
leadership by example that we have in this organization and the clear sense that we
can do this – I can now see the way. To sum the Mentor Program up: In one word, 'Wow!"
Thank you
Les Raketti


I feel that the mentor program has helped me to better understand that we all are reaching for the same goal and should be working together using honest integrated thinking and speaking to get there. That we are each a piece of the the puzzle.


In session 5 we capped off a very valuable TVP mentor program with a sweeping expose regarding what we refer to as “The Super Puzzle”

We also learned that Tom Cary is one heck of a speaker, integrator and an amazing example of  how a Neothink mind can grasp and express such a wide angle view of reality and where we are going.

Awesome job Tom.

We learned how the Super Puzzle does in fact represent a complete severing of the system of suppression we call the Anti-Civ from conscious life and that this new mentality is where the Twelve Visions World is taking civilization.

We learned that the TVP's role in the super puzzle is the achievement of the complete removal, not the re-forming, of politics from every aspect of civilization… including from government itself!

In essence, we learned to see the TVP and the Twelve Visions World from a much clearer point of perception while at the same time being able to experience this vision personally through our interactions with the TVP mentors and this very valuable program.

I just want to extend my thanks and appreciation to all those involved with the TVP mentor program and specifically Michael Dilworth, Tom Cary, and Steve Fagan for their very generous and invaluable efforts on behalf of all Neothink members.

And of course a huge thank you goes to Mark Hamilton and Dr. Wallace etal. for their unyielding commitment to the vision of a world of Wealth, Health and Peace… Together, we will make it so.



One of Kevin Trudeau's mantra is "Who do you listen to?".  I thoroughly enjoyed this mentorship because I learned and understand TVP's aims, goals and processes a little more than when I came in.  It was a terrific experience which exceeded my expectation; and, by the way, very exciting to observe your own integration as well.  Looking forward to the next follow through.



I will admit that going into the TVP Mentor Class; I did not have the highest of teachability. I was under the self-administered belief that it would all be a re-hash of everything I knew or should I say, thought I knew. My eyes were wide open as concepts I had instilled upon myself were found skewed.
The TVP National Executive committee members were awesome instructors with the lectures that enlightened me. I went from stumbling on my words as I explained the TVP to quoting or rephrasing what I learned from my extraordinary mentors. I feel very confident that what comes out of my mouth will represent the TVP in the correct light giving those I speak to a positive understanding.
Each class was a building block to the next. Each class added value to the last and put my mind in readiness for the next. Each class tamed the rebel in me yet is harnessing all the energy to go forth and build the TVP!!!


Timothy W Lambright, M.A.

1ST Graduating TVP Mentor Class


What I learned in the Mentoring Program is that there are a lot of factors to bring about a new political party into existance.I can now understand why Mark Hamilton has taken his time in implementing each stage and step in overseeing that everything is done in sequence, for his protection as the founder and for all T.V.P and Neo-Think members.
The Mentoring Program helps the member to understand step by step the progressen and understanding of what is needed to reach the ultimate goal of having a T.V.P president in office, who will depoliticize the country and bring in the Prime Law into the ammendment of the Constitution of America.

The Mentoring Program teaches all that is needed to understand the purpose of the Prime Law, T.V.P Contract,the State T.V.P’s purpose ,T.V.P Candidates and Office Holders, the Action Plan building up to the Super Puzzle.Great detail was put into each lesson of this program.

Politics was something I never really had any interest in, but this program has given me a picture of what needs to be done, to live in a free world, not the corrupt one we are in know. It must change and will change with everyone working together as a team,to change the A/C world into the C/U

Rita Desmarais


The T.V.P. Mentor Program has proved to be one of the most informative and integrated series of classes that I have had the privilege to be involved in.
Each class built on each participant’s integration levels. This experience has raised the bar in my knowledge of the T.V.P.s’ purpose and also covered related nitty-gritty details that have made it possible for me to better communicate the wonderful benefits of the T.V.P. movement and how to help build it.
I personally found that the interactions between the mentors and apprentices strengthened individual relationships and stimulated cohesiveness amongst the class-mates and their various mutual groupings.
This program helped all of my classmates to further develop a laser-like focus in writing their respective motivational statements and helped to reduce them down to mere sentences instead of lengthy paragraphs. This type of focus eliminated the need to have emotional issues make up part of our original statements; while allowing controlled passion to be evident. The result was to write short and powerful and individualized motivational statements.
I highly recommend that any person with a desire to promote and support the T.V.P. Movement enroll in this extremely fun, informative and necessary program. Go to to register.
Thank You,
Raymond Desmarais


I testify that the Twelve Visions Party® Mentoring Class is not only a stimulating, but a very educating course! It has been very helpful to me in many ways like understanding the Prime Law and its wonderful values it provides! This course is highly recommended by me! I look forward to integrating more puzzle pictures together with this great class!
Ralph Merritt
23 September 2010