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Before Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party I lived with certain unrest and hoped blindly, that someday after my life expired it would all change.  Today however, my life is forever free and forever rich.  Today, as a Twelve Visions Party Visionary, heaven on earth is a Ten Second Miracle away for all the people, including the poor! 




Irrational political leaders, with there intelligent and dishonest criminal minds dupe the citizens of this great country, and create a life depleting Anticivilization.  They seek glory in the illusions of social good, which have nothing to do with proper protection.  Parasitically, politicians only seek political power to feed there delusions and pontificate illusions.  As a result, the un-integrated non-ruling class is left with two choices, without Twelve Vision Party, fight or be conquered.


Motivation Climax


During a political discussion with a gentleman about the Twelve Visions Party I experienced an epiphany.  I listened intimately to his numerous points and then, bang! A Neothink Puzzle Picture from a Ten Second Miracle hit me. I realized a common denominator, as much as he was right, he was also wrong.  In his righteous opinion he said we need a revolution, war and peace he exclaimed.  I thought to myself, would he step into the battle field with his men and die? Or would he send men into battle for his own personal gain, like the parasite elite?  I then said you’re right!  Indeed a revolution is necessary however, that revolution is a mind revolution!  I then handed him the twelve visions of the Twelve Visions Party and stated, beware of those seeking physical revolutions those are the flamers, easily duped and enraged by the dogmatic parasite ruling class!  His face went blank and from that point on he never entered a debate with me about politics and government.  Realizing my motivational statement crystallized, I felt victorious but also felt sad for him. I thought, poor guy, his stuck between the quantum crossings of the bazaar Anticivilization world and the prosperous Twelve Visions World – but fortunately for him, he now knows that he is right, as much as he knows that he is wrong.  Eureka!


Motivation Statement


Oscar Urrutia’s motivation statement for the Twelve Vision Party of California, Vice Chair is: Actualize the Twelve Visions in my life first; Depolitize America and expose the ruling class to unite the non-ruling class, to launch the wealth of mankind!  


Oscar Urrutia

Twelve Visions Party of California, Vice Chair


Why I am motivated to do whatever I can for TVP, to put it simply, is to live my life to its fullest potential. I have been enlightened to what is possible for my life and TVP is a major piece that will enable me to live my life the way I wish. I love life and I want to enjoy it to the fullest potential. I want to grow to my highest potential and experience all that is possible so that I may make an impact on this World to make my life and everyone else’s lives better, which is what I believe, one of the most important purpose of life. More importantly to me is that my daughter may do the same.


Ideally I would like to see a world that supports the individual to fully develop his/her potential in the
belief that will bring the richness of human nature to the banquet of human life. Just imagining the
richness of human creativity and the plentifulness that would result would give me the personal
security that I and my family will be taken care of. It would provide the environment where I can
personally can contribute to support the development of those around me.
Since the Twelve Visions Party recognizes that the individual is supreme and that government's sole
purpose is to nurture and protect personal growth I support TVP in developing the human harvest of
Paradise on Earth.


My motivational statement is simply, “For All to be Happy”.


My reason for supporting the goals of the Twelve Visions Party are very simple. I want to achieve and live my purpose as a human being on this planet. I desire to prosper in all ways and live happily and to help others do the same.

James Baker


Wesley E. Hoffman
TVP Oregon Secretary

My name is Wes Hoffman and my motivation for being involved with TVP is for
everybody to experience wealth, health and peace everyday.

Mr. Wesley E. Hoffman
TVP Oregon Secretary


To whom it may concern,
I want the freedom to live my life as I see fit, be healthy, wealthy and happy and create values for humankind. I feel compelled to help create an entirely new civilization. To that end I and my fellow Visionaries are creating the Twelve Visions Party® to depoliticize America and then the world.
I have undertaken this endeavor because I understand that active participation is required to advance individuals and society to their fullest potential. The Twelve Visions Party® is a vital piece of the big puzzle picture reflecting human potential. The success of the TVP® will enable the health, wealth and happiness of all.
Imagine the long lasting benefits of unrestrained freedom for the geniuses of society creating values for all.
Now I have taken the opportunity to facilitate a grass roots organization to advance civilization. I have teamed up with many people with the same goals. It will be a long adventure filled with hard work and honest thinking. This is my chance to make a difference.
Michael Burns
TVP West Region Chair


The Prime Law® will provide the conditions for a peaceful life for us all in Utah! The Twelve Visions Party® in Utah is the greatest tool to bring about the Prime Law® to the Utah Constitution. The Prime Law® will provide me and my family the protection I need so that I can focus more clearly on creating values for myself and others. My reason for organizing and building the Twelve Visions Party® is so that my family and I can become more wealthy and healthy! More choices of value will be created in Utah via the Prime Law® being activated!
Ralph Merritt
10 September 2010


After 40 years of busting my butt to survive and trying to get ahead in this world; I still have little to show for all of my efforts.
The time has come for “REAL” change.
The Twelve Visions Party has the only real game plan that can affectively end the rule of man and launch the wealth of mankind.
I intend to be a part of the solution for this “REAL” change by supporting the Twelve Visions Party Movement in any way that I can.
Raymond Desmarais.



My un-ending happiness is of the highest priority for me, my family and friends. My happiness will always be in jeopardy of never manifesting as long as politicians, the ruling class, stay in power. I will not tolerate this any longer and with the Prime Law I will not have too.
My mother is going through cancer for a third time and my boys are struggling at 19 yrs of age. Both of these would not have to be with a TVP concept in place respecting all individuals’ rights, properties, and contracts. A respect at all levels to allow a person to pursue their own health care to include natural health care. A respect to give our children the proper tools to create value that helps others through the education process.
Finally, everyone should have the same opportunities to pursue prosperity and happiness, yet Politics are in the way. I will not tolerate this any longer.


Timothy W Lambright, M.A.