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Dear Mark,
I have been reading and applying what I can understand from the literature of Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party. I have listened to Mark Hamilton’s teaching and find clear thinking and instruction. I have discovered there are so many things that I don’t know and things that I never knew that I didn’t know.

The things that I do understand and have put into practice have helped me benefit from a more productive life. My business is continuing to grow despite a difficult economy and though I am not financially independent, I have been able to meet my bills. I am constantly finding new inventive ways to meet my client’s needs and generate a wider support without increasing the costs of services to those same clients, which they also appreciate.

My family benefits because they are able to learn and do the things that make them happy, providing a stable and safe environment in which for them to grow and live. This is gradually expanding beyond just my children and including extended family and friends who from time to time need additional help.

Our countries founding fathers knew that the pursuit of happiness was an inalienable right of mankind. It did not promise we would find this utopia, but the pursuit is partly what makes us happy. Everyone has their own desires and level of happiness. In following the principles I found in this organization, it is easier for me to exercise this right. This is not to say I have attained everything I desire, but does mean I have found new freedom knowing I can use my personal skills and talents to find my own happiness without treading on someone else.

This same ability exists for everyone. Some would try to say it doesn’t and that we must serve them as they want to keep us from our own level of happiness and achievement. They only have this power if we let them. I choose to keep my happiness and allow them to pursue their own.

Jon Durkovic