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Dear Mark Hamilton,

It is sad to know that negative forces are still blocking and threatening your person.


Greetings and Felicitations Mark,

In the past 6 months I have gone through the three manuscripts and the Pax Neothink literature.


Mark Hamilton/Neothink Inside Secrets:

You will know that, you have found something of value ( a lost treasure ), and similar like the title; “a hidden secret”.

For the first time in my life, I begin to fit in a world where I belong, and be around people who are like-minded as I am.

I am no longer wandering through life (like a lost soul), in a world where they don’t understand.


For me, Neothink Inside Secrets, is like coming home.

I am no longer lost in a world, where I feel that I don’t belong, I am no longer an outcast, searching aimlessly, for something that I know it does not exist.


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

Neothink Inside Secrets, you will feel completely re-born.

The person you were before, was just a hoax.

When your Heart/Soul has been wounded, and reality strikes you, and now you’re face with a truth- you have to do a 180, and that’s when you become the person you were meant to be, and to live the life you were born to live.


There is no doubt that Neothink has changed my life and open my eyes.


Mark, we got your back, man!


Mark Hamilton,

As I sit here and reminisce about all you have done for me, I fill with love and appreciation for you and your Neothink.


Before I found out about Mark Hamilton and Neothink, my life was like a yo-ho, up and down.


Everyone join with us to Mark Hamilton and Neothink Inside Secrets as they are what we need in today