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From An Average American Woman

Like giving birth and Life on my children’s birthday’s, TODAY, in signing My TVP® Contract, I have COMMITTED to growing the TVP® in my state, across the Country, and around the World!

I have been a NeoThink® Society member for nearly 3 years. These 3 years have been the MOST eye opening of my Life! I made a most AMAZING discovery…ME <3
ANYONE can make this discovery for self. Mark Hamilton has given the blueprint in his multi-generational manuscripts.

I think most would consider me an average American woman. I am a divorced Mother of 4, raising my two youngest on my own. I am 47 years old, and also expecting my first grandchild this summer.

My oldest daughter and I recently attended the New Jersey Twelve Visions Party® Convention. I took the position of observer during this 8-hour event. I paid very close attention to ALL. In looking around I was trying to find some differences between those of us who were NT®/TVP® and those who weren’t. I am GLAD to report that I saw NO noticeable differences. I find this an important distinction to make as some try to claim that we members are different. We are no different than YOUR average Joe on the street  I could find no differences as I stated, but during the last break of the day, my daughter said to me, “Mom, these people carry themselves differently they have a confidence without being cocky and when they introduce themselves they offer a hug rather than a hand.” She is absolutely right! That confidence IS a “Genuine Love” that we members feel for each other. It doesn’t matter where we are from or what color we are or anything else. We are from all over the World! We are all connected! In this connection we are a powerful energy of the highest vibration of Love. We offer YOU a spark of this energy if YOU would care to join us. I am GRATEFUL for Mark Hamilton, his multigenerational manuscripts, the Neothink® Society, and the Twelve Visions Party®. I am Honored and Privileged to be a part of them ALL!
In the GREATEST Expression of Love
Deb Hemenway


Dear Mark Hamilton,

I have waited three years, enduring “technical difficulties” of epic proportions and other manageable obstacles to add my testimonial. Neothink, as it was introduced to me by Mark Hamilton, which is now called Neothink and was once Neothink has immeasurably my existence in all capacities.

Having been introduced into the Neothink Society when I was 26 yrs. grown, significantly for the quality of person I was on the inside(concerning particular, essential elements) which is a major component as to how Mark Hamilton’s apprentices we’re chosen), now at 29 years of age and well-read in Neothink(NEOTHINK SOCIETY) literature–my Heirloom Packages, I find that my excitement and enthusiasm about life, my life and the future for all Value Creators is growing continuously and exponentially.

Growing up to now, I had always felt an innate orientation within honesty–most specifically honesty to myself. As I observed a, frankly sad, many others in a plethora of situations exercise an internal allegiance toward immediate comfort or gratification no matter if it was immoral or irrational, I always exercised. Sometimes with sordid, envious opposition…an allegiance to nothing else but the truth. The truth–which can be discovered through deep, honest, rational, introspection.

I have an eternally versatile, highly integrated personality developed stemming from my core and have often had to defend myself psychologically and morally in my adult years. It eventually became apparent to me that people who’ve personally experienced me the most viewed me as kind, strong-willed, confident, completely dismissing any consideration as to how that was developed–that it was largely developed through life experiences like: trial and error, enormous battles defending my inclination towards morale and rational mentality and those many large battles increasing the space between me with the Aristotelian-based philosophy I carried and the Platonistic-based philosophy my attackers carried; this increasingly distinguished for me and enhanced who I am in terms of Honesty, Morale and Rationality from others who are inclined towards dishonesty, immoral and irrationality. I was often attacked on those fronts PRIMARILY BECAUSE WE ARE TEMPORARLY LIVING IN A WORLD SUPRESSED BY THE PLOYS OF THE ANTI-CIVILIZTON…INCLUDING THE PLAGUE OF MYSTISM–a world that from the base of their mystism plagued reasoning is often self-persuaded to create problems where none exist! Sadly, I even endure resistance from members of my immediate family. Along with my exhibiting an undeniable and distinct laser focus, upon getting a glimpse of my heirloom packages, significant opposition arose leading to their researching of flamer sites and posts online about Neothink and the literature I owned, referring to them as “those black books!”..telling me things like, “Neothink will lead to your downfall!” These were relatively ugly exclamations with envious undertones that ultimately express a lack of understanding on their part. I am gloriously exited and anticipating the culmination of the Prime Law Amendment to the United States Constitution that the Twelve Visions Party with the entire NEOTHINK SOCIETY is pushing forth to bring about the Twelve Visions World on earth.

Kareem G.



When I received my invitation letter to join the NEOTHINK Society, I knew I was about to embark in a journey that would change my life. Reading the secret information from Mark Hamilton’s heavily guarded literature really opened my eyes. Now, I am walking through life with thousands of years old of the Society’s Secrets and Visions. I am able to see through daily illusions to what is, see the future, start my own company, diet down to the body I want, focus downstream, create my own life, apply top marketing secrets that every marketers want, build super puzzles, and much more. I fear nothing. Now that I am illuminated, I am grateful for everything Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me.

I am forever grateful for the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) that Mark Hamilton created, to depoliticize America and the rest of the world in order to bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Safety on earth through an indestructible protection law for humanity: The PRIME LAW.

With the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) president in the White House and the PRIME LAW in place; we will be living in the TWELVE VISIONS WORLD, A totally different Civilization. Wow!!!

Then and on, never again will there be War, Poverty, Malady, Hatred, Crime, Aging, Terrorism, Nuclear menaces, illusions, Politics, Inequality, Mysticism, and Silent Frustrations.

Integrated honesty will prevail. And the world will be at peace.

Looking at America among all Nations on Planet earth, it looks clear that it is a Nation where all good things are coming from. It is a blessed piece of land.


Thank you immensely, Mr. Mark Hamilton, to caring for humanity. It is a moral responsibility to opening the NEOTHINK Society and its TWELVE VISIONS PARTY to the world. Now, all human beings: The Highest Values of the Universe will be able to live a creation driven life.



Our country’s and most other political systems worldwide, are approaching chaos. A new, honest and effective, reality based approach is needed. The Neothink Society’s, Twelve Visions movement, created by Mark Hamilton, is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. Obviously the current system is not working.

To improve my life and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party arm of The Neothink Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change.

Accordingly, I and other Neothink Society members believe and will actively work towards achieving, through the Twelve Visions Party, the one and ONLY valid purpose of government.

PROTECTION against initiatory force, coercion and fraud.

NT-Warrior Tom Kleinstuber


Mark Hamilton’s twelve vision party is the real Free Party!!

As, we live in a world filled with illusions, a miracle has come our way to free us from our shackles of slavery!! Tvp is the mighty sword cutting all illusions that have held humans from advancing in life.

Tvp has given me hope in life again!!

We can live Happy pursuing our essence, Thanks to the prime law.
The twelve vision party’s prime law : “The purpose of human life is to prosper and Live happily.”

Tvp guarantee’s this through the Prime Law : “The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton’s Tvp we can live happy and free.

Free from corruption, free from stagnation, free from disease, free from guilt, free from altruism, free from initiatory force, and free all technology which will then make us all Rich and Free!!
Tvp is our savior!!

Thanks Mark Hamilton for saving my life !!
Thank you for teaching me how to be a self-leader creator..

Thank you for your gift to Humanity “TVP”!!

Love, Karen Quin


How can the Twelve Visions Party make all the people RICH?
The simple act of protection.
When the Twelve Visions Party President moves into the White House he or she will do exactly that.
By creating a Protection Only Budget, finances will be stabilized and improve rapidly.

By Amending The Prime Law to our U.S. Constitution, forced taxes will no longer exist or be needed.

By Protecting each individual and their value creations, the economy will soar to new heights and prices will drop to new lows.

By deregulating every industry, and eliminating arbitrary and needless laws which restrict progress and have nothing to do with protecting the business or the consumer, business will expand, jobs will once again be plentiful, investment money will be available without excessive interest, and the people will thrive.

By ending the Rule of Man and allowing the Prime Law of no initiatory force to Rule Man, it will naturally bring about Launching the Wealth of Mankind.

Can a simple Law make all the
people Rich?

When you understand it, you will have total certainty, as I do, that, yes, indeed it definitely will.
It will bring
Wealth, exceptional good Health, and Peace into all our lives.
So, What are we waiting for America?
I am sick and tired of being Poor, as I am sure you are also.

Vote in a TVP President in 2012 so we can all be Rich and Happy as we were meant to be.


Hi, {TVP, Testimonial}
My name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Twelve Visions Party, and also belong to the Neothink Society. I am a Visionary member of the TVP, and Visionary for TVPCA. With this, I acknowledge, and thank Mark Hamilton, for the Membership, and the one-year, Mentorship meetings. Mark Hamilton is a great Mentor, and a Self-Leader, for Leadership that you can find nowhere else. I wish also, to Compliment, Mark Hamilton, for the enormous Values, received to my life, my Lively-hood, my Sense of life, and a Desire, and Determination to Succeed, and become, Wealthy, Healthy, and Prosperous, for myself, and my Family. Now, allow me to Invite you to come and Join-in, the Neothink Society, the Clubhouses, and most of all, to Join the Twelve Visions Party.
Take the opportunity, to participate in the Party! Come and live the life, you were meant to live, in a Prosperous, Twelve Visions World!


The Neothink® Societies Twelve Visions Party®…
I defend and now claim my future, my families future, and my countries future, by supporting, living by, and helping to implement The Neothink® Societies Twelve Visions Party®. The Neothink® Society, through its Twelve Visions Party® will cause the conscious minds of every person who understands the real and honest objectives of The Neothink® Society, to “nullify religious-and-political dishonesties, irrationalities, and criminalities of the past, present and future while unfolding a business/science/art civilization here on earth.”* Our countries’ and most other political systems, world wide, are approaching chaos. A new, honest, and effective, reality based approach is needed. The Neothink® Societies, Twelve Visions Party® is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. Obviously the current system is not working.
It is important to remember what history has already taught us; “freedom and prosperity throughout history suffered when man created, interpreted, and executed the law. On the other hand, freedom and prosperity throughout history soared when man was removed from the political and bureaucratic controls. Our own country soared when we largely removed the rule of man (ie., removed a monarch with our U.S. Constitution).
A new “grassroots political party has begun with the sole objective to remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing law in order to make all people wealthy, including the poor. The name of this new political party that removes man from governing – removes the corrupt ruling class – is the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP®).
Politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats – flaw-filled creatures – controlling our laws have caused the steady erosion of our beloved freedom and prosperity.”* The only way myself and my country as a whole can rise above the current, unsustainable and worsening situation, politically, financially, and socially, is to do something different, based on reality, and not on someone else’s (political or religious leaders) feelings or doctrines. The Neothink® Society has taught me that each individual is solely responsible for his or her own life. No automatic, effortless route to knowledge or guidance exists. The Twelve Visions Party® is our countries last and best chance.
“The Twelve Visions Party® will permanently remove flaw-filled man from subjectively creating, interpreting, and executing agenda-law and ego-justice. Law and justice will now adhere to protection only – the one and only proper purpose of government. No longer will flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats control our laws.
The result of removing flaw-filled man from controlling a government on the offense will be universal wealth, health, and peace.
This scenario is not a hypothesis; prosperity explosions have occurred among civilizations throughout history by removing flaw-filled man from the controls of government, removing agenda-law, ego-justice and political-policy regulations and law enforcement. In fact, our country is one example of such an evolutionary leap from a man controlled monarchy to the nearly flawless law-controlled republic. Of course, a great prosperity-explosion followed the creation of our country.”* • *Copyright Mark Hamilton Therefore to improve my life, my families life, and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party® arm of The Neothink® Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change… • Our country and the world, as a whole, are heading in the wrong direction. The human race today is under threat of • (1) a global debt liquidation, • (2) losing the world war against terrorism, and • (3) possible physical extinction… Will today’s Earthlings discover in time their conscious-mind nature to liberate themselves from today’s self-destruct, political/religious anticivilization ? Will they discover their conscious nature as that of competitive value creators who benefit every conscious life, everywhere ? Will they liberate themselves by unleashing the business/science/art dynamics needed to achieve ever-increasing prosperity, non-aging health, and never-ending beauty ? * • The Neothink® Society is attempting to answer these questions and The Twelve Visions Party® is the actual vehicle to implement many imperative societal improvements, necessary for a better world.
• I recognize this and myself and most other Neothink® Society members are now actively working towards achieving such honest, peaceful, positive, reality based change, without any bogus “assistance” from any outside, “external” authority, political, religious, or any other. The logic, and rational of The Neothink® Society is obvious and the concept and techniques have already assisted me in improving my life immensely since before I read the honest, eye opening literature. Don’t let anyone tell you what they “think” or “have been told” the literature says or does not say, read it for yourself and decide. The results, when implemented by society, will be irrefutable. Let’s make the world a better place together now, before it’s too late !


We need change. Not the same old promises. We need to make everyone rich including the poor. We can do that with a vote for TVP candidates.


TO MARK, Thank You for being so persistent in finding me. Your Books are so Honest,& of real value, and so Profound. I have been waiting for someone to come forward with a movement like this. It takes an enormous amount of LOVE & BELEIF in humankind. Most of all COURAGE to take on the anti-civilization. I’ve tested them on little things in comparison to what you are doing. My feedback was always the same being criticize. Told too change my ways. NEVER DID CHANGE. Now finding YOU. I am so GLAD I didn’t. YOU’RE THE MAN.