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Neothink society means to me a new hope!!! A new civilization full of HAPPINESS  free of rulers FREEDOOM Ho!! what a joy!!!!

 TVP is the road map that will take us to the Twelve Visions World where we belong Mark I can see the light of the liberty the bell is RINGING WE ARE READY.

 This testimonial was written by 67 years old NTWARRIOR



My name is Mike Covarrubias, and my testimonial is or goes to Mr. Mark Hamilton who was the one to opened my eyes. His love his KINDNESS for the humans goes beyond I love Mark with all my heart although my background was RELIGIOUS I gained a lot of knowledge his prime literature that I absorbed for me it goes beyond the monetary value NEOTHINK my new mentality is helping  me to see he things what it is I creating my new world I am my own master piece…. Thanks to Neothink


Little did I know that the world’s greatest author and legend was about to captivate my heart with some of the most genius values ever created. My life would never be the same again. I am proud and most honored to introduce to the world” Mark Hamilton”. Throughout his literature Mark stresses the importance of creating values. Let’s take a look at some of the values he’s created. Mark Hamilton’s literatures, The Neothink Society, The twelve Visions party political movement, The Prime Law. These value creations were creatively designed by the mastermind genius” Mark Hamilton himself!

One of the most important value I’ve received is to help mark further  his genius valued creations, as much as possible. I believe in Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party political movement. Deep in my heart I believe in these values Mark Hamilton has created and I’d like to join forces with those who also feel the same and want to unite as one and help Mark with his” unstoppable”, “Untouchable”, value creations. You can’t help but to love Mark and the brilliant values he’s created.

  I can’t imagine the excruciating rage and pain I would feel if I were to ever hear that Mark Hamilton and his literatures, Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party political movement filled with creative values were gone, taken away or destroyed by some deceitful scheme that had been plotted against Mark, ruining our only hope for saving America, “Mark Hamilton”. My heart would be shattered into a millions pieces. Mark wants to protect and heal this badly wounded economy.. We need to give Mark a chance to heal this economy. We’ll be making a huge mistake, and tremendously sorry if we don’t give him a chance and hopefully it won’t be too late by them. The only hope we have is Mark. We need Mark and his creative values now!

The twelve Visions political movements platform is to make all the people rich, even the poor. The Twelve Visions Party makes politics only about protection not  about power.  Give Mark a chance to fix the mistakes that both Republican and Democratic party created” the fight for political” power ruining our economy tremendously financially. These senseless affect has affected us and now our economy is paying for both Democrats and Political parties’ mistakes.

Let’s swallow our foolish pride, let by gones be by gones and put all our differences and mistakes behind and move on. Give Mark a chance. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our country, and this falling economy. It’s just a matter of time until our economy crumbles and tumbles down to the ground. Give Mark a chance to save this economy now! Mark is Americas only hope…


                   Marcia our economy severely. Devastating!


I’m euphoric to be discovered by the NEOTHINK SOCIETY and TWELVE VISION PARTY and a self righteous member. Parallel of the modern day Zeus’s’ lost lighting bolt which has now been found.




When I got my First Invitation from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, I was dealing with Depression and Anxiety. I opened the letter and read it, and at first I felt its just another sales ploy, but as I read the letter, I felt like there’s something interesting about this, I felt if this can help me to feel peace and self-assured, that would be great. So I got the literature and read it, and studied it and I’m amazed. I’m happier, more at peace and the future looks brighter and promising. I’m not prosperous yet but I’m working on it and I know by using the Tools in Mark Hamilton’s Literature, I can confidently succeed. To have enough financial freedom to have and do the things I only dreamt of, and feeling never ending pleasure in achieving my agendas. Right now, my family is happy to just see me being more pleasant and cheerful and equally so, they look for that lasting future. If everyone could receive the same benefits from this Literature of Mark Hamilton and Neothink Workshops, then everybody could live, with lasting Happiness, Peace and of course Security. With the Twelve Visions Party and the TVP Movement, Happiness, Peace, and Security will be achieved for everybody. Even the poor will have Peace, Happiness and Security and never ending prosperity throughout the world. Otherwise, without the TVP Movement, the Twelve Visions Party, and the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton’s Literature, things won’t get any better, probably worse. Thank You Mark Hamilton and Neo-think Society for everything.                                                                                      Greg K.


Dear Mark Hamilton,

I am sending this letter to outwardly state the power and change that finding and knowing Mark Hamilton, and Twelve Visions Party has made on myself and my family. It has given us the tools we need to get past all the dishonest illusions that have been put in front of us as baby’s and even before we were born.

I have such a sense of gratitude and gratefulness for the opportunity this opens to the world. With Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party we can empower people with the right knowledge to leverage their strengths, and the tools they need for an exceptional life. They will want to live forever!!!

Real life strategies and proven fundamentals well help us thrive in present time. This is what Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society will create. 

Learning the REAL truths will help us all embrace-not fear-change for a beautiful world with body mind and spirit in balance. This world and us as humans need to take back what was rightfully given.

Thank you to the Twelve Visions Party and Mark Hamilton for opening up with the truths and being brave to take a stand to empower people to take back the beautiful creation of life.

With love for human life,

Renee Maira


My name is Andrew Y, when I was introduced to Neothink just over three years ago, I had to be apart of it. Before Neothink, I was lost and stagnant. The love of my life, left me and I lost hope. When Neothink came to me, I was astonished. I read the literature and it motivated me to keep going and improve my life. And help improve other lives. I am doing that. Since then I have moved up in the company I work for. I have a lot more confidence in myself and have met great people and friends with Neothink, and recently met a great woman who I adore.  There is a lot of great knowledge to learn through Neothink and I am still learning, but the rewards are endless.


Anwser: The Neothink Society gave me the tools to cut the chains that bound me
to a self destruct, greedy, one tract mind, self centered society of idiots.
The world has gone crazy, I’m free with my own thoughts and answers to a better
place to live and work and hope for my Grand Children and future generations.
It also has presented solutions to change this crazy world, not just me.
To have wealth, health, love, peace and respect for each other is the goal of the
Neothink Society through the formation of the Twelve Visions Party this is very real.
Last: I’m 81 years old and it gave me reason to live to be a 100′
Long live Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.
Melvin G. Cornwell


I am writing this email to you after listening to one of the many conference calls. I’m sharing how much they’ve encouraged me to keep believing in me and the knowledge I’m gaining has improved my life immensely and will continue to improve the rest of my life for the better. I simply do my best to apply the concepts that Mark Hamilton shares with like-minded people who want to improve our society for all people.

As I heard a member,  Diane sharing her five F.N.E’s discoveries, my eye’s welted up with big tears and I’m still trying to hold my tears back because I don’t want my parents to see me cry, cause they won’t understand at this time, that my tears are really tears of joy and acceptance that upon hearing Diane’s testimony it’s touched my core essence on a deep level.

It’s amazing to me how Diane’s F.N.E.’s are similar to my current lifestyle…

I’m now my parents legal care-giver, gardening is a therapeutic activity for me, I enjoy being of service for my family and for other’s. I love learning; especially learning scientific information. I truly enjoy quiet time so that I can read and meditate on what I’m reading. I love animals and all of Mother Nature and I love tennis too!!! :-) .

I believe now that I feel this acceptance of my new way of thinking and feeling for life is solely because of the information that Mark Hamilton has graciously provided for me to read. I can now believe and vision my financial situation definitely improving!
Oh my gosh! I’ve had multiple F.N.E.’s all this time! I’m so happy to have heard Diane’s journey to her F.N.E.’s and most of all sharing that acceptance of herself.

I feel the tears in my eyes, were heart felt acceptance, of accepting me for me.

This knowingness that I’m in my F.N.E.’s and have been for awhile now is truly an awakening for me!

Tonight’s call was a miracle for me to hear, cause I feel like a big heavy weight of dissatisfaction with myself has lifted, I feel so happy inside I just want to close my eyes and soak all of this truth in!!! :-)

I’m so very grateful for all you, the Neothink Society in my life…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)


Belinda Campos 

Pasadena, CA.


Myles Conefrey Testimonial

Neothink Society

Myles Conefrey’s testimonial about the value of the Neothink Society and their willingness to reach out and help people everywhere in all walks of life:

          The Neothink Society is a group of business men and women who operate every type of business known to us today.  Their marketing masterminds or like-think minds come together for limitless wide-scope integrations to produce evermore competitive values for others and society.  Business demands greater and greater integrations achievable only through Neothink methods, and supported by the Neothink Society.

          In addition to this, they support the newcomers through the Business Alliances training programs.  They mentor us with those conscious minds of knowledge show us methods and ways to improve our jobs or business ventures.  They are a very loving and caring group of individual business owners who are sharing the Neo Tech System that identifies the fundamental natures of business (i.e., integration) and man (i.e., thinking), when properly brought together, they bring on something so synergistic (i.e., integrated thinking) so that the ordinary person experiences success and wealth.

          The Neothink  Society helps develop new concepts and ranges of integration, and brings conscious thoughts into separate groups and those groups into new units of knowledge and concepts, and they share these new knowledge and concepts with the ordinary person to help him/her advance in their present job or to venture into a side business of their own.

          The Neothink society works close to their Mentor “Mark Hamilton” and the many Society Teams throughout the United States and around the World.  The Neothink society uses the proven Neo Tech System that allows you to remove all current limitations in your day by day routine and thinking and you begin to acquire an integrated power that takes you into the new experience of rapid forward movement toward making money, and evolving into a Neothink mind with strong Entrepreneur power.

          I, Myles Conefrey, have enjoyed the support and training I’ve received from the Neothink Society members and the knowledge they have passed onto me as great value creators.