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Hello Mark Hamilton

First I would like to express my gratitude for what you have shared with me and many others. To me what you shared with me is simply amazing. In the beginning my first thought was this is a lot of money. Now I would pay 100 times what I paid for your Multi-Generational Manuscripts. They gave me something money can’t buy. What a wonderful feeling to know you have control of your own life. Your Manuscripts changed my life gave me a wonderful new way to think. Integrated with honesty and love. What an amazing life I see for myself in the coming future. Even though I am a disable vet and living on a small pension at the moment. I believe in the COMING NEW TVP WORLD OF WEALTH HEALTH AND PEACE THROUGH OUT THE WORLD.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have shared with me. I’m in your debt till the TVP BREAKS THROUGH TO THE NEW TVP WORLD BECAUSE I AND MANY OTHERS HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS A REALITY WITH YOU Your NTWarriors

Thomas S


I had taken an interest in Neothink and the TVP over a year ago. I firmly believe in them and what they stand for. Our country’s ruling class has been dishonest with us as a society for as long as I can remember. It’s refreshing to see a dedicated movement aimed at changing this dishonesty. In my opinion, the politicians in this country are among the most dishonest and corrupt people in the world. I think its safe to say that many in our society share those same sentiments. That could be one of the major reasons that voter turnouts in political elections continue to be around 50%. They have proven that time and time again. I think that government has their hands in too much of our business and certainly too deep in our pockets. 

 Neothink and the TVP have a conceivable plan that would allow all people in our society to prosper and live happy and healthy lives with no more government intervention than that of protection.

To stop The Neothink and the TVP movement would eliminate a valuable choice that would otherwise have been available to us. A choice that would give us an opportunity to participate in positive changes for all of us. Attempting to stop Neothink and The TVP would also be a clear indication of how much “Freedom of Choice” really means to our ruling class.

In closing, I want to say that I will continue to be a supporter of Neothink and the TVP and what they stand for.

Marty G


Neothink means a new way of thinking to be a self leader, this is nothing new to me,
I have always tried to be my own man self educated, self starter and a leader, but looking back on my life there seems to have always been limits imposed by society, limits beyond my control. So what has the Neothink Society done for me?
It has shown me how to get around those limits and provided me with the tools to cut the chains that bound me to a self destruct, greedy, one tract mind, self centered, all for me Society of idiots. The world has gone crazy, but I am free now to live with my own thoughts and answers with out guilt. I know a better way to live and work and have hope for my Grand children and future generations. It has also presented solutions to change this crazy world, not just me.  The goal of the Neothink Society is to have Health, wealth, love, peace and respect for each other, this is possible through the twelve visions party.  I am 81 years old and the society has given me reason to live to be 100.
Long live Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.
Melvin G C


In a world where there is so much lying , deceit and dishonesty, where the
strong attack , kill and plunder the property of the innocent and weak , it is both refreshing and hopeful to have been introduced to Mark Hamilton’s  Neothink society and the Twelve Visions Party

If our civilization is going to advance onto the future and continue to thrive we would need a global society where the human rights of every and all individuals are protected regardless of race , creed , color, social standing and geographical  location. The protection of individual rights and their property should be afforded to all humans throughout our world. The main goal of any government, authority or power should be the facilitation of such protection.

I sincerely believe that Mark Hamilton and the mentors of the Neothink society along with the Twelve Visions Party are dedicated to this purpose. The voluminous writings that I have received from the Neothink society , which are mainly the works of Mr. Hamilton , has had a profound impact (for the better) on my way of thinking , my way of looking at this world and the people that inhabit it. Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts are  written    intelligently , concisely and with a conscious honesty that surpasses all literature that I have encountered in my life. The advocating for honesty and business-like hard work is the prevailing theme throughout these writings. These concepts are not necessarily revolutionary in scope , they have been around for ages. We tell our children… be honest , word hard and you can achieve anything you desire in this life – including happiness. I don’t know what happens to us when we grow up , but if the current world situation is any indication , it would appear that most of us have lost those principles and values somewhere along the way. The ideas put forth by the Neothink society , in my opinion , is an attempt to get back to those principles and values… to be honest , business minded , and work hard for your rewards , trying not to waste time , not taking what isn’t yours or forcing others to give up what’s rightfully theirs.

with sincere honest ,



I feel privileged to have received Mark Hamilton’s literature.  I am still learning to think in a new way- – - for myself.  If I had learned these techniques 20 years ago my real estate disasters might now be a success story.  I will get back on my feet again and start over, maybe something new.  At 55 I figure I still have half of my life to make a difference.  Thanks Mark.  I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Dave L


Mark H,

      I would like for you to share this letter with those who would like to destroy your business and Neothink Society. The world as I see it. Our government was designed to take care of the people in our country and in the original constitution, it was written that if our elected did not do so, that we have the right to change that government Also, as I see it the government has designed a program,( called welfare, social services) that keeps our people down. Most of them never get out of the system. I believe in my country and its people, but I no longer believe in my government. It is time for a change. I see no wrong in anything that you have done. What you have done, is arm me with information, that will not only make my life, my children and grandchildren’s life, and the world a whole, a lot better, because we are given a chance for the first time, to have the knowledge to better ourselves. I also believe that by standing by Neo-Think, there can be world peace!   Imagine that!!!


                                                                          Leslie S



Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party, I can now look forward to the future of the USA.  It seems to be obvious that our elected officials can no longer think for themselves, and just follow the leader (the sheep syndrome).  When politicians only vote their parties line, it is time to vote them out.  I do believe the TVP will bring forth candidates that think for themselves and make decisions based on the good of America.  However I will do as Mark Hamilton has taught me to do.  I will look at all candidates and vote for the one I think will do the best job to make America great again.   Thank you Mark Hamilton and the TVP.

Dave L


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, also  The Twelve Visions Party has meant a whole new World to me. I have never thought that I would or could ever learn Integrated honesty. The Twelve Visions Party A new and more improved Government of Completely over-hauled honest Government, No matter how power-full or how much back-up Our current dishonest government (THINKS) they are. No matter how much force our current Government uses on (WETHEPEOPLE)!We do not need their dishonest, behind closed door schemes they (THINK) they can get away with or hide from (THEPEOPLE)I will not be the one to get arrested for anyone threatening me with a Gun, Like I been in this current anti-civilization! The right person will be arrested, even if their company is government controlled!.I will not have to pay corrupt COPS,JUDGES,GOVERNERS,CONGRESS,SENATORS,ATTORNEY GENERALS.I will only pay for Protection from those who insist on using force on others, because they don’t believe in their policies! I will not get a better job because I am democrat or Republican! I will get equal treatment because I am human! I will get equal treatment because Human Life and the Human (MIND) is more Precious than any Bicameral animals whose only purpose is survival living for whatever kill they can make for that day and their family. Twelve Visions Party means I get to live free, the life I was meant to live! I will be able to create (MUSIC) without end! Without having to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for some job you get paid enough just to get by until the next week! I will be able to live and prosper, and also help others become that person they are meant to be, creating (Health, Wealth, Peace) for any man ,woman, child. No matter what color or religion they may believe in. Just as long as they agree to sign a contract, agreeing to live by the Prime Law! Not using force or threat of force against any other human being! We as the (Twelve Visions Party)bringing the future to (The People)eventually curing aging and death. The (Twelve Visions Party) terrorist will not get away with the type of attack we have all seen, lived, and breathed on (September11.2001)! Twelve Visions Party means new technologies, protecting our military. Protecting and saving human life as much as possible by use of robots, machines in the battle-field making conflict shorter and without as many human casualties as possible! Twelve Visions Party means making trips to space like a ride from Disney World, for anyone wanting to make the trip! Twelve Visions Party means learning from newly discovered planets, never-ending sources of Knowledge! Twelve Visions Party means Protection Only, keeping business out of the hands of corrupt politicians stealing our tax money for those believe that Big Government is the answer to their Problems!(Mickey Baker)Twelve Visions Party wrote this letter of life on this date(3-7-2010) Twelve Visions Party is our future of Life!


Hi everyone:

                    My name is Allen M. I am 51 years young I’ve been with the Neothink Society since 2005. The one thing that I learned and has had a profound influence in my life is we don’t know what we don’t know. Quite frankly I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I know more now than what I thought I knew the first 46 years of my life. I say this humbly. Because we never stop learning and growing. One of the first things I learned was  to take responsibility for everything in my life good or bad. I won’t look to blame anyone for the things or situations in my life. If they are bad I can change them and make them good. If they are good I can still grow and make them great. I am a self leader. This in turn has made my relationships with friends and family 100 times better. I am always meeting people and enjoy the experience very much and I always treasure the times I have with close friends and family. At this young age of 51 I used to think about how much longer I have to retire.  Not anymore life is to be lived to the fullest. I have been, and continue to study copywriting. I expect by the end of this year to be making money from my home doing something that I enjoy. That isn’t all I am looking forward to possibly writing a book. Maybe even a screen play. Now that’s living life to its fullest. Let me say that Mark Hamilton is a good man who generously shares his practical knowledge to help others be the best that they can be. Through honesty and integrity. The Twelve Visions Party is where we can make a change for the average person like me and you. Of course the media will try to convince you that the 2 governing parties are all there is. They will say untrue things and you will be skeptical about the T.V.P. and that is understandable, but you can go to a meeting and find out for yourself. And if you are like me and I think you are. Just go and check it out and you will see for yourself. Thank you for listening. Neothink has been a life changing experience for me. It has been all positive and I am truly grateful for all that I have received.

Kindest regards to all at Neothink Society, Most of all thank you Mark Hamilton for your honesty and integrity and your continuing perseverance to care about us all.

Allen M


Dear Mark,
I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now, and I first want to start out by saying  Thank You!!  Words alone can not describe how grateful and good I feel. The Neothink books I’ve read, to say they have changed my life would be an understatement! The value I have received from reading them is priceless.

For those of you reading this and have ears to hear, listen to what I’ve learned in my own words. The story of my life could only be described as magical. From the time I was born until now I could tell you stories of my life that many of you would not believe, but I assure you are true. There’s no doubt if I shared this story and it was made into a movie it would break all the records and touch many of you deep within your heart and soul.

When I was a child I always knew there was more to this world than what I could see with my own two eyes .I knew as a child that there was something magical about this world in which I was a part of, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. As I grew older that magic seemed to fade with my past, until one day my situation had hit rock bottom and it was gone. I was as low as you could possibly get and I wanted answers. So I started seeking, asking why this? Why me? I started my journey that led me out of this negative cesspool of reality I was living. You know that saying, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Well I asked and it was given, I sought for something and boy did I find it, I knocked and the door was opened and all I had to do was have the courage to walk through it.
For the past 5 years I have been on one awesome ride that I call the magic of life and I wish everyone could feel as good as I do right now. A few years ago the secret was released to the general public, it’s also called the law of attraction, and all I have to say is WAKE UP!!!!! EVERYONE, WAKE UP!!!! Just yesterday I was flipping through the channels and the was a 13 year old gymnast being interviewed and the reporter asked how were you able to nail that performance and do you know what she said? I focused and I used the secret to see myself do it before I started. When I saw this I wish I could have shook that little girls hand. Now if this little girl gets it, can I ask one question? Why doesn’t everyone else? Is it fear? Lack of courage? Or is it that you see the lie to be real and what’s really real a lie? Have we all been duped? So dark is the con of man is what comes to my mind. The secret follows biblical writing and is backed by science. Here is a quote from the bible Mark 9-23, Jesus said to him,” if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes”. Albert Einstein said” thoughts become things” . Thomas A. Edison said a few years before he died” Ideas come from space”, and Buddha said many centuries ago” All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.
Lets go back in history and see that a few great people who had incredible powers and powers of influence and how they were dealt with. Let’s start with Jesus, he healed people, raised people from the dead, walked on water ,turned water into wine and you know the rest. So what happened to him? He was a threat to the corrupt church at the time and a threat to the Roman government so they nailed him to a cross. How about Joan of Arc, an illiterate peasant girl who at age 17 led the outnumbered French army to defeat the superior English army in one the greatest upsets in military history. She saved her country, put a king into power and because the church and the French and English politicians feared her power, she was convicted of heresy and sorcery and publicly burned alive at the age of 19. So what’s my point of bringing this up, for the last 2000 years and even before man has used government and religion to control and manipulate the uneducated masses I call the herd. The truth is we all have this power maybe not to the extent Jesus and Joan of Arc had, but we do have it. It was given to each and every one of us at birth when you breathed your first breath. You have always had it you just didn’t know you had it. Now you have to learn how to tap into it.

What gives one man the right to tell another what to do? what to believe? Are we born to blindly follow? what is the truth? Honestly I think the truth is whatever some one can get you to believe. I think the truth can just be some ones opinion, and lately I have found out many things I thought were true to be a lie, disguised as the truth. I came to realize that the little man behind the curtain with all the smoke and mirrors trying to scare everybody has no greater power than I. A man only has power over another if you let him. Just like the only value money has is the value we give it.

I could talk to you until I’m blue in the face but I can’t make you believe anything, nor would I want to try. It’s like leading a horse to water but you cant make him drink it.You have to come to a point in your life when you seek the truth and when you finally find it you will know and believe it on your own. Like this reference from the bible John 8-32 “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

I have learned so much in the past 5 years but I have barely scratched the surface, and I’m still learning and will never stop. Once you get there you’ll know what I mean. You will live the magic of life and the more you believe the more it will happen and the more it happens the more you will believe. Open your eyes and see the good that is all of us. Keep your ears open and listen, its all around you. Find a meaning in a movie, listen to the words in a song, and on a hot summer night look up at the stars and as they shine down on you, remember to let your light shine. The white light energy that’s connected to your heart that we call our soul. They say home is where the heart is. I think its time we all find our way back home. A wise man once said to a tin man, a heart is not judged by how much you love ,but by how much you are loved by others. My Grandfather always had a quote that hung in his office it said” love wasn’t put in the heart to stay for love isn’t love until you give it away”.

I have come to find meanings in a few quotes from songs that have helped me change the way I look at life.”Its along way to the top if you want to rock and roll” ,have the courage to take the first step, fear is man made (false energy appearing real).”long live the day that I decided to fly from the inside”,you have too look inside of your self and like what you see, you have to go in to get out. How can any one love you? if you don’t love yourself. “Always trust in who you are and nothing else matters”, we’re all spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience.”The road to nowhere leads to me” only I control my thoughts,beliefs, and decisions so I can have, be or do whatever I want in this world.
When I grew up my mom was a big Elvis fan and you can even ask the neighbors 12 houses down because the heard Elvis too.
There was this one song that he sang, If I can Dream was the title and there was a part in the song that went like this “and as long as a man has the strength to dream he can redeem his soul and fly”. I think Walt Disney said it best”A dream is a wish your heart makes”. I guess what I’m trying to say is, just like we all have different finger prints, we all have different dreams there are no two alike. Follow your heart it will always lead you to your dreams. And lastly be yourself because every one else is taken. Learn to live the magic that life truly is.