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Mr. Hamilton,

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for ALL you’ve done for me, my family and to the world. Since I was introduced to your Literature, I became more knowledgeable and became a more productive member of this society. I have learned so much from your great writings. My family and others around me have noticed the difference on how I approach reality and how I address issues concerning day to day problems that I am confronted with. I learned to integrate knowledge, thanks to your writing and analogies.

The Neothink Society has been so valuable to me. It has provided great tools to develop ourselves to become Value Creators. I know this is a treat to those parasites, POLITICIANS, who pray on our tax money to support their laziness and lies to our society. One think I learned, from Mark Hamilton’s Literature, is that those lazy politicians love to keep us in the dark to keep taking away our money and keep on living great lives without producing any values for our society. I encourage all readers of this testimony to become familiar with the Neothink literature and with the Twelve Vision  Party (TVP). Please stop the abuse of our career politicians. It is about time we live our own lives without following external authorities.

That is right! We work hard and create values for our society; therefore, we should live our lives the way they were meant to be (without the coercion of our politicians). 

Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being a proactive citizen with visions to guide this great COUNTRY and the WORLD to a better future and progress. I wish you a long live to bring to the world the piece and justice that we all deserve.





I am extremely proud to be a member of the Neothink Society & knowing Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton & his literature has helped me see & build a future not just  for me, my children, their children, & future generations. Also for this country.

I firmly believe Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, & the Twelve Visions Party will bring amazing values to this country, Which this country has seemed to have lost & forgotten.

If you silence Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, & the Twelve Visions Party, you will have silenced any hope for this country. Let’s face it this country is going down the tubes fast. Our only hope is for Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society & the Twelve Visions Party to continue their work.

Could you live with yourselves knowing that you not only silenced but also destroyed everyone’s future? I thought not! Maybe someday in the future, you will be glad you didn’t. And thank Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society members, & the Twelve Visions Party.


To Mark,

I have read all of the literature and it has given me hope for the future. I have not responded before now because i have been job hunting to the exclusion of all else. It paid off because i found employment but it will be awhile before i am out of debt. It is my hope however to become actively involved in making this all happen, even though i have gotten rather far behind in any updates.

                                               S. Hardy


Upon finding that I could be my own self leader & act on my own creativity was empowering to me. I wish many to find this very same thing as myself.  Everyone has been conditioned to follow & do as they were told. The mysticisms & illusions people are fed from religion and the govt is inexcusable. I always thought there had to be reasons for many things since so much did not make sense to me with the way life had been. I believe in Neothink & TVP & I stand for Neothink & TVP. The benefits of Neothink & TVP are immense. Mere words do not do justice to adequately describe the greatness of Neothink & TVP to me. I am over whelmed with positive emotions & so grateful for all that has been returned to me from my childhood by Neothink.

With deep gratitude & love,

Rhonda J.


Thank you Mark Hamilton for all that you have done.

I had just walked out on my job without notice. I was tired of being exploited by my employer & the system & getting no where. I knew that how things were was not right in spite of what my employer & others told me. I knew there had to be more to life. I received a letter in the mail from Mark Hamilton not too long after & read the whole letter. I ordered his book & ordered more books from him. I found what I was looking for! Everything in his books resonated with me. I found answers to questions that finally made sense to me. Mark Hamilton & Neothink took me on a journey of self-discovery & much personal growth. The best being that I could be myself unconditionally & I wasn’t going to hide my true self any more. I found true happiness. I found good, honest, genuine people to associate with in Neothink. My life has been changed for all the better & I continue to make more changes for my betterment & that of others as I continue to learn more. That is the key, learning more to become more! That is so fantastic!


I have read a couple of the manuscripts and I feel very good about what I have read.  I personally think Mark Hamilton is a man that puts himself last.  He is for mankind.  I personally have not been able to read all the manuscripts because of illness in my family.  I believe in giving everyone a chance to prove themselves.  I would say give Mark Hamilton a chance to prove what he wants the world to do.



As I passed through life, I swore I would write my story when I reached 80 (if I still remembered everything).  Well, I’m not eighty, but what a journey I am experiencing.  I was one of six children born in the middle of World War II. My parents were beautiful and loving and I felt lucky to be one of their children. Dad was fighting in the war and shot three times before going home. We were raised as proud Americans and very honest people. Were lucky or unlucky enough to trust. We stood up to our word and if we were wrong were strong enough to admit it. Then after 18 years old went out into the world only to discover how hard it really was. People were not always nice or trustworthy. The government was something to stay away from. Taught us how to lie and cheat when filling out our taxes.  As the years passed by and I saw abuse after abuse with children and animals and myself, I went more into religion for an escape from this society. I loved Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit as I could always count of them because I was actually talking to myself. The last few years I learned about the abuse the priest were molesting young boys in their congregation and were allowed to do so with little repercussion. Why would God allow this? So I started doubting the church. The only thing left was Heaven. I wanted to leave this rotten earth so bad that all I wanted to do was go to my mansion in Heaven where everything was Honest and true again. In May 2007 I received an invitation from Mark Hamilton to read an heirloom book that would change my life. He made it sound to interesting that I thought “What the Hay” I’ll check into it. So I ordered the book and read it. It took my about a month. I didn’t understand everything but did absorb it. Then I ordered a second book, read it and was shocked with the honest, eye opening information I read I started feeling better about myself and then the third book flat opened up the world to me. What a shock it was to learn what we are, where we came from and where we are going.  We do have a future filled with honesty and love and wealth right here on earth. The only thing stopping us is the dishonesty, envy, jealousy, that we are living with today. We all have to realize how important each one of us is. Take the time to study the books and meet the best, most honest and truly lovely people we all are.  We are now admitting we have a broken system and all know it but don’t know how to fix it, well now we know how to fix it. We need to take the leap into consciousness and know ourselves. We have a mentor, Mark Hamilton. You noticed I did not say leader, because you don’t need a leader anymore. There are many rotten, dishonest people that we have to overcome to advance into the beautiful future that is awaiting us. All we need to do is stand up to all of the wrong and right it. Check it out for yourselves and you will finally live the life you are meant to live. You are not alone and you are not crazy. You are a very intelligent person and deserve the best of everything.  This is my story and I am happy to be here to tell it. Pat


No other political movement has these needed dramatic ideas which we need right now. Half measures offered by both major political parties will no longer work to solve our problems. We simply can no longer afford the welfare state, period. We need to return to the original mission of government. National defense and local police, courts, etc. to protect life, liberty, and private property. Only Neothink incorporates all these ideas without harmful religious influences or anti-business socialism. Neothink puts together the puzzle pieces in our minds without the need for a cult-like political leader telling us what to do or how to think.

Neothink helps the individual above all else to achieve his/her dreams and think for themselves, the opposite of cults and most political movements. I have the highest regard for this new way of thinking.

Joseph G


As a relatively new member of the Neothink Society I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for all I have read and learned. The timing of this new knowledge is critical as our society is at serious cross roads now. Our government is now spending about $2 for every $1 in tax receipts with no end in sight. Neither political party seems to have the will to do what is needed to solve our problems. This explains the growing dissatisfaction expressed by the American people in such movements as the Tea Party’s occurring around the USA. Even Congressman are retiring in high numbers this year as they don’t know what to do or realize they will be voted out of office for their failures. Neothink has real ideas to solve these economic/political problems: return government to the roots of our founding fathers. Sell off government assets to pay off all the money owed the American people for unsustainable Social Security payments and other entitlements. Close down the big bureaucracies like the FDA which harm the American people by keeping lifesaving products off the market in the name of big brother protectionism. Restructure our tax system by eliminating the IRS and switching over to a national sales tax. Trillions of dollars will return to the US if income tax doesn’t have to paid on these offshore bank accounts and investments. Immediately prices will drop as corporations do not have to pass on the corporate income tax to consumers. Innovation will increase as the silent partner, the IRS, is out of the equation in business. Jobs will again become plentiful as labor costs will drop for corporations and small business alike. Unproductive tax shelters will become a thing of the past. Innovation will become rapid in many industries (like the computer industry) with the heavy hand of government lifted.


In life there is always the ongoing struggle between good and evil. I would like to assure you that the teachings of Mark Hamilton are definitely in accordance with the good side. The Neo-think society is an absolute value to anyone whom so ever decides to join. Thank you Mark Hamilton for inviting me to become a member.