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I’m a individual that is partially disabled and would like to send a special note of thanks to you and the Neothink Society.

Before I knew about the Neothink Society I was a individual that was making a living, just trying to survive.

Throughout my life I’ve searched for truth and through trial and error, I’ve found out what will stand or fall in objective reality.

When I joined the Neothink Society I was shown how to find my special skills and use them to my maximum benefit, and thus society’s maximum benefit too.  In other words, I was shown how to become the person that I’m meant to be.

For a moment, I would like to talk about a totally different subject as I was once told that money was not very important.   Well, all I have to say is that I put money right up there with oxygen.

To me money, oxygen and the Neothink Society are all equal.

Good work Mr. Hamilton!



Mr. Hamilton, just a word of thanks to you, for having us in your heart. From the information about the Neothink Society, that I have read, I am so pleased to learn that you have a passion for “freedom and justice for all”. I can relate to the desire that you made so clear, in your writings, that you want to see our country and our world at peace and our families living without a forceful negative government. Your teachings have shown me the beauty of a strong family life and deep respect for this beautiful land that we live in. It is a pleasure to embrace the Neothink Society. Peggie P


To anyone who is in love with oneself and wants to change the world, all through your life you know that you are important, that collectively as a conscious thinking human being that you are the most important person in the hole universe, don’t you? Well if you don’t you should. let me tell you about my growth in life at this point in life after being blessed with Neothink and my true friend and mentor Mark Hamilton and fellow members who truly care about ones future, weather you believe it or not we are all in for a momentous change and growth in every country in the hole world, everyone is madder than dog shit in tax, everybody is demanding change, we as conscious thinking individuals all have dreams we want to achieve and will for we as conscience thinking people see through appearances and the lies that authorities have been shoving down our thoughts for 2300 years, huge change is here to stay, I’m here for the rest of my life to create values and help everyone I can to start living ones life and be free, and full of joy, and love, thank-you my dear friend Mark & fellow members i love each and everyone of you.


I want to begin by saying thank you all you have done for me.  Before finding you and the Twelve Vision Party, I thought the US was on the wrong path and going down the path to destruction.  I have not seen anything lately to change this view.  I could not see a way out of this mess the politicians and power elite in this country have created for us.
Then,  I found you Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party and for the first time in about 40 years I felt alive again and I started to dream of a long fun filled life with new hope for the future of our civilization and our planet. Yes, with your help and writings I have found my Friday night essence and have started to live the dream. 
With this new found zest for life my energy has returned and I am looking forward to working to help establish the Universe of Consciousness and the Twelve Vision Party.


Dear Mark,
Neothink Society, Twelve Vision Party and all the people who are around it. When I first got my invite to get my first manuscript, and heard how special I was, It grabbed hold of me, by your words and the way you said it. This first manuscript was like an adventure into a world I have never seen before in my life it was like Avatar. So much Peace and bliss also Amazement and Awe. I was so thrilled when I got that first manuscript and what you said at the top of the manuscript, intro, and everything in there paint such a masterpiece. But I could not use it for I was stuck in the Anti-Civilization white hoaxes B.S that I could not get out of the endless ocean of lies, illusion and deceit. But I keep it safe and in great condition. As I got manuscript number 2 and read that I could see that we will not be an anti-civilization for long as your 12 visions showed. That we will have wealth beyond all as well as love and compassion for our fellow man beyond anything we have ever felt in the history of this Earth. Plus NO NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST and PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND PERIOD is AMAZING. Also that the advance in Earths Technology will be 100 TO THE x100 POWER is Astounding. If we Advance that fast life will be a blur as new technology comes out to replace old technology. That we will all be geniuses and that we will all find our Essences  and be happy at the job you are at cause it won’t be a Specialized Job with it’s Dead End Cog in the Wheel Lie that keeps businesses going but that all will be geniuses that produce real values to the civilization. And that we will go from an Anti-Civilization to a Twelve Visions World is Awe Inspiring. When I got the Third manuscript I know it will happen period. This book revealed what it will be like to go thru the different phases and that we are prepared for the future no matter what it will be happening. I know that everyone needs to WAKE-UP from this MATRIX ILLUSION Dream State of staying small or not smart enough, or can’t do it attitude cause this is going to happen weather now or later so be prepared cause it is going to be a blissful life for you, your children grandchildren and so on. Do you think we are going to be in a recession forever ha! This will pass as will all the troubles that this world has seen. We will all create and blissful, peaceful future and it will happen.
Thank you once again to me greatest Friends,
Mark Hamilton, Mark Hamilton and The NEOTHINK SOCIETY you are all creating the BEST FUTURE THIS PLANET HAS EVER SEEN OR WILL EVER SEE. I LOVE YOU ALL.
 Your Friend Forever and Ever,




Am joyous testifying to you all. This is all about  MARK HAMILTON .

He is a genius honest person. From the time i received his heirloom/books and went through, my life changed from bicameral mind to civilization, that is from sickness to health, from actress to active.

The knowledge of mark shall change lives of people world wide just as it has changed the lives of us who have led his books. Imagine Mr HAMILTON discovered the disease which is attacking nearly all human beings on earth and this is the disease which brings poverty, war, hatred, dishonest, sickness, death, etc.

Due to his genius and honest he also has the cure /medicine for this disease called mysticism. And this cure is from his knowledge.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for you are my mentor

Being a member of the Neothink society, am also threatened>20 march 2010.Our journey mighty be disturbed as you mentioned. Am level 9 of our journey. In level 6 you talked about the NEOTHINK SOCIETY MARK HAMILTON SECRET BOOK that you would send to members.

How can it be possible for to receive this book. I would Neothink that you send me this book and be on the way to me before 20 march 2010.

To me this threat is just like am driving the car along the desert which is mysticism to a promised land, the land of honest, success, ageless, etc then fuel of car starts finishing before arrival to the promised land.


Mr. Mark Hamilton, whatever happened to freedom of speech? We are human beings, we think of better ways. I read the manuscripts and did enjoy reading them. All I got to say, is this is going to be a job. It’s going to be rough road. I do believe in what you wrote. It’s not the government; it’s the people running it. – Thank you Wayne K


Neothink will sweep the globe by teaching everyone how to become independent and always wanting the truth. People get distracted and forget what motivates them to the point of feeling bored all the time. With Neothink there is never a dull moment. In fact, you start thinking more and become happier all together.


Until 18mths ago i had spent my 70yrs (going against the grain),confused at the double standards and looking for answers to all the things that puzzled me in our    Do as we say not as we do governance.  Why, even though terrorism and war have common denominators, namely, religion and politics, People do not understand that there has to be a better way. I have been accused of being unrealistic.

Mark Hamilton answered my questions, made sense and he backed up his statements with clear, honest explanations. He encouraged me to think for myself and be totally honest, even about my thoughts and feelings. I now take responsibility for everything i do, an instant cure for apathy. I now see things as they are, the reality is a revelation and i still think there has to be a better way than war and terrorism.

Mark Hamilton has the answer it is yours to discover.



I think one of the things people miss about the literature offered by Mark Hamilton is that there are actions that need to be taken in order to enjoy the success that is described.

If a person honestly reads, and then -acts- on the techniques taught they will see radical improvements in their performance, either in their own business or where they work for someone else. Even if you only employ the techniques and forgo the rest of the stimulating and invaluable insights and breakthroughs your life will improve. You will begin to understand the way the brain can be operated to reach, and even seemingly surpass its capacity.

Finally, if you are someone who decides to employ the techniques, be warned. The productivity you experience can be overwhelming at first, so just relax, do your best to follow through with the discipline, and try not to fear the obvious success that awaits you by doing so. It can be hard to accept success when you have been conditioned your whole life to believe you are not capable, and do not deserve it. Take a deep breath and keep going forward.

Robert R