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The value that I have received from Mark Hamilton, his Neothink, his literature is amazing, It changed my live forever.

My name is Tony G, I have been familiar with NEOTHINK for about eight years now.

When I first started reading I was not sure what I had gotten myself into, but as I read on book after book I started to understand, I was involved in a car accident in 1999 I had done considerable damage to my back and a decision was made to perform back surgery and do a fusion at my L5-S1 vertebrae, I searched and searched for another procedure, one that was not available in the US finally came to light. Apparently German doctors had been performing a full disc replacement with highly recommended and durable replacement discs, that has had a great deal of success with a person being able return to work in short period of time usually around 6-8 weeks. Once armed with this information I tried to see if I could get the same surgery in the states I was told no because the FDA had not allowed the release in the US, later I found that the German doctors had been performing the procedure for more than 12 years. Armed with that information I requested the insurance company paying for the surgery to allow me to travel to Germany and have the surgery there, I was told no by the insurance company, then was told that I had to have the surgery with what was available here in the US.

I had the laminectomy in July of 2001, I am still to this day in pain every day.

NEOTHINK has given me strength over the years, strength and understanding to move past my prescription drug addiction, strength to deal with the pain of withdrawal.

NEOTHINK has given me the power over my adversaries that have caused me to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

I now move forward as a better man, husband and father because I have had the fortunate pleasure of being involved with an every growing, positive, and persevering organization.

If it had not been for Neothink and Mark Hamilton I would have surely met my demise a long time ago, Thank you Neothink for bringing me the tools to survive in this dismal world.

Tony G


All of us from the Neothink Society, Twelve Visions Party, invite all of you to Google Mark Hamilton, read about us. Read all of the Individual Testimonials that have been written sharing what Mark Hamilton has done for us , so we can do for ourselves.  The Value that Mark Hamilton offers all of us is truly Immeasurable.. Hope to see you at the TVP Party Convention in your State Soon.  LOL Rev. D. R


The RULING CLASS, and their Mainstream Media will not like the TVP, and will try their Damndest to discredit Mark Hamilton, try to paint him as a charlatan. .For your own sake our Fellow Americans know that these individuals have endeavored to keep you and your children literally IGNORANT so that they could continue Rapping your pocket book , keeping you as their SLAVE because you Dear ONE are stupid enough to continue to allow them to.


Dishonest BIG BUSINESS has brought this Nation to its knees, because they were too Greedy. Now since President Obama had placed a couple of TRILLION into our Banking System, our Banks are just sitting on all that money gaining interest making themselves extremely wealthy.


Now with New Jersey having its Historic TVP Convention on March 20th, and inviting the Mainstream Media of which is a good thing until the ESTABLISHMENT realizes it is being threatened, after becoming familiar with the Twelve Visions Party Platform, the Mainstream Media will also discover us, then we will have the PRESS disliking us, and the AUTHORITIES attempting to Silence Mark Hamilton.


 In today’s World with the World Economy the way it is, State, And City Governments Struggling to meet their Budgets, and Failing Terribly, reminds me of Alaska’s New Governor proposing to eliminate the 12th grade as a requirement to Graduating from High school, in order to save Millions, and bringing the State Budget into Balance. Excuse me. Whatever happened to the Quality of Education. WE are supposedly one of the Wealthiest Nations in the World, But at the same time America has the worst educational system in the world, and yet Alaska’s Governor wants to Handicap Alaska’s’ upcoming Future. It is not just the State of Alaska’s Future, but the whole of America’s Future, If we the People allow Politicians like Alaska’s Governor to prevail.. If I recall the News Media was playing it up as a necessary option for the voters, and the Students of the Future. Do WE really want this to become a reality in our Country???


Greetings everyone I am Reverend Dale R of the Church of the Universal Life. I’ve been associated with the Neothink Society, Twelve Visions Party Movement for about 3 years now. Mark Hamilton has been My Mentor, a very dear Friend in Deed.  I am a very Proud owner of Mark Hamilton’s Manuscripts.  Over the past 3 years I have , along with the other “original 300″ members’ have listened to Mark discuss his visions of the S.O.S. Clubhouses , future Advertising, and bringing together the Twelve Visions Party.  The Extent of Passion, Love, and focus, from Mark Hamilton towards this Puzzle.  Pieces for bringing in the Twelve Visions World. has been  no less than outstanding.  There is no Doubt in my mind that Mark Hamilton has our best interest in mind. Mark Hamilton also comes from His Heart.  I always tell everyone that I speak to ,to ALWAYS  speak from the Heart, listen from the Heart, and come from the Heart in all things.


Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

My heart is with you, I am a older person I lived my life through the hardships to find a decent way to live, I never found it until the later end of my life.

I encounter the teaching of Neothink it is the knowledge put aside for what is called power, legal law, and justice is how the world is known. None in those comments is honesty includes so many mistakes have been made, ignoring the honesty for one self and for all. That is the only think the society Neothink which has been brought forward from century ago to teach and reverse is honesty throughout humanity.  Jesus started honesty and he was destroyed, life grew powerful anyways, honesty went forgotten, power now rules the world. What the society of Neothink is about is only the simplest honesty in every hart in human life. So everybody in plant earth can live in harmony with each other. It would take a lot to explain now a days, power, law and justice is included it drove the world to destruction. Peace and harmony does not excite any more, for the simplest thing honesty being ignored and Neothink is urgently working to restore it to all humanity in the plant earth.  Neothink is in danger, the power and the law shows the strength to destroy the honesty they do not want to understand. Earth is a planet that belong to the universe and is govern from the Universe,  we do not know how long the planet earth will exist, think about, what human life has built and destroy for as far back as the records go. The Universe can be distinguished in no time without warning, no human power will concur the will of the universe. Neothink wants to save life not destroy.  What is wrong with that? Human power has lost its ability Neothink doesn’t need weapons, bomb atom bomb  it just restores trust and harmony in human life, which has been put aside and forgotten. So let it be.

Thank you

Martha O


First THANK YOU for your great knowledge I have learn a lot from your books, things that I never thought it will exist or even happen you made me more educated I will never thank you enough, you made us wake up from being innocent followers and think why things are the way there are in the world, you made us THINK and not just to believe everything … your lessons are like diamonds, forever, I wish you continued with all your valuable information so we can see and become what we really come to be and become creators of our destinies and made a great contribution to humanity in whatever field we chose, I will always be thankful to you and your father and you always can count on me; wishing you the best .



The Neothink society and The TVP really will be sum of the greatest things I was involved with. Mark Hamilton, his business, and the values it brought me are nothing less than life saving. Without it i would’ve been lost in this world we live in today. Now I and my family will live like we were meant to.  If The TVP is a success i have no doubt everyone else would too. I know someday soon society will realize this and the race will be on.

Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, and The TVP THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!