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we as a society need to stand up for each other . let none of be left behind ; we all need some kind of guidance ; we all need help with one thing or another . beside our knowledge that teaches how to lead and not be lead ; there is many of us that are just starting out ; still evolving ; we need other club members to be around ? we need to be in the clubhouses learning from other members ?.
Our Mentor’s need to reach out to us even more in this day and age ? i’m a smart person ; i know what we think about ; is what we become ; there is a lot of thinking involved . alot of structure building ; it dosen’t stop there . it’s a constant up keep . if you don’t use it you loose it . so please help us club members / mentors ; you help us where we can help you and others in the future ?… 907=441-3063 please call me evenings thanks jeanne’ ….



I am a ( Being ) of ( Light ) that came to Shine brightly on you., Thanks to the works ( Mark Hamilton, The NeoThink Society and The Twelve Visions Party ).,The light of ( Unity )is smiling on you, The power of ( Respect ) is on your side., The power of ( Justice ) is standing Strong., The Power of ( Life ) is Growing while Glowing infinitely on ( You )., The power of ( Love ) is in the ( Air )., The power of ( Honesty ) is ( Prosperous )Yours., The power of ( Kindness ) was meant to ( Be )., The Doors is wide ( Open ) for you to walk through and become the person you was meant to ( Be ) in ( LIFE )., This is the most Honest, loving, caring society I know, that has your best interest at heart., Welcome to the world of Reality., Look past the ( Illusions ) that is constantly in your face., Avoid the ( Neocheaters and Value Destroyers ) that only want to harm ( you ) and suck the living entity that is ( you ) out of ( You )., Cherish your creations., Protect your ( Life )., ( Love ) yourself, Look through the ( Illusions ) that is all around ( You )., On a personal note, I am glad I came in contact with ( Mark Hamilton, The NeoThink Society and The Twelve Visions Party )., They change my ( LIFE ) forever., I am a ( Being ) of ( Light ).



I was inspired to write this message after reading the newest Neothink Warrior Newsletter. This letter was sent through email.


These newsletters are intense and full of pure love, passion, and integrations. I can’t express enough the gratitude and appreciation I feel for you and the role you are playing in this supper puzzle. As well as the rest of you. I am so grateful for these opportunities and these wonderful relationships.

Everyone in this thread is a power player. Everyone in this thread excelling at a rapid pace and it’s only going to get faster…and I LOVE it!

I wanna say something however and I say this with Honesty:

I have been “slacking” on my communication and slacking on my responsibilities to this elite group, the Neothink Warriors. I have not been giving my 100% effort towards this. I have not been giving 100% effort towards myself or my beliefs either. Those days are over. I’m moving forward, RUNNING forward, with integrity and fully integrated honesty. We are reaching the bouncing off point..the tipping point..whatever you wanna call it we are at that point..I can feel and I bet you can too.

I don’t have any excuses for why the Warrior website is not up yet. Here is the truth though. It is not up because things have not been in place, not lined up to launch it. I wanna share with those of you on this thread that I have not only made a website to host this newsletter but I’ve also put together an entire community for us warriors. This community is not for chit chattin and dilly dally but oriented around projects and getting things done..moving things forward to protect MH ,TVP, NT and to build them rapidly at the same time…thats what we warriors do. But the community is not ready yet. It’s “physically” ready, up and running, and has been sense about 3 days after I took on the project but this will be started right and It will be powerful and the most effective it can be. It will be fully ready soon so just be patient with me and know it’s working out to our ultimate advantage.

Everything in the society is fairly loosely knit and not moving forward at a quick enough speed to make what we want to happen come into reality in the time needed. We have 30 months to get a TVP president elected and don’t have even anywhere possibly close to enough people stepping up and fully committed to this movement to make this happen. Yes, we are making AMAZING progress and yes we are moving fast but not with full power and full control..not like we could be. It’s time for this loosely knit society to come together and move forward as one solid force knocking down barriers and climbing over mountains to get what we want. It’s time to get rid of these limited beliefs we have, this disease of mysticism. We will have a TVP president elected in 2012. We will complete project life in just a couple years…all we have to do is get ride of these limited beliefs we have that are holding us all back from making this a reality. If you disagree with me and believe you have no mysticism and limited beliefs, well that is a limited belief in itself until you have the results to prove it.

I’ll be honest with you I have LOTS and LOTS of limited beliefs and lots of mysticism in my mind that has held me back..maybe more than all of you who knows but we all know we have these limited beliefs and its time to stop being so..kind to each other..for lack of a better word and push each other and push each other and push each other into new realms of consciousness..into Neothink. We must push each other as a family pushes it’s family members. A mom doesn’t let her son just slide by in school below she pushes her child into be the best he can be and yeah they get into arguments and disagreements but we all know the next day they have a hug of agreement and move forward together as soul mates. A family is only as strong as it’s weakest member..that holds true to an extent within our family we have here in the Neothink Society. I believe we need to push each other out of these very limited beliefs and out of this anti-civilization and its ruthless grip of dishonesty and irrationality.

Who am I to come out of know where and say these demanding things? I’m a young neothink man speaking my heart, my true feelings, and what I observe…and a young man that want’s to live forever. I’m doing as I preach and pushing my family, my soul mates forward…I want to see us flying our jets to meet each other to discuss our next moves. I want to see us smiling all day, living the lives we were meant to live. I wanna see us all evolve into what a God-Man really is. I wanna see succeed and win at everything we do..and the only thing stopping this from happening is our limited beliefs. We are in control of this world..we have the anit-civ by the go-nads and it’s time to be ruthless. Mark has shown he is ready, TVP is ready, Neothink is ready. Ready to unleash, ready to unleash a ruthless wrath of honesty..and there is nothing to be afraid of. We have control of the situation..the war. Are you ready?

I believe in Mark Hamilton and this Neothink Movement. I believe in the power of evolving into the Neothink Mentality and the power of removing limitations. I believe in every one of you because you know what I know and have read what I have read. I believe Mark has givein us more than enough of what we need to make this happen and I believe EVERYTHING we need to succeed already exist on earth..we just need to pull it all together…and that is what the Neothink Society is for. I’m also willing to die for what I believe in.

We have to be completely OBSESSED with this, this movement and more importantly this upcoming election, and it must be in the sweet spot..we all know this.

We have 30 months to get TVP president elected…

It’s time to run family.

Lets run for F. R. W, lets run for Mark Hamilton, lets run for humanity, lets run for our friends, lets run for our families, lets run for our soul mates…lets run for ourselves. We have in our hands the ONLY product EVERYONE on earth eventually needs..Neothink…the only thing that will save earth and allow the Civilization of the Universe to actualize. It’s up to us..period.

with honesty and love,

Trenton Seymour



I remember getting that letter in the mail, that letter has change my life and open my eyes, mind and heart for the life I was meant to have. I was going down a street toward total destruction of my whole being, see I did not really care about what happen to me even though I have a loving, caring, husband and beautiful kids to take care of. I saw my life as an end in it self. I try to be happy but could never see me being truly wealthy in my emotion. I didn’t know what compelled me to open that letter that was meant for my husband but I did after reading it I was super excited than I have been for a while. You see with no money in the bank I persuaded my husband to buy those remarkable books. Those books are forever in my heart and mind for they change me, they shook me and woke me up from the nightmare I was in. You see now I could love myself more each and every day. I can take each and every day as a wonderful gift for me and my family. Thanks to MARK HAMILTON my kids and my husband have the greatest gift in life and that is for me to be the best me that I can be for them. I just want to thank MARK for making me emotionally wealthy. Now we are working on the financial wealth. Please when reading any thing on neotech please keep your mind and your heart open or you will miss some thing so wonderful. If you are reading this I wish you all the wealth ing every thing you do.



I am so excited for Mark Hamilton and all of us, the Beautiful Neothink® Society Why?

Because we are playing in our dreams for a brighter future for our lives, the world, and everyone we meet.

When you click on this link:

You will be able to read a message from Mark Hamilton to you about why the Twelve Visions Party® is your key to a brand new life.

You know, America’s Founding Fathers were progressive thinkers….

They understood to well that it is not the purpose of any government to control the lives of the people. They believed that each and every American individual should have the personal freedoms to make and control the destiny of their own lives without interference from government.

It was not the purpose of government to control life…. The U.S. Constitution had one purpose and that was to set man free from the controlling initiatory force of the King of England, and protect the lives and liberties of all Americans.

This gave all people the opportunity to take responsibility for the outcomes of their lives. They were free to create their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness without the restrictions and regulations of a suppressive governmental entity.

Today, our government is steadily removing those rights from us. This is why the Twelve Visions Party® is so greatly needed.

Here is a quote from Mr. Mark Hamilton regarding the motivating ideas behind the creation of the Twelve Visions Party® Platform,

The Beautiful Vision of the Twelve Visions of Mark Hamilton

“The original, beautiful idea of fiscal responsibility and limited government inspired me and my Twelve Vision Party idea. In order to truly limit government, my Twelve Vision Party idea introduced the fundamental budget of limited government — the Protection-Only Budget.

The Protection-Only Budget funds only the fundamental, prime purpose of our government — physical safety and protection, which includes military, intelligence, domestic security, justice, courts, prisons, police, veterans. The Protection-Only Budget protects everyone equally and does not favor a specific group or voting segment of the population.

Therefore, the vote-gathering power-play is not available for republicans. Thus, the Republican Party hypocritically and shamefully has no interest in the Protection-Only Budget and its massive reductions that would immediately wipe out the deficit and eventually the debt. That responsibility to limit government and eradicate the debt instead falls on the Twelve Visions Party.

In the end, the old party’s ostensible quality of fiscal responsibility and limited government, which I fell in love with, has been used as a trick to gain votes and political power at our expense. Now, the Twelve Visions Party with the Protection-Only Budget captures and enforces the original, beautiful idea of fiscal responsibility and limited government…without tricking people for votes and political power.

The Prime Law of Protection and the Protection-Only Budget capture the beautiful, original intentions of the Democrats and Republicans while removing the hypocritical tricks and power-plays. In many ways, the Democrats and the Republicans have become the same: their drive for political power has supplanted their original intentions.

Indeed, when in power they are both spending away our country’s future, sending us into mind-boggling debt, bankrupting our children’s future. Soon, there will be nothing left if we stay with those two old political parties. The answer is the new Twelve Visions Party.

With the TVP National Platform, Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, I announce the birth of the Twelve Visions Party. The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget are the two pillars that hold up this new party. They manifest the original beauty behind the two old parties without the lies, tricks, and power-plays that destroyed those beautiful original intentions.

If you ask me why the beautiful original intentions of Republicans and Democrats — those original intentions of fiscal responsibility/limited government and tolerance/acceptance/protection of all people — why those beautiful intentions have instead bankrupted our country, I will tell you that the answer comes down to the steadily rising rule of man in America. Rule of man — flaw-filled man — craves political power and promptly establishes a ruling class.

For two-hundred years, the rule of nearly flawless law — our Constitution — has been steadily weakened by the rising rule of man…by federal judges, congressmen, presidents, bureaucrats, journalists…a strengthening ruling class thirsty for political power and control.

The rising rule of man and his strengthening ruling class of Democrats and Republicans have severely damaged this country. Ordinary people are suffering. The Twelve Visions Party is here to reverse the rising rule of man and eventually eradicate it and its destruction of government and country. The Twelve Visions Party recognizes a very unique opportunity to rapidly and radically turn this economy around. Whereas people’s wallets suffer greatly under the rising rule of man in America, the Twelve Visions Party sees a unique opportunity to arrest the rule of man and its suppressive ruling class in order to free the geniuses of society to make everyone prosperous, including the poor! Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, the premier (and timeless) National Platform of the Twelve Visions Party, opens the mind-space to visualize a Twelve-Visions World.”

It seems to me that Mr. Hamilton is America’s new Founding Father in this decade….

He is steadily working to bring back the enjoyment of life; and the right to freedom for all Americans by removing the illusions of today’s corrupted and flawed ideas that run rampant through our lives via the current corrupted governmental framework of our day.

This is a journey of self responsibility that is given to all people in life….

To seek out the truth in all things so that the virtue of truth can be the platform for prosperity both in our lives and throughout America once again.

If I choose to take responsibility for the outcomes in my life then I can be assured that those outcomes are the outcomes that I most desire for my life’s prosperity and happiness.

However, if I fail to take that self-responsibility and simply let big government dictate the outcome of the events in my life; then I am fully responsible for that as well. I personally do not want it to be too late to retain my freedom of choice in life….

I am thankful to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party® for giving me an alternative to the current habit of today’s governmental organizations which are steadily removing my civil liberties one by one.

Now I have a choice…. Now We the People can have a New Choice for the outcomes in our lives.

Thank you Mark Hamilton….. I sincerely hope that all America can begin to see the beautiful vision you have for all.

Elaine Ray



I attended the Twelve Visions Party of New Jersey’s 2nd Convention and was not surprised to find so many smart loving people. The presenters, entertainers, the workers at the hall were all bubbling with energy and hope for America before the day was over. We were joined by Steve Rapella and a video address by Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party. What loving men and mentors. They spoke of each of us in America becoming self-leaders yet following the party to success for all the People to join the greatest get rich program ever! It truly is. We will see prices drop and quality improve as America’s government is returned to its proper function of protection only. Not a social good country but one of individual freedom as planned by our forefathers. Mark Hamilton has the love and passion of our forefathers. He believes in men and women and knows how we can all prosper and live happily as we are supposed to. Thank you Mark Hamilton for believing in America and freedom for all. We must return to a place of prosperity or we fall harder than we now have.

Sincere thank you Mark,
Jill Reed



Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,
My family and I are extremely excited to have been acquainted with you, the Neothink Society and  the Twelve Visions Party(TVP). We want to thank you very much for the knowledge we have acquired from you. We also want to let you know that because of you and your literature, we have had a paradigm shift and   our lives will never be the same again.
We are proud of you Mark and we will not hesitate to let the world know that your ideology, your philosophy, and your principles,  are clear manifestations that you are a gentle man with integrity. You are a gentleman with the sense of duty and determination to create SOVEREIGNTY, WEALTH, AND FREEDOM for all Americans.
Mark, my family and I have also come to the realization that you are a devoted gentleman with the hope to shine your inner light on those in need. Thus, my family and I are loyally ready to work with you and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP). Together, we can extricate the rest of humanity. This is our mission and we will accomplish it.
My family and I are proud to tell the world that among other values, the success of the Twelve Visions Party will eliminate  dishonesty and thus promote peace and tranquility among humankind. The Twelve Visions Party will give mankind the opportunity to live the lives they were meant to live.
Unfortunately, the silencing of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Twelve Visions Party, will mean a CONUNDRUM for my family and I, our loved ones and the world at large. Therefore, I want to remind my fellow Americans that,  “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. As such, my family and I are hopping that every good American will help clear a path through which Mr. Mark Hamilton can emerge along with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), never to be stopped again.
Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton, thank you everyone. Long live the TVP.

Sincerely yours,
Tony Charles



My name is Darren Uretsky.  Here are two statements that describe me: “I am a thirty-three year old caucasian male who was brought up Jewish” and “I am a sentient individual human being”.  Likely you were taught, as I was, that the former description was the one that bears the significance.  Likely you were told, as I was, that you should always be cognizant of those elements of your particular background lest you might find yourself discriminated and/or persecuted against for being a part of those “groups”.  Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Self-Leader Literature (which I’ve had the privilege of purchasing, reading, and integrating for the past 15+ years) rescued me from this dishonesty.  Through his remarkable illusion-shattering literature, Mark Hamilton taught me that the latter of the descriptions above is the only one that REALLY counts and that that is the one that needs the most protection from discrimination and persecution.  

“Neothink” is a term that means simply “New-Think” and refers to the next evolution mysticism-free mind that individual humans will all to jump to from the current conscious mind.  Mysticism is simply all manners of laziness and dishonesty and can be summarized as: “creating problems where none exist”.  Mysticism is the only disease of the conscious mind but even by itself it can cause all kinds of catastrophic events.  Neothink concepts form multi-dimensional puzzles that snap into focus only after a critical number of puzzle pieces/concepts are uncovered or de-mystified.  In fact as soon as that critical mass of puzzle pieces is achieved, one can see what the finished “fully-integrated honest” multi-dimensional area of thought will look like (in the same manner that a critical mass of correctly placed pieces in a jigsaw puzzle allows one to see what the finished puzzle will reveal) and one can then start to integrate those undiscovered puzzle pieces/concepts into one’s life–in essence bringing the future to your understanding and control.

One of these multi-dimensional Neothink puzzles allowed me to fully understand and integrate that the highest and most important value in the universe is the conscious individual human life.  Each individual human life is a priceless and completely unique value that must be protected at all costs, adored, and even worshipped for his/her remarkable capacities to learn, create life, create values for others, experience love, and feel happiness.  In school, in society, and throughout the mainstream media we are deluged by claims and accusations of racism, sexism, agism, etc. etc. and told that we need to protect these “groups”, one special-interest lobbying group at a time and even hand out special privileges to the oft-persecuted against members of these groups.  In fact we are deemed heartless and scrooge-like if we don’t always stand up for the rights of say one race vs. another.  People are constantly banding together to show their support or call out for more support against the discrimination and persecution of these groups.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink allowed me to annihilate those illusions and see through to the essence of this situation (and many others) and by so doing I discovered that racism and sexism and many other isms are imaginary concepts—they don’t really exist.  They are tiny insignificant “A points” and serve mainly to obscure “THE point”.  “THE point” being that “the only REAL minority is the INDIVIDUAL”.  You don’t need special interest lobbying groups or even laws to protect these groups from discrimination and persecution.  In essence all you need is laws to protect the individual and you will have succeeded in protecting all the individuals on the planet regardless of which imaginary minority group someone chooses to slot them into.  The question then becomes how does one protect the individual and by extension all of us?  Mark Hamilton likely asked himself this all-important question decades ago when he discovered Neothink and soon enough using that same Neothink he arrived at a solution.  His solution then went on to spawn the first honest political party in history, a party for the individual, a party for the people—The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY (TVP).

The TVP is based on that solution which Mark Hamilton termed “The PRIME LAW” (  This elegant answer to the question of protecting the rights and freedoms of human beings simply forbids the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any individual, group, or government on any other individual, his property, or his contracts.  It is based solely on the moral premise of self-defense and thus successfully and uniformly protects all individuals from intentional harm being inflicted upon them.

Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party’s “Prime Law” is the answer to all discrimination, persecution, and countless more injustice that has been perpetrated on individuals for over 2000 years.  The Prime Law picks up where the US Constitution left off and is therefore the missing puzzle piece that brings the US Constitution multi-dimensional puzzle of individual rights and freedoms to its critical mass.  By understanding and then integrating this vital missing puzzle piece into society through an Amendment to the US Constitution, the Twelve Visions Party ( will unleash an unprecedented geometrical explosion of WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE, and HAPPINESS and forever protect the most valuable of all things: “The CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUAL HUMAN LIFE”.

For a full overview on Mark Hamilton’s “Prime Law”, his “Twelve Visions Party”, and its Platform

( in addition to a basic introduction to “Neothink”, call 1-888-859-6859 and order “WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE” today.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton and the TVP for protecting the only REAL minority—the INDIVIDUAL.

P.S.  The ideas that the TVP brings to the table in its party platform to safeguard individual rights and freedoms forever are brilliantly elegant and unique and many are likely to be quite controversial.  However, this is not surprising as many individuals and groups in modern society have vested interests in preserving the status quo and not in protecting all individuals’ rights and freedoms.  These individuals and groups will not be welcoming and appreciative to the values Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Self-Leader Literature, and his Twelve Visions Party are attempting to bring to the world.  These parasites have long lived off of the discrimination and persecution, the usurpation of money and power, and many other types of value destruction by obscuring issues and twisting truths so that the best individuals among us, the good, the innocent value creators and producers, the businessmen like Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party and their Neothink Society Members (who all bring immense value to the world in myriad ways) appear to be the worst scourge of humanity.  They will use all sorts of nasty and sneaky tricks to make these amazing honest businessmen and businesswomen who have brought so much value and love to others and society appear to be nothing but greedy con-artists and charlatans just out to make a buck by exploiting their customers.  In reality the exact opposite is true.  Businessmen like Mark Hamilton and those of the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society provide unique values to others and society that others CHOOSE to purchase.  In fact the only way a businessman can earn a long-term profit (in a truly Free Market) is by catering to the demand of his customers and by continuing to optimize his company’s efficiency by cutting costs and increasing production.  If the businessman doesn’t provide this exceptional value to his customers they will simply choose to stop purchasing his products/services and purchase their needs/desires elsewhere.  Another of the tools the parasitical elite (with vested interests in preserving the status quo) will use to try and smear Mark Hamilton and his TVP’s ideals is the mainstream media.  They will do what they have always done and use illusions to obscure the facts and distort the situation.  They will present facts out of context, use non-sequiturs (latin terms for “this does not follow), and attempt to discredit the individuals involved by making preposterous claims that the Neothink Society is a cult, that the TVP is a religion, and that Mark Hamilton is a dictator.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However, they WILL make these claims because the protection of all of our individual rights and freedoms and the ensuing ideas that make up the TVP platform are extremely threatening to their current parasitical existence.  So please don’t be fooled when you start hearing and seeing things that just don’t quite add up.  Use your own judgment and recognize who is the value creator and who is the value destroyer in the situation and the honest answers will shine through the dishonest illusions.  As Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds”.  They must attack any new ideas that even threaten to expose their
dishonest illusions and the outright criminal behavior that has
trampled our individual rights and freedoms for so long and obscured
the situation so successfully that most individuals hardly notice that
this same criminal behavior is exactly what is draining the
rightfully hard-earned WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE, and HAPPINESS from their
lives.  Mark Hamilton, his TVP, and his Neothink Society aim to change all that by bringing to the world his Prime Law of Protection and forever preserving the rights and freedoms of the only REAL minority—the INDIVIDUAL.




When I received my invitation letter to join the NEOTHINK Society, I knew I was about to embark in a journey that would change my life. Reading the secret information from Mark Hamilton’s heavily guarded literature really opened my eyes. Now, I am walking through life with thousands of years old of the Society’s Secrets and Visions. I am able to see through daily illusions to what is, see the future, start my own company, diet down to the body I want, focus downstream, create my own life, apply top marketing secrets that every marketers want, build super puzzles, and much more. I fear nothing. Now that I am illuminated, I am grateful for everything Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me.

I am forever grateful for the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) that Mark Hamilton created, to depoliticize America and the rest of the world in order to bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Safety on earth through an indestructible protection law for humanity: “The PRIME LAW.”

With the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) president in the White House and the “PRIME LAW” in place; we will be living in the TWELVE VISIONS WORLD. A totally different Civilisation. Wow!!!

Then and on, never again will there be War, Poverty, Malady, Hatred, Aging, Terrorism, Nuclear menaces, illusions, Politics, Inequality, Mysticism, and Silent Frustractions.
Integrated honesty will prevail. And the world will be at peace.

Looking at America among all Nations on Planet earth, it looks clear that it is a Nation where all good things are coming from. It is a blessed piece of land.


Thank you immensely, Mr. Mark Hamilton, to caring for humanity. It is a moral responsibility to opening the NEOTHINK Society and its TWELVE VISIONS PARTY to the world. Now, all human beings: “The Highest Values of the Universe” will be able to live a creation driven life.




To Whom it May Concern,

I wish to express how much of an honor it was to have been introduced and now become a member of the Neothink Society.

My life ended after the 9/11 attack on New York City. I was happily in business for myself for many years in the “Big Apple”, I had wonderful clients who were my dear friends, doing exactly what I loved to do and had my own apartment in the middle of Manhattan. I was very happy creating values all day, not really understanding that I was one of a few who lived a life “without burden” as Mark Hamilton would put it. I worked 12  to 15  hour days and loved it.

It was when everything changed on 9/11 that I realized how the majority of people live with their burdensome 9 to 5 jobs and not realizing that there were so more to life, the life I used to live. You see, when most people immediately lost their jobs, home and some their lives, I managed to hold it together for a couple of years with very little income and a lot of expense including staff, rent and other related business expenses.
My only survival rope was the investments I had which for some reason I couldn’t touch, and the promise of government help which never came through as promised.
Needless to say, I was forced to go out of business and find work as an employee to survive. It was then that I noticed the sad lives most people live and the oppressive nature of the work environment. This living became unbearable to me, I became depressed and sick then decided to return to England which is where I grew up and where my parents live, only to return to Florida every five months to visit an old friend.
It was in Florida I was introduced to the Neothink Society. I took the materials back to the U.K with me to study and slowly I began to understand why my life and cereer died. It was as if Mark Hamilton was talking to me, all the information in the material seem to relate to me and I immediately believed everything because I actually experienced them all.

I immediately started to rebuild my life with the help of Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society. I listen to the meeting, although  =because of time differences it is the recorded version, but it has been extremely valuable and now I am building my new international business which I predict will make me one hundred times more successful. I must stress that I am only able to do this international work through the skills learned from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.