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Hi: my name is Olga Goodwin & the only thing I want to say about Mark Hamilton is that with the books he sent to me & I read, my point of view about life & the world has changed me completely. Now I have a better way to see everything & in some way now I am stronger, I’m not afraid of the future. I honestly thank Mr. Hamilton, if it wasn’t for him I may probably be as I was in the past, but now, I have changed for good.


What has changed in my life since being introduced to Neothink, and especially Mark Hamilton is:  I am learning to take 100% responsibility for my life.  This is true FREEDOM!

I am learning to implement my “Friday Night Essence”  or dreams into everyday reality.  I have the tools now to live much more efficiently in business and other areas.  My health has improved.  I am stronger, leaner, and more flexible.  I have more passion, focus, and optimism about my future.  My thinking is more integrated and I am obsessed with learning and reading now.  Neothink Society is a diverse group of individuals who are learning to become integrated self leaders. We want to be all that we were meant to be and add value to this world, including through the launch of the Twelve Visions Party.


Michele W.


I would like to say a few words about Mark Hamilton, as I understand him.  I was introduced to Mark Hamilton through his literature in late 2005, early 2006.  Later I was invited to participate in his mentor/apprentice series in early 2007.  This involved online business meetings on a monthly basis to learn his principles in business, as well as other areas of life.  He interacted through email communication, as well as question/answer format during the business meetings.

I am a very cautious person when it comes to learning about, interacting with, and trusting people I am not familiar with, especially over the internet.  As, I have observed Mark Hamilton through his literature, emails, and video presentations, I have observed a man who is a great thinker, non-judgmental, slow to anger, patient, encouraging, and empowering of others.  He is cautious in some ways, as well.  He thinks long and hard before taking action.

He is not afraid to take risks or admit when he needs to rethink a situation before moving forward. He is willing to risk a great deal when it comes to offering his years of integrated thinking and wisdom to the public and especially to a political party.  Politics is a dangerous area in this world.  However, it is one that needs significant change and I believe Mr. Hamilton’s political party holds great promise in a world full of empty promises and unethical behavior in the political arenas.  I for one am disappointed in our political system.  It started as something good to protect Americans and has become a career for polished power hungry people.  I am hopeful that the Twelve Visions Party will be something   much more productive and prosperous for all Americans.


Mark Hamilton, his family and others have been working for decades to make the TVP a reality for us all.  The two party system in force now is really a battle field that accomplishes riches and privileges for only certain classes of people who don’t need them.  The TVP will make it possible for everyone to benefit.  Since reading the Society’s manuscripts,  I have hope for a better future for all of us.  Thanks to all who have been working toward this wonderful goal.

B. Finch


Mark Hamilton   has  help me  a 35 year old  here in  portland oregon   i am  vicente and  for  the  most  part   i have had  a  hard time keeping  down a  job   and  what   Mark   has  done is   given  me   tools    so i can  keep  a  job  down and  then  move on   to  my own  business  if  i want     the  business  that   Mark  Hamilton  runs   is    nothing  more than  pure and    honesty    with   all  members  that  are  part  of this  club    and  one more thing    look at   it like this    we have  lots of churches   the  door is  open to any one   right?  well   Mark Hamilton  is    saying    the  door is open  for  any one    you  do not have  to    that is up  to  any person   like myself   vicente i step  in    NO  one  made me   or  paid  me  to step in   i  wanted  to step  in  all on my  own.       Mark  Hamilton  has  given me hope  in m self  to start  my own  business   if   i want  to  last  thing here   Mark Hamilton is   NOT  a  crook   in  any  way   he is  truthful   and  upfront   and  a  very  honest   man    let  his  business  run  i ask  you  not  to  shut  him  down   it is  helping  people like me  in a  big  way   thank you  Mark Hamilton   for all  you have  done  for  me   it  has  been great   i love  the life  i have  taken  on  and   by  the  way   my little one that is  6 years old   her  name is  Leann  san martin   all  will be  past  down to her   and   she   is  a   smart  little one  for her  age   so i am  looking  to see  what happens   when  she   gets  older  and  when  i  pass down  all the  tools  to her and see what   she  does with her  life   but   my  life  has   just   got  going   thanks   to  Mark Hamilton     vicente


In about seven months, I have learn more about creating values for myself and others through Mark Hamilton mentoring and literature than many, many years of searching. Ask yourself this questions: as a child do you remember those beautiful dreams to be some one who who will be creating values for yourself and society? To be great? To find your essence in life and to find who you were meant to be in this life? That is what I have learned with Mr. Hamilton and I have yet a lot to learn in order to be useful to myself and others and to be happy in my life. He also has sparkle a light in my personal life to be motivated in whatever I do. I have found truth love and honesty, something that is hard to find in today’s world. I tank you Mr. Hamilton for taking your precious time for helping us to be creative, happy and to help us to have compassion and love for humanity like you do. We love you Mr. Hamilton and we love our Neothink organization. Marco R



I have been with you a little over 3 years now. I have read your literature several times. Every time I read it I have a better understanding of my life and what is in store for me and my family. I think our future is limitless to the possibilities of living a happy and prosperous life. What you are building is what our founding fathers envisioned the future by integrating facts of history with natural law, physical reality and common sense actions so that we can live a free and prosperous life without government intervention

thank you



I received my first letter of invitation to join The Neothink Secret Society in October 2006.  I read thro’ numerous manuscripts and went through Neothink mentoring under Mark Hamilton. I have found that it is a Genuine Organization founded on Love, Truth, Honesty and Sincererity dedicated to Peace and tranquility amongst men thro’ a new approach to Business with  the objective of creating wealth. It is not given to sinister social, political, religious lives of Dishonesty, Fallacies and Illusions.  As an apprentice under Mark Hamilton, I have learnt thro’ the discoveries of Neothink, how to identify my Life’s Passion and transform it into a Living thus Creating Values for others to Produce and make a living too.  Though I have not yet attained, all I know is ” I am not what I used to be. ”

Thanks to Mark Hamilton, and Thanks to Neothink.


You could search the world over & not find a more honest, sincere compassionate & warm hearted young man.  He has devoted his life to the Neothink society & its members to help everyone live a better life, to be happy, free & good.  The things he taught is not in the library & you won’t learn in a school room. We don’t wish any one any harm, we just want to pursue our dreams & have a better government, honest & decent. That’s not asking too much!!  I sincerely wish he can be left alone to finish his work for the world to see what a Genius he truly is.

Thank you

Peggy L.


Thank you from my heart Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party.  I am not even 6 months with you. What a journey! How much I have learned in that time!  Mark Hamilton with the literature and training in the Neothink Society has given me a new lease on life (65 years).  The Twelve Visions Party is given us a new society based truly on the people and totally founded in reality.  What a concept!

Waking up without fear and worry, knowing that with our own creativity we can build our business, provide for our family, becoming wealthy in the process - not poor and unfulfilled and bitter.  I could go on and on…..but please look at the websites.  The world – all of us –  move between half truths and lies. Here is the place for us to change it in our lives.

Grateful for All of You, Samantha B.