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Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society reached me at a crucial time in my life.  I had gone through some pretty tough times up until then, with failed relationships, financial troubles, and depression.  Mark Hamilton’s first letter reached my mailbox at just the right time.

Organized religion was doing nothing for me.  Instead of sending me the positive message of love that was meant for us, there were fat cat neocheaters pounding their pulpits telling me just how worthless I was.  To top it all off, after making me feel lower than I felt before I walked into their buildings, they begged me for my money at the end of it all!  How dishonest is that?!

Our government was doing my family and me no favors, either.  That was during the “stimulus check” (so-called tax rebate) time.  By the government’s simple calculations, I was a single parent with two dependent children and a good paying job.  I should have been handed a fat check for $900.  Instead, I was penalized.  According the fine print (they always get you with the fine print), I made too much money.  So, they deducted percentages for that.  Second, my son was 17 years old (and in high school); therefore, he was not considered a dependent child under their guidelines.  So, I was “stimulated” to the tune of about $130, while lazy, dishonest government dependent zombies were getting full checks!  Since that time, it’s only gotten more dishonest and hypocritical.

Shortly after Mark Hamilton’s first letter, I was reading my first Neothink® Society text.  I knew I was stepping out on a limb, but WOW!! It was an eye-opener.  It opened my eyes to the farce that is organized religion.  I realized I didn’t need someone to scream and yell at me to know what was good and right for me.  I knew it all along!  I didn’t need some talking head with a “D” or “R” attached to the end of his name to tell me what was right or wrong with our Great Nation. I knew it all along!!  I realized how churches and governments have been ruling mankind for centuries through false guilt, contrived fear, and brute force, often hand-in-hand.

My life has improved drastically since my introduction to Neothink®. I no longer believe in the lies set before me by government officials from either of the major political parties.  I know that their real job is to keep us divided with hot-button, polarizing issues, while they keep lining their pockets and exercising their dishonest power for personal gain.  I no longer submit to the will of false speaking religious leaders.  I, instead, listen to my own conscience, with the full knowledge of right and wrong that I was born with.

Neothink® is not atheism, as religious leaders would have you think.  It is SEEING through to what is real and claiming responsibility for your own actions.  Neothink® is not anarchy, as government leaders would have you think.  It is self-governance and doing what is right all of the time, without loopholes and dodges. It is the death knell of petty bureaucracy and political fiefdoms.  It is seeing and defying false external authority in your life.

The Twelve Visions Party is coming!  Are sick of the status quo?  Do you want honesty from your elected officials?  Do you want accountability? Do you want your government to stop spending us all into the poor house? Then TVP is for you!  TVP candidates will be people who understand and live Neothink®.  They will be men and women of honor who do what is right.  They will be honest in their words and actions.  They will not seek office to “lead” you.  They will seek office to work with you and for you to bring us out of this anti-civilization we now live in.

Lloyd W



The Twelve Visions Party means to me a life full of happiness, wealth, health and love, all based on individual freedom.  By having the Prime Law in effect, we will all have the freedom our Founding Fathers wanted for our Country and for all of the future generations to come.  It will be freedom for everyone, down to the lowest individual, because no one is more important than anyone else.

I have learned from Mark Hamilton what the most important thing in life is…Happiness.  I have learned how to achieve that happiness by living a life of honesty, and being a value producer or a value creator, and putting more value into society than I consume.  I learned something from him that is so simple, yet has the power to change any life. That is, you must keep learning and growing in your life, because if you are not growing you are stagnating and slowing waiting for death.  For many people their lives are so boring they just want time to pass quickly to get to the end sooner, the end being death.  For death has been glorified so they think death will be their escape and better than the life they have now!

If these people would only read Mark Hamilton’s literature with an open mind, they would see the honesty and love with which it is written.  His literature teaches you how to be a value producer or even a value creator. …Creating values for your fellow man.  Then you are not wasting your life, and waiting for a hand out.  Then your life becomes too exciting!  You also learn just how important you are and how valuable you can be to the world. It teaches you to live your life right here on earth to the fullest.

The literature teaches you how to use your own mind to learn the truth in any situation, based on reality.  Our current leaders do not want you to use your own mind to discover the reality of a situation.  They want to use the smoke and mirrors to keep people from seeing reality.  They use the media to get their agenda across because they know that the masses do not have the knowledge or motivation to dig in and discover the reality of the situation.  We have been lead to believe that the media tells the reality of the situation, when in fact they do not, they pass on what they are told to.

Our Country is headed now to a Socialist/Fascist Country.  We are losing our freedoms every day, the freedoms our Fore Fathers fought to guarantee us.  The freedoms all of our Veterans fought to have for all of us.   The Twelve Visions Party guarantees those for all of us, for it would return our Government to its proper purpose.  …To protect all of the citizens from initiatory force, fraud or coercion.  Twelve Visions Party would mean I would not have to fear my Government any longer.  I would be free to live my life as I see fit, as long as I am not putting force, fraud or coercion upon anyone.  It would mean that I no longer have to pay taxes to a Government that spends my money for things I do not agree with.  The Government would be based on a business structure.  I would then be able to pay for the services I want, if it is a value I am willing to support with my earned money.

Without the burden of Government, technologies will explode as the computer industry did.  Prices will drop; this is what will solve our Medical/Health care crisis in this country.  …Along with the Government getting out of the Health Care business, and basing it on capitalistic business principles.  We will also be able to get the message out that diet & exercise are the best preventative care there is not X-rays and Scopes.

The Twelve Visions Government will make everyone responsible for them, as nature intended.  For we all have that ability within us.

Mark Hamilton teaches you that with love and kindness and occasionally a bit of tough love. Thank you for changing my life, Mark Hamilton!

Teresa D



I cannot remember the many times I have thanked the universe that Mark Hamilton had sent me the second invitation to join the Neothink® Society.  It was an invitation to life, a new and excitingly wonderful life!  I was intrigued and sent for the first of three manuscripts.

I had no idea of the changes about to take place in my life.  The changes were so subtle as I read the manuscripts and followed their directives, guiding me in the direction of a purpose and a goal, to learn all that I could from this manuscript and the ones to follow.  I began to take an interest in life around me.  I climbed out of a lethargy that claims so many who have no incentive or discipline to keep growing and learning.  Regardless of age.
The first and biggest awakening interest is in the Twelve Visions Party.  I had never and I mean NEVER had an interest in politics, but the Visions and Miss Annabelle really inspired me to become involved.  By learning and thinking the Neothink® way I now know how large my potential is.  I am amazed as my power grows everyday as I integrate the steps set forth in the manuscripts to follow.  They have taught me to wisely manage all aspects of my life with:  Thought – first,  Discipline – conscious actions,  Control – of conscious actions.  Now the most wonderful thing!  The TVP and the Prime Law.

The TVP with its prime law protects my freedoms from; man-made laws that stops my growth in wealth, inhibits my good healthy living and ultimately peaceful life.
Living in the TVP world we do not need Amber Alert!  There are no criminally minded people.  There are no criminally minded people because we have the prime law in place that says” no initiatory force, fraud or coercion” against the people of our society.  This lets me live safely, peacefully, happily and free to chase and catch my dreams-my Friday Night Essences.  Everyone is happy pursuing their ideal careers (FNE) without fear of taxation and/or litigation.

My wealth is not measured in $$$ dollars but in the many friendships I have accumulated.  Recognizing my Ten Second Miracles.  The drive to achieve more, leading me to my Friday Night Essence.  My desires, my passion to accomplish things of value for myself and others.  Living in a Twelve Visions World is feeling the freedom of childhood, dreaming dreams of young adulthood and acquiring my dream of dreams of producing values that will assist other in producing their values.
The meeting of and integrating with many others aspiring to create the Civilization of the Universe today to give to our children and grandchildren and all future generations.
The way to accomplish this is to have the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law.
Thank you Mark for such a precious way of living.
Betty-Jane O



Dear Mr. Hamilton,

I Believe Our Country Is Teetering On the Brink of Ruin & Desperately Needs the Constitutional Reform of the Twelve Visions Party Platform Initiated in 2012.

I am a Neothink® Society Member; I am an American Citizen; I am a Simi-Retired Special Education Instructor, however please note that there is no such thing as REAL retirement in our impoverished society due to the economic inflation as  has been allowed by our elected Politicians.  Now, even though attaining the quote,  “Golden Years  Of Retirement!”  – People just can’t afford to retire.    I am an Impoverished Tax Payer; I am a Single Mom – A Head of Household; I am a Person of Hope!   You will notice a semi-colon at the end of each statement, that is because each and every “I am” represents the current demographics of the “We the People” in Americas of today.    As such each demographic is an individual story unrepresented in our society by our current governmental infrastructure in the House of Representatives and Congress.    I guess when you reach the age of retirement you begin to fall into many categories which are directly governed by our countries House of Representatives and the Congress as they pass THEIR LAWS which directly affect OUR LIVES.   Therefore, I like many Americans, have lived to become only another statistic in the economic ruin and eventual collapse of our countries monetary system.     This is the Investor’s Dream – This is not the American Dream that so many of us were erroneously taught to believe was possible.

These politicians have become the worst of the worst in our country.  As  “We the American  People” barely survive on a meager retirement fund; which is also taxed by the governments Social Security System,  our Politicians attain for themselves through their elected office, the financial means to hold office, and once in office acquire for themselves a lifelong retirement annual income of  well over $50,000. per year!   I live on a retirement of $14,400. per year at $1200. per month (if I could retire) – simply not enough to survive on.  How can I retire?   I am the majority in America today.  We the People are barely able to sustain our simple mortgages let alone our lives.   Even as we struggle to survive in these oppressed times our  U.S. House Representatives recently passed for themselves and their staff $9.1 million in bonuses on top of the $2.5 million in automatic pay raises that these lawmakers gave themselves?  According to reporting, the average House aide got a 17% bonus.  These Politicians were voted into office to represent us as we struggle with the highest unemployment rates since 1976.

Who authorized these pay raises at taxpayer expense? I surely didn’t.

As allowed by government supported Lobbyists’, the current mortgage crisis which is causing millions of Americans to lose their homes due to government sponsored “Entrapment Home Loan’s” ballooning interest rates have caused many to lose millions in investments while at the same time our government of quote, “We the People”, provides economic stimulus’s to large corporations such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which are slated to receive $210 million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period.   In fact, these executives have already been awarded $51 million towards these bonuses while unemployment rates across our country are at 9.8 percent.  Our politicians have become dictators as they dictate to the American people how much in taxes they shall pay in order to fund their salaries and special interest groups, and thus ensure their continued stay in office at Taxpayer Expense!

What about the Health Reform Act that continues to be delayed in both the House and Congress?    So no health care appropriations for the “We the People” and this on the brink of the world wide Swine Flu Pandemic which was raised to a “Red Level” in April of 2009!    Then I hear on the news just yesterday that there is not enough Flu Vaccine manufactured to handle a dramatic outbreak of this deadly virus.   How did this happen?  Who is responsible?

On April 30th, 2009, I read in the news that the worldwide pandemic level has been raised to a “Red Level” of concern due to the recent outbreak of the Swine Flu.  This means that the United States had now been placed under an acute threat status for the spread of a Swine Flu pandemic outbreak.  To date, there is one reported death confirmed in the state of Texas, and fourteen confirmed cases throughout California and Mexico.    Let’s look at what types of provisions our government has allotted to the medical facilities in order to protect our citizens from the pandemonium of a life threatening pandemic outbreak.   Three years ago, Congress appropriated billions of dollars to the department of Health and Human Services, “HHS”, for the agency’s pandemic influenza plan after animal outbreaks of the extremely pathogenic avian flu virus were discovered in a dozen countries throughout the world.  Today, even though scientists say the threat of a pandemic is still very real, the nation’s interest in the issue has subsided, and the HHS says it does not have the requested resources to fully implement its strategic plan to combat and prevent a catastrophic pandemic outbreak.  December, 2005, Congress appropriated $3.3 billion in emergency funding to HHS for the first year of their intervention plan and $2.3 billion for the second year of funding in June, 2006.   Note, those big plans have, to date, not been realized thus leading to the updated statement from HHS that quote, “The full promise for the progress HHS anticipated cannot be achieved as HHS does not have the requested resources to fully implement the plan it proposed.”  This report added that the fiscal 2008 appropriations bill did not include the $870 million initially requested by the president to support the plan’s next phase.    Why is this occurring?

Here is your answer as to why this is occurring.  Three years ago, the GAO, Government Accountability Office, which was initiated after 9/11 as part of the changes related to the Patriot Act, developed a strategy for its work to support Congress’ decision-making and oversight related to pandemic flue planning.   Their report supplanted Congresses flu pandemic planning and rather included a strategy which incorporated reviews of other national disasters such as the 9/11 terror attacks, hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, and emerging infectious diseases such as the severe acute respiratory syndrome.  Their strategy targeted six themes which were, performance and accountability, leadership, authority and coordination, detecting threats and managing risks; information sharing, and communication, capacity to respond and recover, and planning, training and exercise.   Basically, since 2006, when HHS’s budget was taken over by GAO, 11 reports were published which made 23 recommendations based on its findings.

Then to summarize, control of the funds allocated to HHS had been transferred to a “new governmental office.”  This office, the ASPR, is the office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness Response.  Because the funding was now, “broad based,” to include various possible risk factors as stated above, little of the initial $7.1 billion in emergency funding specifically proposed for pandemic influenza preparedness by George W. Bush in 2005 actually reached the individual hospital facilities.  Instead the ASPR has allocated to the nation’s states and territories these funds which are supposed to be used to apply to all of the hazards that were reviewed initially by the GAO according to Gregg Pane, an emergency physician who is the director of national healthcare preparedness programs at ASPR.

Pane stated that planning efforts should be shared in a community with emphases on the local medical institutional needs.  This would better target specific areas according to their area of need.    It appears that the funding priorities of these federally funded departments are too federally focused.  Way too much of the money that is allocated from your tax dollars and mine goes to propping up large, federal bureaucracies like the C.D.C., Center for Disease Control, rather than providing the national health care support that our tax dollars are crying out for as we continue to live under the world wide pandemic threat of both the Swine and Avian Flues.     This is the tax dollars of the American People!   This is the money that your elected Politicians were supposed to use to provide for your tranquility as per our Declaration of Independence.   Am I, as an American feeling tranquil?     As long as our current Politicians and their corrupted deviant political practices continue to impose their alterations and mutilations of the guidelines set forth by our Founding Fathers’ as outlined in our Declaration of Independence and its Constitution of the United States of America, I will have no tranquility!    Here is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence:

For the People of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.


The history of this current United States governmental framework has become; as was the case of the Tyranny of the King of Great Britain over the Americas,  a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all leading to the direct collapse of our economic establishment and the insurance of the health, stability, and well being of the American People.

I no longer believe that we as Americans are supporting a quote, “Government of the People, By the People, and For the People.” We are now a government “Of the Politician, By the Politician, and for The Politician!” As such I cry out for change!

So now Mr. Hamilton, with all this in mind,  how can I be a person of hope?   How can “We the American People” really have hope in today’s flawed and incomplete Governmental Structure?   Mr. Hamilton, you and the platform of the Twelve Visions Party are the hope for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all American people in this day.

As we watch our crumbling economic structure deplete the hopes and dreams of the American people; I strongly believe that our society and our future generations depend on a new State of  The Union Amendment to our current U.S. Constitution which removes the threat of forced taxation as a retaliation measure against the economic infrastructure of the American People.     The purpose of our government formation through the Constitution was to (ENSURE THE RIGHTS OF LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY TO ITS PEOPLE AND THEIR ESTABLISHMENT).

Here is what I believe, unless we Americans become the unilateral voice of change to our current political system, and take back our country from the hands of career-politicians, America will collapse as the clay and iron feet of the false Idol prophesied in the Book of Revelations, and spoken about by Jesus – a truly conscious thinker in our world.  The Twelve Visions Party is the hope and life line of change for the future of all American people.

I am fully convinced, claiming a quote from yourself Mark Hamilton that,

“…The time has come to replace our career-politician lawmakers—that is, those who throw food to swarms of lawyers in order to gain political power.  We must replace them with those truly qualified to lead America’s economy—that is, those who build the economy:  our entrepreneurs and successful businessmen who really care about the health of our economy.  Only they bring us jobs.  And only those business leaders can lead us through the storms of international competition.  Only they can build the economy to rapidly rising prosperity…our sinking economy demands that we replace our current lawmakers with those who build the economy, not drain the economy.”

Taken from

Thank you,

Elaine R.



Dear Mark,

I was introduced to the Neothink literature by my mother.  She had already purchased it and to help with my public speaking, I asked if I could read something out loud to her every night.  She agreed and suggested I read the literature.  At first, I didn’t think too much of it because I was just focusing on how I read out loud, imagining myself in front of a crowd and trying to get over the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  After about the second or third day though, I grew accustomed to my own voice and I was absolutely blown away by the words that started to sink in.  My life changed from that moment on.  I didn’t fully realize it right away of course but now, looking back, so many opportunities and beneficial experiences have happened after being exposed to the literature.  I didn’t even have to try hard, the powerful concepts made so much sense and were so simple to absorb, my psyche just began using them almost automatically.  It was as if my intelligence had jumped after reading and I could more easily handle a lot of smaller concepts that before befuddled me.  I started a business shortly after and have been steadily building my wealth ever since.  As I reread and apply more of the concepts, more opportunities come my way.  I find myself more “naturally” positive because I am more in control of my life than ever and know where I am heading.  I also understand better why I used to get off-track before reading the literature and don’t go off into the “deep-end” as much with old negative habits.  The amazing concepts lead to success in all other areas of life so I’m naturally stimulated to stay out of the old habits; I’m having too much fun going forward and capturing success.  It’s a really cool feeling, I compare it to when you’re playing a game and feel you have all the secrets and actions you can use to win the game and it’s your choice as to how quickly you want to get there. 

Thank you to the author, Mark Hamilton for doing all the nitty-gritty hard work to discover and market these invaluable works.  I feel so lucky to have read the literature when I did so that I am better prepared to handle the current economic trouble our country is in.  As I’ve grown in years and experience, I have seen and understand increasingly how our country is being critically mismanaged by political leaders and how the Twelve Visions Party, the movement springing from the literature is the only thing available that can restore and protect forever our individual freedoms.  Hopefully in 2012, we will have that presidential candidate on the ballot ready to usher in what should have been ours since our country was founded: wealth, health and safety for every citizen. 

Sage K


I personally don’t Know Mark Hamilton, however, I have read extensively most of his literature, and I have only read wisdom and a deep understanding of humanity in his writings.  He is a visionary whose primary focus is the well being of humanity.  I wish there were more Mark Hamiltons in the world maybe then planet earth would be a much more peaceful place. I have also learn through Mark Hamilton’s writings that it takes personal responsibility to make the necessary changes in my own personal life which then can be reflected in the world.  Sometimes it is easier to find a scapegoat than to face reality.  And for those of you who are easily persuaded by the media slogans I will ask you to fist go the source and then make a fair judgment.
Paola A


o Whom It May Concern:

Many years ago I was very frustrated about so many things in life. I was confused and overwhelmed by conflicting information on all kinds of subjects from how to eat and be healthy to religious beliefs. Is a low-carb diet the right way to eat? What is the right way to train my dog? Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people? Why is my God loving and many other people have a different God that is not? And what’s up with those who have a god that wants them to kill other people in the name of god? Why are there so many fights, wars, and lives lost over religion? Why is the greatest country, my country, the United States of America, getting less free while the Soviet Union is getting more free? Why are political elections full of outright lies and smear campaigns? Whatever happened to our representatives actually representing us, the people, instead of what they stand for? Why is the general population tired, stressed, and over-worked? Why, in this day and age, are some people healthy while others are not? Should I use prescription pills to control my cholesterol? Is anybody really happy? Along with my confusion there was so much blame being placed, people expecting others to live their way, politically correct expectations that constantly changed to meet the current trends, and guilt laid on if one didn’t conform.

Then several years ago, I was lucky enough to come across Mark Hamilton’s literature and the Neothink Society. From Mark Hamilton’s literature, I didn’t learn his version of how things are. What I did learn was how to think for myself again and have confidence in my own rational thinking. Now I can see for myself what is really going on by looking beyond the illusions that are created to trick me into thinking a certain way. I am now able to use my own realistic thinking to figure things out for myself for every situation that I need to deal with. I have always had this realistic logical ability to think and know what is right, but the media bombards us with conflicting information and conflicting societal rules that cloud every issue and as we grow up the increasing amount of conflicting information we receive creates so much confusion for our minds we unknowingly are forced to become just followers that quietly live our less-than-happy lives, pay our taxes, and pretend we are in control. This has been how a small group of people (corrupt governments) have kept control of a large group of people (the masses) for their own benefit.

Since Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have been a valuable inclusion into my life, I have taken time to go through most of the crap that my mind had gathered up in my lifetime and trash the stuff that was just plain wrong. Keep in mind all the things that I learned over those 40 some odd years were from parents, friends, teachers, TV, the media, etc. etc. Most of these people probably never meant to teach me things that are wrong, most just didn’t know any better because they were taught these things too. But the reality is, most of this stuff is just a bunch of wrong unquestioned crap. I tried to come up with a more polite word than “crap” but it turned out to be the most efficient description I could find in the dictionary. Anyway, now I am able to look at the information given, sort through the stuff that doesn’t make sense, and see how so many things are made to look good but when I really look at them, things just don’t add up. The more I looked at things, the more I began to see how this is a common practice, especially for the media, politics, and the courtroom. They use truths to paint a picture. They paint a picture of whatever they want others to believe. The problem is: they only use some of the truths or facts, the ones that support what they want us to believe and they pass this off as the truth. This is quite evident in the courtroom when one is only allowed to answer the question presented and not really allowed to tell the whole story. So where is the justice with this method of reporting the news or questioning a witness or defendant? I can now see this way of delivering the truth and it is just plain wrong. This way often destroys people and lives.

As children we are taught these wrong ways from the beginning. I was fortunate enough to come across Mark Hamilton’s literature so I could change the way I was taught to perceive everything. I am now able to see the falsehoods and separate them from reality. Now I look for honesty in every situation and myself. Everyone knows what honesty means. I know that each person has that little voice inside of them and deep down each person knows exactly what is right and what is wrong, no matter what we are taught. This is where the stress, issues, confusion, conflict, and the burden of life comes from: knowing deep down inside yourself what is really right and wrong and being told and taught to act differently. Now that I know how the world works I am at peace with myself. I would never trade all that I have learned from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. His literature has let me answer for myself all of the important questions I have had about love, life, freedom, happiness, and religion. The peace I feel within myself means more to me than anything. Now that I understand how the world works, I also understand how it should work and how it will work if the masses of good people no longer allow a few corrupt people to rule us by force. I know how to determine who my enemies really are, who is trying to fool me, hurt me, or take from me. I am no longer afraid of the devil and I no longer have any confusion about God, Jesus, the Bible, or the multitude of different faiths. I understand why people are fighting and killing over political agendas and religions. I also know how the world can be changed so we can all live a peaceful and happy existence and be safe.

The success of the Twelve Visions Party will mean to me the starting of a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous life for all of us. We will be able to work doing the things we love and feel real pride in ourselves and the products, services, or entertainment that we provide to others. We will be able to have quality time with our loved ones, and no longer be stressed by the need to work so hard just to survive. We will no longer have things to complain about so that will also free up time to live, love, and be happy. We will be able to enjoy more of the fun things in life with our loved ones and friends because we will not be handing over a large percentage of our hard-earned money to a corrupt system that only wants to pad their own existences at our expense.

Products, services, and entertainment that we need or want will be provided by competitive private sector businesses owned by regular people like you and me. In order to compete businesses will have to provide quality products and services to stay in business because we will be able to choose and purchase the products and services that we want. We will no longer be forced to contribute to things we don’t want. So if a company doesn’t provide quality at a competitive price they will lose business because anyone will be able to compete. There will no longer be governmental favoritism or a bunch of fees and taxes, or a structure to make us pay for services we don’t want, need, or use. This alone will let everyone, even those who are poor now, live the life they could only dream of before. Without the government taking such a huge portion of our money, we will all be able to prosper. There will be plenty for all of us. No good person will get left behind, no matter what age or previous financial condition. The only ones who will be the losers are that small percentage of corrupt people that are presently living high-on-the-hog at our expense.

The biggest thing that I am afraid of is that the corruption in our government will find a way to silence whatever person, group, or movement threatens their corrupt livelihoods, so I suspect they will be getting out all of their dirty strategies, lies, and half-truths to discredit and quiet Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party. Putting our government back in the hands of the people will destroy their power and the good life they have been able to live at our expense. My logical brain tells me they are going to do and say whatever it takes to stay in power. They will use the media, IRS, FBI, CIA, and whatever else they need to accomplish this. We must see these actions (dirty tactics) for what they really are and not let them destroy our Twelve Visions. If they are able to quiet this movement we will all be the real losers. We will be destined to continue the downward slide we are on now toward more problems, unhappiness, terror, and financial stress.

They will work to keep us off balance by switching our attention from one subject to another so they can effectively keep us from being able to see what is really going on. They will continue to use the two party system to effectively divide and conquer us as they have for years. They are experts at keeping us arguing for different sides so we can never unite and unseat them. And all the time they will continue taking more and more money and assets from us. When I look at the recent economic recession/depression, we have basically lost our property values and/or homes, lost a good percentage of our retirement accounts, lost jobs, lost lifestyle, and numerous other casualties of a bad economy. All the while, I see that all of the big governments, ours included, have taken more of more control of our assets while we have lost our proverbial butts and now we are going to be responsible for the national debts too. It is a sad state for all of us good people.

I know that they, our corrupt government, have created this situation and are taking over more assets and control by the minute. They control interest rates, laws, and taxes. They have used these things to create this economic crisis for their own gains and political power. They continue to favor special interest groups and companies, while penalizing others. This has been especially evident in the last year, not only to me, but also to the general public. They have bailed out some big companies and took a stake in them, and let other companies fail along with millions upon millions of jobs lost, homes lost, and retirement savings lost. I find it unacceptable that our government has so much power that they can pick and choose which of us prosper and which of us fail.

The other thing I am afraid of is World War III. We are actually in the midst of it and nobody is talking about it. It started on 9-11 with the bombing of the Twin Towers. That officially brought the United States into it. Unlike World War II and Pearl Harbor, it is a quiet war. Most people don’t even realize it is going on – but it is going on in the background. Just like the Hitler regime, there is a faction that is setting up to take over the world. The difference is they are doing it very quietly and are patiently planning to take us by surprise. Our current politicians are either unaware or in denial about this power struggle that has been going on for many years. The terrorist move on 9-11 did get our attention, but since then there has been a movement to stick our heads in the sand. This is exactly what these bad people want, for us to be unaware, surprised, and unprepared when the time is right for them to make their take-over move. The scariest part is we are still in the nuclear destruction years and it could very well happen. Just look at the sad state of sick thinking among the terrorists. We have a real threat building up that could either totally control us or totally destroy us and at the hands of a very small group of sick people who want to control the rest of us for their own power and financial gain.

This is reality: a small group of corrupt and powerful sick people are controlling the masses of good people. It is time for us to realize that the masses of good people will live peacefully without being governed by these bad people. The bad people always tell us they are the good guys and they know what’s best for us. And we have naively believed them. They claim the bad people are amongst us; the masses and they will protect us from them. Then they take protection money (taxes) from us. Sounds just like organized crime doesn’t it?

The most important thing I know is that almost all people are good. I do believe that the goodness of people will prevail over all else. I also know that the good people of the world, all want the same things. I know I want to have good people (we are the good people) in charge of the world so we can have real World Peace. I not only want to feel safe, I want to be safe. I want to no longer have the threat of nuclear destruction looming above me. I want to have individual freedom and the happiness I deserve. I want to be able to be my own unique self, to have a wonderful mate, family, and close friends that love me and that I can always depend on. I want to have prosperity and be able to live the life of my dreams, to own a nice home of my own, to work at something I love to do, contribute more than I take, and have time to spend with my loved ones too. I want to enjoy good health and have everyone else enjoy good health also.

If these are some of the things you want for yourself and your loved ones, please take the time to find out more about the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society so we can have the world we deserve. We can have the world we deserve if we just quit believing the bad people. And we need to start it here in the United States of America, the land of the brave, so the rest of the good people in the rest of the world can unite and do the same in their corrupt countries. This is how we will accomplish world peace, by the masses of good people uniting together to unseat the few corrupt powers-that-be.

I am whole-heartedly supporting the Twelve Visions Party because I know it will bring about the necessary political reform we need here in our great country. I love My Country but I am very unhappy with the corrupt structure our government has become. I know we can eliminate the corruption and take back our great country so it can once again be based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all as our Forefathers intended. It is time for me to stop and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is my only hope for a better, happier, safer, and freer life for myself, my loved ones, and our future generations.

It would behoove all Americans to take the time to really find out what the Twelve Visions Party is all about and decide for themselves, as I have. Currently we have a two-party system that has been using the media to air their lies and paint a picture of the story they want us to believe. We have billions of pages of laws created to govern us with interpretation and force us to pay taxes. Most of our hard earned tax dollars are no longer working to benefit us, the people. All of our futures are at stake. Those Americans who do not bother to look at all sides of this critically important issue, and just blindly follow and believe the media, will be sentencing all of us, our children, our grandchildren, and future generations to a country and a world that is continuing in the wrong direction. We will be doomed to increasing corruption and declining health, happiness, prosperity, and freedom.
I hope you will join me in supporting the Twelve Visions Party. It is our only hope for a better life.

Diana H


Dear Mr. Hamilton, here is my new testimonial.

All my life, I struggled to have self esteem, facing up against irrational, dishonest, and destructive people and many of them are in positions of power, especially politicians and media people.

I have attained such immense personal growth through studying Neothink literature, and I have such new enthusiasm for life. Neothink literature lifted my life. I was a sad soul before in a cold world. My gratitude is profound. Mark Hamilton is one of the greatest men in the world for what he has done and for what he is doing now. Any negative comments directed toward him, the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party are unfounded. Any dishonest illusion painted by the media is designed to cheat everyone out of a bright future. A golden age awaits, everyone should embrace and support the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party, and stand and applaud Mark Hamilton.

I will not sit around and do nothing if I can help change the world for the better and help usher in a Twelve Visions World. Too long have the people been denied the potential of their lives, dragging their feet as they walk, they eventually accept and rationalize the failure of their lives. The sad and cruel hoax that drags everyone down must end.

The Twelve Visions Party will lift the world like the Neothink literature has lifted my life and for countless others. It will lift civilization into a brighter future. I feel so much about the world I live in now is unnatural, and that so many people are blinded and hide from any new ideas and new possibilities. They are too quick to judge without thinking and just accept the lies and the illusions spun to them. The Twelve Visions Party is the best and only way forward to a rational and peaceful future. It is the way the world should be. We need to leave the irrational, insane, and broken system behind in the past and begin again by creating a new world and we are all needed to take part and to take responsibility, to dump our laziness, and unite our hearts and minds. Imagine one day, a world without war. We owe it to the children.
Now, I inspire people I meet with my insights and wisdom. I keep my energy from draining away around negative and destructive people and influences. I have increasing creative development. A unique perspective grows in my mind, a creative vision growing and continuously innovating. Everyday my mind grows more rational and potent, so I am sure to succeed in mastering my life and dreams.
In the Neothink Society, I have met and talked to kind, good natured and very motivated people and it is inspiring and exciting for the future. With Neothink, I am a changed forever person and in such a positive and dynamic way. New energy is found to overcome challenges. I find a deepening of emotions never before felt. My depth of character is deepening. Everyday the puzzle pieces of my life fall more into place. I am a better person today, with great growing purpose and yet I have only just begun.

With great respect, admiration, and gratitude.
David M


Dear Mark, 
The message of Neothink is tried and true. You become what you think about.  It has been the message of  Zig Ziglar, Clement Stone, and a host of others over the last 35 years.  It is the true way to build oneself to the image wanted.   Adding in the promise of lasting life adds a dynamic that the Egyptians thought up 3,500 years ago.  It works.   Healthful living is always a good thing.  Your whole concept beats religion hands down.  Who wants to take leadership from groups who tolerate homosexuality and pedophilia in its leaders?   Everyone today hates politicians.  So our people will replace them with a new group that lives honestly and treats others honestly.   We will have no neocheaters in our ranks.     I feel that I will be able to turn my life around to a better life.   My only problem is that I still haven’t found out what I really want to do.   Bill


Hello there!
Wow. It has been a steady growing period for me in this wonderful and meaningful society.
I have been giving what is presented here a lot of thought. I wanted this testimonial to give a clear and accurate description to what my life is now being a beloved mentor in the Neothink(R) Society. I will tell what my support for the Twelve Visions Party is here as well. I will talk about what the Multi-Generational Manuscripts mean to me and what Mark Hamilton mean to me.
To sum everything up: This ALL means life to me. It means absolutely EVERYTHING to me. This all, Mark Hamilton, The Multi Generational Manuscripts, The Neothink(R) Society and the Twelve Visions Party. All this means the Universe to my heart. All of what I have gained in here is beyond what everyone who is not yet a member will ever know. You will never discover it out there. You can and on the inside, will discover the eternal values offered to you in here. Societies smartest men and women alive are in here. No, that is NOT a “pitch”. This is THE real deal. I seriously mean that. You don’t know what you are missing out on in here. That is why, right now, I say to you, dear reader, is to please, check out what we have to offer. You can always go to and request FREE information regarding what we offer here. You can also request to become a member of the most powerful bond on earth today. The website immediately gives you a sneak peak at what we offer here, what we do here and what we stand for. It also tells you somewhat at what you stand to gain here. You stand to gain EVERYTHING here no lie, no bull, just honest values beyond what you can imagine as a non member right now. You can also immediately begin to discover what the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is about over at The value is enormous over here.  If I can say anything about TVP or Twelve Visions Party, it will make ALL the people RICH including the poor! No this does not exclude you for this includes you. But I will tell you, the society IS exclusive to all non members. If anyone wants the eternal values offered in here, they must become a member to receive the values. For example, the membership has a fee, but you get 1 multi general manuscript a month free. The live clubhouse social of life advantages and interaction free and our website that normally costs a fee to maintain but is free with the membership. You can find the details over at You can also request to become a member here as well. Back to the Twelve Visions Party or TVP. The TVP will make all ordinary citizens rich, healthy and safe including the poor and the elderly and unemployed. You will find free information on over at
What does this all mean to me? EVERYTHING! I learned to love life. I learned to deeply appreciate life! I learned to love and respect myself. I learned to CREATE VALUES! I learned to grow without limits which involves taking complete, 100% responsibility for my own life indefinitely! Mark Hamilton did this for me through his writings, specifically the Multi Generational Manuscripts of The Neothink(R) Society. I found my essence here in the society. I have discovered precisely what it means to be happy what it takes. You can be eternally happy and I mentor others here in the society to achieve it. I am a famous society insider. I am deeply happy and it grows every day. I have never been as smart and as integrated as I am right now. That will soon enough evolve beyond where I am at right now. I know I absolutely can be, do and have all I desire, period! Mark Hamilton is our prime mentor and has the honest power to mentor everyone into the creation driven life they were meant to live. That involves partly a life or romantic-adventure! I am living that. I have many, many friends all over the world who support me and I support them. I have a career, the living career of my dreams that I can only accept living indefinitely with for life. You can too in here.
I must only live in the 12 Visions world of extreme prosperity and TVP is making that happen. We are going to rid society of the corrupt ruling class of lazy and dishonest “rulers” and “leaders”, although the “leaders” in society are hardly worthy of that title. They abused their power for long enough and their power is coming to a permanent end. If only they could possibly see that through what is taught here in the society, they can make a LOT more money with each passing month. It happens for people and can happen for you and them too. TVP is legally recognized in all 50 states. to see what I am asking go to I feel most fortunate to have had Mark Hamilton as my mentor and as my “partner”. He empowered for the eternally happiest best and it cannot be reversed by anyone and anything, period. He demonstrated to me and the others that he is right on with a loving fathers essence. He earned my eternal respect and that is that. He taught me to play at life as an adult. He taught me to make Ten Second Miracles and now I am the Ten Second Miracle Mentor in The Neothink(R) Society. I am well known across the planet. He taught me to make major marketing breakthroughs. Because of me applying what I learned I now make money in business! That NEVER happened before learning HOW to do that in here! I love life, I know how to succeed and I am acquiring extensive resources. In fact, I have checks written to me in my name here in the society. A fellow Neothink brother invested over $1000.00 USD in me and him to acquire real estate in business for ourselves but not by ourselves indeed. We are shortly going to make our very first real estate deal. Envy and jealousy cannot, will not and can never stop us now. Our prime knowledge protects us and forever empowers us to perform what others opinions say is impossible. I don’t understand “impossibility”. Cant anymore. Religious people would say, ”all things are possible with God”. Thank you my business partner, Terry. I love you brother. You did a lot for me and I return the “favor”. You are a genuine man who is worthy of great things and massive wealth. Now let go and do it more than we are now!!!
To make a long laundry list short: If absolutely necessary, I would step in front of speeding bullets for him. The Multi Generational Manuscripts contain the tools to make life eternally increase in the absolute best that I want. I am CREATING an increasingly happy life with this knowledge. I love learning! The Neothink(R) Society is my home and my baby. I am eternally protective of it. The TwelveVisionsParty (TVP) forever has my support for a long as we need it.
Lovingly and Sincerely,
Neothink(R) Society Inner-Circle Mentor,
Patrick B