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Are you looking for a better way of life for you and your family?


Freedom Lovers,

It is with heart felt appreciation that I express my joy at discovering Mark Hamilton.


In Mr. Hamilton’s defense – although I do not know Mr. Hamilton personally.


The most positive thing that I can say about the Neothink society and Mark Hamilton is that the material works, if you use all the tools in the literature, and put them into


Dear Mark,

Through the Neothink Inside Secrets I have gain responsibility for my own actions.


I Connie C Am a Mark Hamilton Partner, and an Active Neothink Member, and very proud of that fact!


Hello Mark,

I have read your Neothink literature daily for the past 3 months. I enjoy it so much that I recently bought a new computer so I won’t miss anything.

For me, I have noticed myself less stressful. My blood count has stayed up so I haven’t needed another chemotherapy treatment. That is a big plus for me.

My daughter who is a mural artist and noticed immediately more jobs coming to her when I started reading Neothink literature – a large plus for her.

My son also noticed changes, small but noticeable.

They tell me to continue reading as something good happens. These are benefits I never expected so each day there some small plus happens.

My favorite reading is Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. It is so uplifting and beautiful and brings home for the world.

Thank you so much.

Jeannie J



I am a true reader of Neothink and I have encountered many great values to my life ever since I been reading!


I really appreciate Mark Hamilton.


I beg to take a moment of your time to introduce and familiarize those concerned, Mr. Mark Hamilton and Neothink, how powerful and amazing make change in my life.

I have an extensive experience and education in the restoration of antiques as well as the finishing and refinishing of fine furniture, cabinetry and architectural woodworks.