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I can’t say I am surprised that the media and government officials are looking to silence the voice of Mark Hamilton.  The man is an obvious threat to their way of thinking and so they will do anything in their power to stop this movement.  As someone who is knew to this new way of thinking, I can’t say that I am totally aware of all the benefits that will be brought to society as a result of these new ways of thinking, however I am intelligent enough to realize the path we, as a people and a government, have been on is one doomed to failure and disenchantment for the vast majority of people.  We have got to find a new way of approaching Life and from what I have read in the documents I have obtained, I am convinced that this new approach is one that would ultimately benefit everyone.  Therefore, I 100% support the efforts of Mark Hamilton and his company in trying to help people in finding a new way of living.  Besides the obvious 1st amendment implications of this effort, I think that any society that cannot allow a difference of opinion, does not deserve the support of its citizenry.  For anyone to say that this is a scam or other such type of business fraud, means that they simply do not understand or have bothered to investigate for themselves, what this movement is all about.  I will continue to read and try to absorb the materials that I have already obtained and hope to eventually become much more active in the movement itself.  Right now I am at the student level and don’t feel knowledgeable enough to try to teach anyone else about what this means.  But, I am far enough along to understand the implications of this new way of thinking and living.  Keep up the good work and the good fight.
Bill W