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If you go back in history of media you will see how it started. The reasons why it started. Then the reasons it changed. If their goal is to stop the truth, could it be their afraid of the truths people already believe. See to many people take it personal, when you don’t think or feel as they do. They feel intimidated not good enough. When we allowed poor images, injustices, to happen, to show with, well get a lawyer or your not smart enough, cause theirs always someone who feels this way. I can’t afford the gin or a lawyer, most people can’t. So to change the rules that have been ingrained for centuries, except the smart or wealthy is mind boggling. You feel dubbed, short changed because your not good enough. They weren’t told the truth in the beginning. Like when I died on the operating table, they said I bleed like a stuffed pig, they gave me 3 pints of blood. I didn’t know who I was or where I was. I had to count on those around me for truths. Someone with Alzheimer’s , I can relate to… cause you have to count on truths, honesty, & no one is perfect. You become acceptable to what is around you & the truth of what they tell you. A commercial of 20 of the same & no punishment of their taking advantage of you when you waist your hard earned money. Now we allow our government to do the same when we tried to prevent them being dishonest to begin with, but the proof is in the pudding, & boy is it bitter. Most of us don’t live in Fancy homes or expensive life styles; we may want to achieve the American dream. But to tell you the truth, I don’t want to harm anyone, judge anyone or commit a crime. But what are the playing rules. I don’t care if you have more, achieve more, but be honest with me, with us all. Have rules we can learn, to keep straight, to be honest. I have the same hopes & dreams as you. Though I may not of accomplished as you, who’s to say who learns what when. It’s not to late unless you let it be. You have to ask your self, who am I, who do I what to be. I’ll take my magic lantern to help you any way that I can. Together united we can do this, sometimes slowly, other times faster than a speeding bullet. I’ll send my peaceful Air fairy to blow the winds of truth, of light, of Justice together we can achieve the impossible, because it only continues if it stays the same, the same lies, the same untruths. I have begun to awake to the inner soul I am, & I like myself even more than just words. Together we can unite in love, kindness, peace, understanding that we unite for the good of our selves & each other. To be the best, the strongest, no more nasty perverted language, we lose who we were. To know we all have a story, let’s share it together. I’ll share mine if you share yours. Come see me & I’ll listen, tiring to all achieve  the goals we seek. Some one will win; some one will lose but to be fair & honest… Numbers don’t lie. So mighty media lets sit down, write our goals our achievements lets fact find with truth & honesty for our well being & others. Remember when you were innocent & didn’t worry about injustice. Lets start from their, & work forward     
Jim and Donna Grant