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Just wanted to express a hearty thank you to Mark Hamilton for providing the tools ie. analogies to integrate Reality discovery. This is a must,for those individuals who are quickly realizing that the Agencies that are draining 3/4 of every tax dollar are not representing “We the People”, but they are instead perpetuating the facade of The Ruling Class. What in particular appeals



Mr. Hamilton,

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for ALL you’ve done for me, my family and to the world. Since I was introduced to your Literature, I became more knowledgeable and became a more productive member of this society. I have learned so much from your great writings. My family and others around me have noticed the difference on how I approach reality and how I address issues concerning day to day problems that I am confronted with. I learned to integrate knowledge, thanks to your writing and analogies.

The Neothink Society has been so valuable to me. It has provided great tools to develop ourselves to become Value Creators. I know this is a treat to those parasites, POLITICIANS, who pray on our tax money to support their laziness and lies to our society. One think I learned, from Mark Hamilton’s Literature, is that those lazy politicians love to keep us in the dark to keep taking away our money and keep on living great lives without producing any values for our society. I encourage all readers of this testimony to become familiar with the Neothink literature and with the Twelve Vision  Party (TVP). Please stop the abuse of our career politicians. It is about time we live our own lives without following external authorities.

That is right! We work hard and create values for our society; therefore, we should live our lives the way they were meant to be (without the coercion of our politicians). 

Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being a proactive citizen with visions to guide this great COUNTRY and the WORLD to a better future and progress. I wish you a long live to bring to the world the piece and justice that we all deserve.