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Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

It is a pleasure to be in touch with you and to be starting my journey with you as my Mentor. I have been reading your literature for many years now and slowly trying to apply as many of the concepts of Honesty and integrated thinking as I can. The value obtained from your literature cannot be measured in dollars. It cuts to the core and the more it is applied the more the benefits become obvious. It not only provides information for one to be able to move forward but also on how to protect oneself from those that are unwilling to put in the DTC and would rather strip it from you. Miss Annabelle’s Secrets is an awesome piece of work bringing in all the emotions possible and inspiring oneself to put in the effort to make a change. Every Neothink concept is presented and can be easily visualized and applied.

It is great to see that all this literature is more than just a good read. Many people including Mark Hamilton are now marching forwards and putting things in place to make the stories a reality. The Twelve Visions Party is a mastermind concept that will draw more and more people into it as they see the benefits unfolding and begin to realize that we can change the system and that there are many courageous individuals out there doing everything in their power to make it happen and make it happen fast. In my small way I am proud to be exposed to this whole movement and will hopefully be able to have a bigger and bigger part in helping the change materialize into our new reality, into the Civilization of the Universe.

I am looking forward to more and more success and life everyday and to someday get the opportunity to meet you.

Here is to a great new world of happiness and creative power.

My warmest Regards

Eric Allart


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
I have received and studied my three heirloom packages and just completed meeting 2. I am applying the Neothink integrated way of thinking with my life. I am very grateful to have received these heirloom packages. I enjoyed reading the factional Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. I look forward to my Friday night essence and want to integrate all Twelve Visions into my life and the successful way of life that they bring.
Roy G. Bean


To: Mark Hamilton
Re: Neothink

I believe Neothink to be the future way business, relationships, politics, can be instrumental how we can achieve wealth throughout the world. This thinking at the present is little forward, but as the Volumes lay out (one of the concepts I personally identified with) is the notion of ‘Friday Night’ interests. Everyone has them, and the ambitious will pursue their own interests and eventually with hard work one can achieve what is real for them. As an architect, I am always pursuing concepts out of reach, but as Neothink has described, one achieves ones Friday Night interests whatever they may be. So the books, of pain staking research, and the teacher’s Annabelle forward awareness how she was able to take advantage of her pupils intellect and help them shape their lives and create in them that nothing is impossible, and hears how one ‘does it’. Thank you Mr. Hamilton. I do wish we could meet like minded people out there.
I hope my opinion of the ‘Works’, will assist your evaluation from whomever is yet to criticize. I received Mr. Wallace’s book the other day, looking forward in reading. I have a question; if Mr. Wallace is your Dad, then is Wallace his pen name? Jim G



Dear Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society both hold great meaning to me. Five years ago I was struggling with my life and searching for a new direction. Discovering Mark Hamilton and his viewpoints was a positive change in my life. My curiosity led me to dive deeper into the world of the Neothink Society and since then I have grown to love and appreciate what this society stands for. As a teacher working with disabled students, I believe that the Neothink ideals would create a positive future for people in need who are less fortunate in life. Everyone has a purpose in this life and I feel that all people should be given the opportunity to live the best life they can.

The story of Miss Annabelle has inspired me to assist more people.  Mark Hamilton’s literature, The Neothink Society, and the Twelve Vision Party will help to transform this unfair civilization into a better world for everyone.

This is my vision, because I am an open-minded person who is happy for  these exciting changes. I will never tire from stating to you, Mark Hamilton, how extraordinary a person you are and I strongly believe you deserve the Nobel Prize.

With much love,

Maria C R


Mark Hamilton
  You are the source of hope and truth for all those ones like me that are lost in their reality.

You brought me back to the life I lost many years ago, when I lost all my dreams and enthusiasm. I became like a zombie, without dreams and expectations for my future.

      Then one day when I pick up the mail, I had this invitation from you to join the Neothink Society. I started reading and soon I started to gain the hope it was missing from my heart.   

      Soon after, I order the first package. I was desperate to have it in my hands and soon the reading was on. Going through it page by page my enthusiasm was growing and growing.

Then reading the second package about miss Annabelle`s Secrets I fell that I can dream again.

      It was like flying through the Universe and connect to the source and born again.

Thanks for saving my life

Wilson Perez 


Dear Mark Hamilton 

I am truly fortunate to have acquired the Neothink knowledge. Neothink will definitely bring peace and prosperity to USA and to the rest of the world.  Neothink continues to benefit my life in every way.

The knowledge I have learnt by reading the Heirloom materials has made me aware of the dishonesty practices in the government and their control of the news media. I will use my own mind. People should check out the Twelve Visions Party for the chance at a new life.

Fortunately I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms. I read and was motivated to purchase other publications. Miss Annabelle’s Secrets put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together.

Keep up the excellent work! The more people that are exposed to this the more they will see the direction this is going and that it is the right direction.

Thank you for the positive trend you and your Neothink Society have put into my life.

Lisa C, CA