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Dear Mark Hamilton:
Your books are so phenomenal I don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes I feel you have looked directly into my heart. A lot of the things you have written I have felt for so many years. I can honestly say I don’t know how long I have felt this way except to say I can go back to before 1981. God is within and so is the truth which we should all tell even when it hurts.

I am truly looking forward to reading more of your books and putting your words to practice. Even though I could never have put your words in such eloquent terms, your story (theories?), could have been mine. I am by know means trying to usurp what you have written but we as a society should never fall into the illusion of thinking that the “authorities” are always right and we should just fall in line.

Because your words are my life, I would gladly follow you to the ends of the earth to help deliver your message. We are all leaders and we all have the ability to be successful in life and live our Friday night essences. I don’t quite know how to say this but your twelve visions are right on! When are we starting? In fact, I am going to start recording and posting on the internet some messages I have been working on for a few years now. May I incorporate some of your words or ideas? I will keep everything discreet as to the source of my new deeper understanding of various issues unless you say otherwise.

Even though this is temporary, my funds are a little tight right now. I will be ordering my third heirloom package on the 1st of October. I can’t wait to receive it and, even though I am reviewing the first six books, they were so comprehensive, I have to stop, go back, and slow down so the messages can stick and go deeper into my consciousness. And because they are so comprehensive, I feel like I already have it memorized though I know I don’t.
I will follow your lead but I am eager to get started spreading your message!

Percy W. Vera II


To, Mark Hamilton 

From, Pervin
Date, March 6th—-2010
  Dear Mark,
Hi, this is Pervin. I am writing to you about Neothink world. I read your several books also i am RIBI registered too. Over this decade too many things went on me, still going on. But i never stopped read those books, because i know one day i must win with you and your associates, only this reason i never stopped read as i can alive this society. Mark you are genius, nothing wrong with that. Every bad things happened from my unknown way, as i did some thing wrong with destructive government, now i know who they are and what’s they are doing against any innocent person. Although still they are forcefully involve with my personal to other area of life. But i am sure they must eliminated by Neothink Society. Their every active is very painful, as i am getting by them. Recently I joined with Twelve Visions Party as you advised to me, i see how real world people are happy, other way how traditional world people are getting trouble by authorities. So far two world people, and both never mix together, because both of two opposite psychological minded people, one is up side down world, and one is straight stand up world. So NT only one way gets the new world.  Mark, i am assure you, you must be win. Because your literature open my mind and showing to me every aspect of life. Destructive government and political govt. taken away my job, money, love and other area of life. Their illusion made me pain full life, which is indescribable, but it is continuously happening. Only NT is my protection, sometime slowly, sometime don’t work. Another way TVP open my eye, like why life is not control, how can control every day of life. However, one day public must support MH and his literature, and TVP, when they will see those nature of destruction. And that time is not so far from now. One day everyone must know about their destructive formula, how they are flourishing in this world, and killing ordinary people’s life. So I advise to all other non read NT people, please read the MH’s NT literature and experience about this world, where we are and NT society where taking us. Neothink world is very exciting world than the old unhappiness world, wherever we are sinking in their hoax. I believe my self and Neothink society. Thank you.


Now with New Jersey having its Historic TVP Convention on March 20th, and inviting the Mainstream Media of which is a good thing until the ESTABLISHMENT realizes it is being threatened, after becoming familiar with the Twelve Visions Party Platform, the Mainstream Media will also discover us, then we will have the PRESS disliking us, and the AUTHORITIES attempting to Silence Mark Hamilton.