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This country was founded under high and visionary ideals.  Its founders saw a truly free society based on government by and for the People.  It was intended that our banking system be established under the same basis, but that didn’t happen.  Instead it remained in private hands and our beautiful free enterprise system allowed it succumb to the greed of a few people who like to hold power over others.  The rise in power of the banking system and its decline into corruption easily took with it the career politicians the people had put into power to protect us.  We have strayed very far from the free society our founders envisioned.  We have systematically given up more and more of our rights and much of our freedom.  The debt-ridden society we now have is not free for most honest people who continue struggling to maintain a reasonable existence.  The “American Dream” seems to be a lost hope, but the current system does serve a few very well.  These are the ones who put all their resources toward maintaining the status quo and perpetuating the degradation through deceit.  My family and friends are not free because, in their personal integrity, they buy into the rhetoric from the political, financial, and medical systems that merely bleed them dry and sap their vitality.  They are not left with the energy, resources, or inspiration to bring forth creativity that could benefit their families, communities, or perhaps society as a whole.  All this tremendous potential is wasted and lost for the sad purpose of maintaining a deteriorating status quo.

Mark Hamilton and the literature of the Neothink Society teaches its readers to open up their own visionary abilities, to see through the rhetoric and clouds of deceit, to recognize the essence of truth in everything, to think for themselves and to act on the evidence of what is truly beneficial  and life-enhancing.  The evidence of this is plainly evident in my life and in the lives of thousands of others who now think and act with clarity.  Humanity is moving toward this kind of living. It is our next step in evolution.  When people are awake in this way they can see clearly that a society only functions well through honesty and integrity.  It has generally come to be accepted that power is obtained and maintained largely by neglecting these ideals.  Neothink is at the forefront of helping us waken to this understanding and living our own fully empowered lives.  This is inevitably a great boon to ALL people, no matter what their current status.  It has already worked for countless numbers who were otherwise “lost” through misfortune.  It is easy to see that the Twelve Visions Party is founded on those principles that best promote the ideals of individual freedom and pursuit of happiness intended by our country’s founders.  Read the twelve visions forming the whole of the Party’s agenda and ask, “is this the kind of society I want?’  It’s as simple as that.  

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Dishonest BIG BUSINESS has brought this Nation to its knees, because they were too Greedy. Now since President Obama had placed a couple of TRILLION into our Banking System, our Banks are just sitting on all that money gaining interest making themselves extremely wealthy.