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Dear Mark,

My name Is Matthew McGuire and I am what you can consider a follower. My whole life I have believed there was more to this existence then just living and dying. Yet I got stuck in the anti society just slowly drowning. Then I received my letter to be one of the chosen you could say. I was skeptical, nervous, and to be honest a little scared. Once I received my material I cant lie it took me awhile to get through it and I still haven’t found time to finish it. I thought how me? Why me? I have come to realize I do have a place in this society and it is with the twelve visions party. I have never been a political follower and I still believe I am not. I believe I am in a world altering moment to open the eyes of every person on this beautiful planet of ours.

I hope and pray that we as a whole (every person every where) open our eyes to the anti society we live in, and move into the new Neothink Society before we pass up on another chance to change the spiraling world we live in. I hope Mr. Hamilton that no one ever tries to oppress the world of the Twelve Visions, and I will do all I can to help us keep moving toward.

Your Neothink Warrior,

Matthew McGuire


Jonathan G

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Dear Mark…
Before you introduced me to the Neothink Society, I was looking for something more, something better to live for. Thanks to you, I found that something more, something better. You are a true genius in finding the right words to bring excitement, and above all, love and happiness to my Life. You gave me the answer and the key to a happier, more prosperous lifestyle. What you taught me opened my eyes to a whole new world; a world that can exist on planet Earth through honesty and love, but never has existed because of dishonesty and envy. There is not enough words in the dictionary to explain how valuable you are to our planet. Incompetent Value Destroyers (dishonest, lazy, envious individuals), don’t like competent Value Creators, (honest, hard working, creative individuals). You are a true Value Creator Mark. You showed me the war between Value Creators and Value Destroyers that has existed on our planet since the beginning of civilization. Now you are going to put 40 hard working, Value Creating years on the line to end this battle, and to bring the citizens of our planet the ultimate value of Life, which is HAPPINESS and LOVE. This is something the Value Destroyers are determined to stop you and the Neothink Society from doing, in the name of POWER and GREED. I want those who read my testimonial to know that you, Mark Hamilton are the most honest, loving, happiest family man on Earth, and an exceptional leader as well, who is leading the way by example with the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society. You mentored me to become an honest, Value Creator and a valuable self-leader. And for that, I support all that you do for our beautiful planet. Thank you Mark, for all the knowledge you brought into my Life. Thank you for opening my eyes to a better world. Thank you Mark Hamilton…Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my loving heart. J

Jonathan G