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I am so excited for Mark Hamilton and all of us, the Beautiful Neothink® Society Why?

Because we are playing in our dreams for a brighter future for our lives, the world, and everyone we meet.

When you click on this link:

You will be able to read a message from Mark Hamilton to you about why the Twelve Visions Party® is your key to a brand new life.

You know, America’s Founding Fathers were progressive thinkers….

They understood to well that it is not the purpose of any government to control the lives of the people. They believed that each and every American individual should have the personal freedoms to make and control the destiny of their own lives without interference from government.

It was not the purpose of government to control life…. The U.S. Constitution had one purpose and that was to set man free from the controlling initiatory force of the King of England, and protect the lives and liberties of all Americans.

This gave all people the opportunity to take responsibility for the outcomes of their lives. They were free to create their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness without the restrictions and regulations of a suppressive governmental entity.

Today, our government is steadily removing those rights from us. This is why the Twelve Visions Party® is so greatly needed.

Here is a quote from Mr. Mark Hamilton regarding the motivating ideas behind the creation of the Twelve Visions Party® Platform,

The Beautiful Vision of the Twelve Visions of Mark Hamilton

“The original, beautiful idea of fiscal responsibility and limited government inspired me and my Twelve Vision Party idea. In order to truly limit government, my Twelve Vision Party idea introduced the fundamental budget of limited government — the Protection-Only Budget.

The Protection-Only Budget funds only the fundamental, prime purpose of our government — physical safety and protection, which includes military, intelligence, domestic security, justice, courts, prisons, police, veterans. The Protection-Only Budget protects everyone equally and does not favor a specific group or voting segment of the population.

Therefore, the vote-gathering power-play is not available for republicans. Thus, the Republican Party hypocritically and shamefully has no interest in the Protection-Only Budget and its massive reductions that would immediately wipe out the deficit and eventually the debt. That responsibility to limit government and eradicate the debt instead falls on the Twelve Visions Party.

In the end, the old party’s ostensible quality of fiscal responsibility and limited government, which I fell in love with, has been used as a trick to gain votes and political power at our expense. Now, the Twelve Visions Party with the Protection-Only Budget captures and enforces the original, beautiful idea of fiscal responsibility and limited government…without tricking people for votes and political power.

The Prime Law of Protection and the Protection-Only Budget capture the beautiful, original intentions of the Democrats and Republicans while removing the hypocritical tricks and power-plays. In many ways, the Democrats and the Republicans have become the same: their drive for political power has supplanted their original intentions.

Indeed, when in power they are both spending away our country’s future, sending us into mind-boggling debt, bankrupting our children’s future. Soon, there will be nothing left if we stay with those two old political parties. The answer is the new Twelve Visions Party.

With the TVP National Platform, Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, I announce the birth of the Twelve Visions Party. The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget are the two pillars that hold up this new party. They manifest the original beauty behind the two old parties without the lies, tricks, and power-plays that destroyed those beautiful original intentions.

If you ask me why the beautiful original intentions of Republicans and Democrats — those original intentions of fiscal responsibility/limited government and tolerance/acceptance/protection of all people — why those beautiful intentions have instead bankrupted our country, I will tell you that the answer comes down to the steadily rising rule of man in America. Rule of man — flaw-filled man — craves political power and promptly establishes a ruling class.

For two-hundred years, the rule of nearly flawless law — our Constitution — has been steadily weakened by the rising rule of man…by federal judges, congressmen, presidents, bureaucrats, journalists…a strengthening ruling class thirsty for political power and control.

The rising rule of man and his strengthening ruling class of Democrats and Republicans have severely damaged this country. Ordinary people are suffering. The Twelve Visions Party is here to reverse the rising rule of man and eventually eradicate it and its destruction of government and country. The Twelve Visions Party recognizes a very unique opportunity to rapidly and radically turn this economy around. Whereas people’s wallets suffer greatly under the rising rule of man in America, the Twelve Visions Party sees a unique opportunity to arrest the rule of man and its suppressive ruling class in order to free the geniuses of society to make everyone prosperous, including the poor! Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, the premier (and timeless) National Platform of the Twelve Visions Party, opens the mind-space to visualize a Twelve-Visions World.”

It seems to me that Mr. Hamilton is America’s new Founding Father in this decade….

He is steadily working to bring back the enjoyment of life; and the right to freedom for all Americans by removing the illusions of today’s corrupted and flawed ideas that run rampant through our lives via the current corrupted governmental framework of our day.

This is a journey of self responsibility that is given to all people in life….

To seek out the truth in all things so that the virtue of truth can be the platform for prosperity both in our lives and throughout America once again.

If I choose to take responsibility for the outcomes in my life then I can be assured that those outcomes are the outcomes that I most desire for my life’s prosperity and happiness.

However, if I fail to take that self-responsibility and simply let big government dictate the outcome of the events in my life; then I am fully responsible for that as well. I personally do not want it to be too late to retain my freedom of choice in life….

I am thankful to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party® for giving me an alternative to the current habit of today’s governmental organizations which are steadily removing my civil liberties one by one.

Now I have a choice…. Now We the People can have a New Choice for the outcomes in our lives.

Thank you Mark Hamilton….. I sincerely hope that all America can begin to see the beautiful vision you have for all.

Elaine Ray