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Mark, All my life I wanted to help my fellow man out to enjoy life better with my input. It seemed I could always succeed but it would only be temporary. With new knowledge of integrated thinking and how to have permanent structural environmental and behavioral changes I have learned how to truly make a difference to better my families lives and those in my community. The Twelve Visions Party is only an extension of something all of us are all searching for. No more games, No empty promises, No more hype and fear invoked propaganda to push us to make another bad decision. Just honest warm embracing helping individuals that want to bring an end to the insanity of debts and burdens that are dumped on us from mismanagement of our leaders to date. I endorse Mark Hamilton as A great leader and visionary to help, before its too late, to bring our country back to its greatness it once was as our founding fathers intended to become. thanks Mark…Your friend always…………..Steve