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I would like to send my testimonial to share with you the great and uplifting experience I’ve had while learning the secrets that Mark Hamilton has shared with all us it has made me a whole lot better person as a whole. I can more for my family and relatives and friends in


I would like to use this as a testimonial for what Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me. First of all, Mark and the Neothink society have given me hope. In a world ridden with illusions and manipulative politicians, it makes a person feel so helpless with everything that’s going on. Moreover, those manipulative politicians, who help make up the great majority of the “ruling” class, suppress and oppress those of us who want change, REAL change; change that will bring prosperity and happiness to all of us working people who want to provide values for the world. But with the Neothink society and Mark Hamilton, who deeply wishes to bring that change that we as human beings deserve to have, hope can emerge for us and we can finally see a world that truly is good. And one without a ruling class who take it upon themselves to control us through illusions and facts taken out of context. And with his writings, we can become someone who will help to bring forth this new world, the Neothink world, to us. Furthermore, his writings provide for us the ability to become that Neothink world. Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton, for bringing me into the Neothink society and helping me to become a better person who is going to provide great values for this world, as well as one who will help to bring this new, better world to all of us.

Kind regards,

Brendon Atkins


Thanks to the works of Mark Hamilton, I have become a better person in more ways then I can express.


When I first learned about Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party, I learned that the only purpose for government is to protect its American citizens from violence, initiatory force, and fraud. The Prime Law shows us how our government is like a business, and as such will be run like a business – producing values for the people and increasing our means of living. As a business owner, a father, and a friend to many like-minded individuals, I discovered the value of making myself a better person every day. Through choices I make and accepting responsibility, I value using my mind, or Neothinking, how to be a self-leader, and also being a part of something our children will look back on and be grateful for what Mark Hamilton is doing and this priceless information. The best part is anyone, regardless of their situation, can benefit by getting the literature and reading it for themselves. Then everyone, including the poor and the elderly, can discover for themselves how life will be with the success of the Twelve Visions Party!

Adam H.
New York