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The hard thinking required to put together Neothink and the T.V.P., and the literature that is Neothink and the T.V.P. is plain and easy to see. When I think of the hard work that went into this truly impressive literature it fills my heart with hope for mankind. I must thank Mark Hamilton for that hard work and vision to see what is possible for the future of mankind, this country and planet. I was brought up in the Lutheran church, and am amazed , at how my mind is not blocked or blinded by  that up bringing. I spend on the average about 4 to 6 hours A day reading, Not only Neothink literature but Julian Jaynes The origin of consciousness and the break down of the bicameral mind and the Bible, its amazing what I can learn when you have an open mind, such as not only are we supposedly made in the image of God , but Gen.3;22 says   The Lord God said the man is now like us because he knows good and evil, he must not be allowed to eat of the tree of  life or he will live for ever. That verse says it in black and white I am A God. I see the huge responsibility, put on me with that statement, and I except it. I also see, why the planet is the way it is, man is lazy the laziness I’m talking about is not physical its so much worse and destructive, it is mental laziness man would rather pay someone to do their thinking for them, such as politician or pastors priests and the like. And by doing so man lowers him self to A follower I for one am not a follower I am A born leader , and as such I have no desire to lead any one, I will lead only me, I cant help but think if there were more people that thought like me the world would be A better place. Another verse from the Bible that evoked emotion and tears from me the very second I read it Ecclesiastes 1;18 For with much wisdom comes much sorrow  the more knowledge the more grief   I see that statement and marvel at the wisdom of such a man to write  it, as I have marveled at the Neo-think literature, truly impressive writing, If you consider yourself an open minded person I suggest you read the Neo-Think works. If you have built your life on religion and that has caused you to have a closed mind I suggest you read the Neo-Think works and stop being a follower and to all mankind stop being mentally lazy and do some hard thinking for your self . Also T.V.P. must come to be the thinking for a true political change in this country, if it does not I only see a downward spiral with more lies corruption and deceit, this AMERICAN is fully awake and ready to make HISTORY 

thank you Mark Hamilton



I look back in time to just a few short years ago and I see changes. Looking within myself I see a different outlook on the way I view the circumstances of the world today.

It used to be that it appeared that darkness held us firmly in its malevolent grasp and there was nothing I could do to penetrate the tightly woven fabric of what appeared to be a grim reality.

That has all changed in the short 5 years since Mark Hamilton invited me to be a part of something huge and wondrous; The Neothink Society.

No longer does it seem impossible to have impact on the way things appear to be. Why is that? You may well ask. Simply put, the darkness is all about illusion, not reality. Anything that is built on lies, deceit and illusions is not strong. It has weaknesses. It has an Achilles heel.

It has become increasingly easier to penetrate that fabric of lies and see what is and what can be done to unravel it. Most of the answers are in the prime literature written by Mark Hamilton and the rest is within each of us.

Individually, we can take small steps. As a group, a collective conscious body, we can take long strides that accomplish the purpose of the conscious, integrated mind.

The world is not so grim and dark anymore. There is light, more and more of it everyday, and it has begun to dissipate the darkness, illusions and mysticism of the bicameral mind.

We all have some, you know, but it grows less and less influential in our lives as we continue to question and act on the clarity of the answers we each find, both in the prime literature, and within ourselves.

Don’t be daunted by the enormity of the task in front of us. Make no mistake, it is enormous, but it is also fun! Do you think you have something better to do than improve the quality of your life as well as the quality of many other lives? I think not.

Keep your chin up, your eyes bright and focused, and a genuine smile on you face and move ever forward with positive determination and just watch those tasks become increasingly easier and easier.

You will have a spring in your step once more. Your heart will beat with new strength and your sense of purpose and well being will become infused in all that you do.

You will also find that it extremely contagious and the joy that it brings to those around you will be worth every bit of the effort that you put into it all.

These are just some of the changes I see within me and you know what? I’m liking, more and more everyday, that hansom guy that gazes back at me from within the looking glass..




Am joyous testifying to you all. This is all about  MARK HAMILTON .

He is a genius honest person. From the time i received his heirloom/books and went through, my life changed from bicameral mind to civilization, that is from sickness to health, from actress to active.

The knowledge of mark shall change lives of people world wide just as it has changed the lives of us who have led his books. Imagine Mr HAMILTON discovered the disease which is attacking nearly all human beings on earth and this is the disease which brings poverty, war, hatred, dishonest, sickness, death, etc.

Due to his genius and honest he also has the cure /medicine for this disease called mysticism. And this cure is from his knowledge.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for you are my mentor

Being a member of the Neothink society, am also threatened>20 march 2010.Our journey mighty be disturbed as you mentioned. Am level 9 of our journey. In level 6 you talked about the NEOTHINK SOCIETY MARK HAMILTON SECRET BOOK that you would send to members.

How can it be possible for to receive this book. I would Neothink that you send me this book and be on the way to me before 20 march 2010.

To me this threat is just like am driving the car along the desert which is mysticism to a promised land, the land of honest, success, ageless, etc then fuel of car starts finishing before arrival to the promised land.