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Hello Mark,

I have only been with Neothink a few months and have all the books and just received cd’s of Kevin


Hello Mark Hamilton, I was thinking of you today, your work and all the time and work you have put into. you have opened my eyes on thing I never had a chance in my life time to take a part in. I like the stand you take in what you stand for. I will take a part where you can use me. I thank you for your letter the letters and all the good things that will help my family I have never had the chance to do. that seems like all every one wanted was something that would make them richer own more. Nothing for me that seems to be my life Mark I really care for you and your books and the teleseminars. I will be a back stop for you sincerely yours James


Mark Hamilton,

His Honesty/Love/compassion


Hi everyone my name is Kirk and I am proud to say I am involved with the
Twelve Visions Party. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s material regarding the
Neo-Think movement. He has opened my eyes to a new way of living and thinking.
He has great ideas and wants to better not only everyone here in the United States
but all across the globe. His Ideas want to make everyone Rich including the poor.
His Ideas are sound and make sense, they are not jibberish and his goals are
attainable. I encourage everyone to get his books and materials, and find out for
yourself. His books have helped me realize my


Dear, Mark Hamilton…..I wanted to tell you that I enjoy being part of your organization, that has inspired my life in all aspects. The books you sent me have given real value to my life to produce and create those desires and dreams of my own heart. Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party have set the strong standards to help understand that there truly is a way to deal with altruism, mysticism and non value producing individuals . I’ve learned how to deal with people in a new and more efficient manner. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything


Hello, Mark–I am so glad to have received your books. They have changed the way I think towards government, city, county, state and federal. It has also changed the way I live my life. I have finally gotten the courage to begin my own small business, which my husband thinks is a total waste of time and money, especially if the money is not being used on what he wants to spend it on! But, this is my life and I decide how to live it, thanks to reading all three volumes I bought from you. I also see the potential for the future, a future where everyone can be self-supporting, financially independent and happy, thanks to the Neothink Society!


First THANK YOU for your great knowledge I have learn a lot from your books, things that I never thought it will exist or even happen you made me more educated I will never thank you enough, you made us wake up from being innocent followers and think why things are the way there are in the world, you made us THINK and not just to believe everything … your lessons are like diamonds, forever, I wish you continued with all your valuable information so we can see and become what we really come to be and become creators of our destinies and made a great contribution to humanity in whatever field we chose, I will always be thankful to you and your father and you always can count on me; wishing you the best .



To Mark Hamilton, my mentor:

The reality of being able to create a better world mentally, physically, emotionally, and economically, is one of the most extraordinary opportunities you’re offering to us.

I have read all of your books, I have learned your excellent teachings to all of us, and I respect and admire the value of the Neothink Society that I am working with.

I believe in you and I trust that we can all share success by creating and learning to create love, health, wealth, and happiness.


Graciela De R