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I am very grateful to Mark Hamilton and his literature. Since reading his work written for the Neothink Society, I have a new found sense of self and trust in my own ability to think and use my brain in ways that I feel will contribute to and greatly benefit not only myself, but society as a whole. I find Mr. Hamilton to be both very dedicated and inspiring. I am personally very grateful that I found someone who wants to better not only his own situation, but that of everyone around him as well. It is too often in today


Since I have become a member of this society, I have learned to use my brain to create more value and happiness in my life. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle to solve problems. Two years ago I rarely cooked and was getting sick a lot. I


I think one of the things people miss about the literature offered by Mark Hamilton is that there are actions that need to be taken in order to enjoy the success that is described.

If a person honestly reads, and then -acts- on the techniques taught they will see radical improvements in their performance, either in their own business or where they work for someone else. Even if you only employ the techniques and forgo the rest of the stimulating and invaluable insights and breakthroughs your life will improve. You will begin to understand the way the brain can be operated to reach, and even seemingly surpass its capacity.

Finally, if you are someone who decides to employ the techniques, be warned. The productivity you experience can be overwhelming at first, so just relax, do your best to follow through with the discipline, and try not to fear the obvious success that awaits you by doing so. It can be hard to accept success when you have been conditioned your whole life to believe you are not capable, and do not deserve it. Take a deep breath and keep going forward.

Robert R