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Larry Johnson Jersey Central A-Team. The 12 vision party represent the first time ever a full body of integrated knowledge that can change our mentality and our way thinking that has us in a rut. It is the vehicle of real change, reality based down to the fundamental principals. The prime law is the law that will guide us as a people i am so grateful for this law. I am so proud to be apart of this great movement, that will expose the root cause of all this unnecessary death and destruction coming from the corruption

and lies from career politician who tells have truths out of context. ” MAKE ALL the PEOPLE RICH including THE POOR “ This slogan must be taken to the people in a massive marketing campaign , let it become part of the people’s knowledge bank. a rallying cry for honest business men and women and the workers who put more into society than they take out. We must rally the grassroots around Mark Hamilton and the 12 Vision Party. any successful movement weather Lenin in Russia or Mao in China the condition was ripe to rally the people for change, to protect them from the enemy. This wall will begin to be built as we go public, and flooding our clubhouse houses with new

members is paramount and a major task right now, not when you get a check in the mail but now let’s start the motion this is a very exciting time because change is good. To see something beautiful come into being, that we as a whole is creating. We must out compete the ruling parasitical class, career politicians who in reality talk about change

but are dead set against change. We must win the minds and hearts of the American people, by presenting the 12 Vision Party as a alternatives to the present lazy politicians who only answer to the people’s problem is to raise taxes. This laziness must be exposed by presenting a political business model that the 12 Vision Party represent. Mark

i was part of the movement in the 60′ & 70′ the black liberation movement which was narrow in scope but genuine in our attempt to find solution to our day to day struggles, and to bring about change in America. One of my proudest moment as i was growing and coming to some understanding of the prime literature was when the new website went up and i saw how you integrated different men of creation was included, and to see Malcolm x included brought tears to my eyes. In the early 70′ we thought by replacing

black faces in high places would change our conditions, conditions are worse know than when i was a child. the streets are lest safer know. I learned threw experience that was not the answer, to our problems. since being introduce to Neothink with it broad scope accounting have given me a honest understanding of were real power comes from and that is people’s power threw integrated thinking. Mark i stand with you a 100% in this struggle against evil, for the freedom of our minds and souls When we were kids and wanted to make sure we were together on anything that we were going to do, we would ask each other to give our word. and we would say ” word is bond” if we thought one of us was not telling the truth we would ask each other to give their word “give me your word” if they said word is bond we knew that the truth was being told and we valued that as the highest order at that time. and we was totally together at that moment in time. i give you my word i in for the long journey that we must travel.

Tbone w/ love Larry Johnson