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Twelve visions party, TVP has shown me that there is freedom for all of us. When you look at the incredible mess that we have financially here in the United States we all know we must deal with the real problem (career politicians) that spend our money with out regard for our real needs; Safety, Freedom and Prosperity uninhibited by tyrannical laws. Mark Hamilton through his Books on Neothinking and the Neothink Society has illustrated the possibilities of a future with freedom and prosperity through the TVP twelve visions party. In an economic time such as now, the peace of knowing that there is another choice we can make is priceless. We all love the United States, the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and we want her to always be free so we can prosper and live in peace. During the past 25 years I have always voted for the candidate best suited for the elected position and almost every time I have seen repeatedly our freedoms and prosperity taken away in the name of the greater good, special interest groups and the deficit; It is time for a change, we need honest business minded people to run our country and a platform that is for the people, freedom, and prosperity and now we have the TVP twelve visions party, the answer to our common problems (career politicians).

Mark Hamilton and Neothinking have changed the way we listen to politicians, now the truth is easy to see. There are many good Americans that would gladly stand up and make the changes we need and through the twelve visions party they now have a platform and party to accomplish true freedom and prosperity. The Neothink Society through Mark Hamilton


Dear Mark Hamilton,

It goes beyond words what Neothink has done for me and my life. It has been absolutely without any doubt that Neothink has improved my life for the better. To say that it is incredibly amazing is putting it mildly. I find it very crucial and essential to have Neothink in my life just like food and water. Through everything I have learned I have been able to see past illusions to see the essence of what really is. Especially the illusions of career politicians and congressmen and other big government agencies. Big government and big corporate executives thinking only of themselves and how much power they can get instead of thinking of the people. I have learned how to be a self-leader and not be swayed or moved by external authorities who try to make us think they are only doing things for the “social good.” Mark Hamilton and Neothink is the best thing to come to society, humanity and mankind. I am glad to be a part of it and the next higher thinking of mankind. I cannot stress enough how Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party are essential and crucial to not only America but to the entire world. I will always be eternally grateful to have Neothink in my life.


Walter L. Burton



This country was founded under high and visionary ideals.  Its founders saw a truly free society based on government by and for the People.  It was intended that our banking system be established under the same basis, but that didn’t happen.  Instead it remained in private hands and our beautiful free enterprise system allowed it succumb to the greed of a few people who like to hold power over others.  The rise in power of the banking system and its decline into corruption easily took with it the career politicians the people had put into power to protect us.  We have strayed very far from the free society our founders envisioned.  We have systematically given up more and more of our rights and much of our freedom.  The debt-ridden society we now have is not free for most honest people who continue struggling to maintain a reasonable existence.  The “American Dream” seems to be a lost hope, but the current system does serve a few very well.  These are the ones who put all their resources toward maintaining the status quo and perpetuating the degradation through deceit.  My family and friends are not free because, in their personal integrity, they buy into the rhetoric from the political, financial, and medical systems that merely bleed them dry and sap their vitality.  They are not left with the energy, resources, or inspiration to bring forth creativity that could benefit their families, communities, or perhaps society as a whole.  All this tremendous potential is wasted and lost for the sad purpose of maintaining a deteriorating status quo.

Mark Hamilton and the literature of the Neothink Society teaches its readers to open up their own visionary abilities, to see through the rhetoric and clouds of deceit, to recognize the essence of truth in everything, to think for themselves and to act on the evidence of what is truly beneficial  and life-enhancing.  The evidence of this is plainly evident in my life and in the lives of thousands of others who now think and act with clarity.  Humanity is moving toward this kind of living. It is our next step in evolution.  When people are awake in this way they can see clearly that a society only functions well through honesty and integrity.  It has generally come to be accepted that power is obtained and maintained largely by neglecting these ideals.  Neothink is at the forefront of helping us waken to this understanding and living our own fully empowered lives.  This is inevitably a great boon to ALL people, no matter what their current status.  It has already worked for countless numbers who were otherwise “lost” through misfortune.  It is easy to see that the Twelve Visions Party is founded on those principles that best promote the ideals of individual freedom and pursuit of happiness intended by our country’s founders.  Read the twelve visions forming the whole of the Party’s agenda and ask, “is this the kind of society I want?’  It’s as simple as that.  

Rejoice this day, and always -



Mr. Hamilton,

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for ALL you’ve done for me, my family and to the world. Since I was introduced to your Literature, I became more knowledgeable and became a more productive member of this society. I have learned so much from your great writings. My family and others around me have noticed the difference on how I approach reality and how I address issues concerning day to day problems that I am confronted with. I learned to integrate knowledge, thanks to your writing and analogies.

The Neothink Society has been so valuable to me. It has provided great tools to develop ourselves to become Value Creators. I know this is a treat to those parasites, POLITICIANS, who pray on our tax money to support their laziness and lies to our society. One think I learned, from Mark Hamilton’s Literature, is that those lazy politicians love to keep us in the dark to keep taking away our money and keep on living great lives without producing any values for our society. I encourage all readers of this testimony to become familiar with the Neothink literature and with the Twelve Vision  Party (TVP). Please stop the abuse of our career politicians. It is about time we live our own lives without following external authorities.

That is right! We work hard and create values for our society; therefore, we should live our lives the way they were meant to be (without the coercion of our politicians). 

Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being a proactive citizen with visions to guide this great COUNTRY and the WORLD to a better future and progress. I wish you a long live to bring to the world the piece and justice that we all deserve.




Larry Johnson Jersey Central A-Team. The 12 vision party represent the first time ever a full body of integrated knowledge that can change our mentality and our way thinking that has us in a rut. It is the vehicle of real change, reality based down to the fundamental principals. The prime law is the law that will guide us as a people i am so grateful for this law. I am so proud to be apart of this great movement, that will expose the root cause of all this unnecessary death and destruction coming from the corruption

and lies from career politician who tells have truths out of context. ” MAKE ALL the PEOPLE RICH including THE POOR “ This slogan must be taken to the people in a massive marketing campaign , let it become part of the people’s knowledge bank. a rallying cry for honest business men and women and the workers who put more into society than they take out. We must rally the grassroots around Mark Hamilton and the 12 Vision Party. any successful movement weather Lenin in Russia or Mao in China the condition was ripe to rally the people for change, to protect them from the enemy. This wall will begin to be built as we go public, and flooding our clubhouse houses with new

members is paramount and a major task right now, not when you get a check in the mail but now let’s start the motion this is a very exciting time because change is good. To see something beautiful come into being, that we as a whole is creating. We must out compete the ruling parasitical class, career politicians who in reality talk about change

but are dead set against change. We must win the minds and hearts of the American people, by presenting the 12 Vision Party as a alternatives to the present lazy politicians who only answer to the people’s problem is to raise taxes. This laziness must be exposed by presenting a political business model that the 12 Vision Party represent. Mark

i was part of the movement in the 60′ & 70′ the black liberation movement which was narrow in scope but genuine in our attempt to find solution to our day to day struggles, and to bring about change in America. One of my proudest moment as i was growing and coming to some understanding of the prime literature was when the new website went up and i saw how you integrated different men of creation was included, and to see Malcolm x included brought tears to my eyes. In the early 70′ we thought by replacing

black faces in high places would change our conditions, conditions are worse know than when i was a child. the streets are lest safer know. I learned threw experience that was not the answer, to our problems. since being introduce to Neothink with it broad scope accounting have given me a honest understanding of were real power comes from and that is people’s power threw integrated thinking. Mark i stand with you a 100% in this struggle against evil, for the freedom of our minds and souls When we were kids and wanted to make sure we were together on anything that we were going to do, we would ask each other to give our word. and we would say ” word is bond” if we thought one of us was not telling the truth we would ask each other to give their word “give me your word” if they said word is bond we knew that the truth was being told and we valued that as the highest order at that time. and we was totally together at that moment in time. i give you my word i in for the long journey that we must travel.

Tbone w/ love Larry Johnson


 I want to thank Mark Hamilton for being the business minded genius that he is. The books he writes and publishes through his publishing company shows that genius.  He has developed a philosophy that is unprecedented to any other.  Out of this philosophy has emerged a new way of thinking.  I am so grateful to be a part of The Neothink Society.  I am shown something that many don’t see.  I have learned how to think for myself.  This is quite a new concept for most of society.  I am growing to know who I really am.   Not what others say I should be.  It is a wonderful, empowering experience.  I am on a journey of no return.  It is an exhilarating journey.

Out of The Neothink Society has emerged a new political party.  The Twelve Visions Party.  I believe in this party with all of my heart.  The Twelve Visions Party stands for individual rights.  It doesn’t get any more fundamental than that.

The purpose of life is to live happily.  The purpose of government is to provide that condition.  No initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract.  This means FREEDOM for all!  Not just a minority.    No more government interference in anything other than protection.  What a wonderful THOUGHT after the farce that the career politicians have made of OUR Country.  Time to take it back!  We are all smart enough to know that the small bit of freedom we think we’ve got will only get smaller if we continue to travel the political path we are on.  We need a new way of thinking.  NEOTHINK.  We need to take our country back.  We are also smart enough to know that when these career politicians begin to feel the importance of The Twelve Visions Party they will do everything in their power to silence this party, this philosophy, and this man.  EVERYTHING.

I must stand up for what I believe in.  For the future of my family, my friends, and  the world.  I WILL THINK FOR MYSELF!     LET FREEDOM RING!  Thank you for this gift to ME  Mark Hamilton.  I am now a Neothinker.  I am also becoming a self leader.  What a wonderful gift you have given the world.

With Gratitude, Happiness, and Love,

Rhonda L. F