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I see another political season is upon us. We have an accountant up here who spent $4,million on attack ads. Now that would obviously feed a lot of people. This Country is totally out of control. It is time to leave while I still can. Who knows they may start shooting all citizens at the border next week if they try to leave. A US passport is the worst thing to have these days traveling abroad. Guess who gets shot first when the terrorists attack. It will probably come to pass that those who aren’t holding foreign passports will even be allowed to leave. Everybody in the world hates us. It is a totally changed world now. I last traveled the world when I was 17. America was respected as the protector of rights and liberty around the world. That all changed on 9/11. Everybody in the world knows the truth. They know those people were murdered by the Religeo – Stalinists who high jacked what was left of our government. They know who the terrorists were and still are. Sometimes I think Somalia is better off than we are. At least they know they are’nt free. I am going to have to take some radical evasion which means renouncing my citizenship and changing my name. I know who to contact and how much it costs. Soon it will be time to act. The only people who are going to survive and prosper are those with Neo-Tech and CBI. Unfortunately for those who don’t have it yet probably never will. They will be will be ostracized and then left to leave this universe forever.

Chuck Beeler – for now Neothink since 1987

Interested in all the new viewpoints out on different subjects facing us today, yet a distillation of Knowledge on many views is really helpful when the author knows what he’s taking about. Mark Hamilton walks his talk and lays out an interesting blueprint helpful & important for the future of the human race, We all want Peace, Health, Wealth & prosperity, but how many of us have a CLEAR pathway to get there.