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I am a member of the Neothink Society, have been for a couple of years, since I joined I have developed a whole new attitude toward life in general, politics of our Country, causes and effect of certain elements with in our civilization and the future of Mankind, all from my mentor Mark Hamilton and other members 0f the Neothink Society. The Goals of the Society are to have Health, Wealth, Love and Peace for all Mankind.

Those are worthy goals for any segment of our Civilization and I am proud to be a part of


In this testimonial, I intend to help people have a minimal understand of the possibilities and benefits that can be gained from Mark Hamilton’s literature, the Twelve Vision Party and the Neothink Society. I say minimal, because it is virtually impossible to have an individual understand the mental changing facts and comment sense understanding that you receive from this society. All that is needed is to look around and pay attention at what kind of civilization we have evolved in to. I never really


The Twelve Visions Party will create a protection only government, allowing for the end of the ruling classes and the creation of a civilization where justice and equality prevail.  A civilization where business, science, and art produces never ending values for its’ citizens.  A civilization where efficiency goes up and the cost of living comes ever increasingly down.  This may all sound a little “too good to be true” but let’s all make up our minds when we see what can really be done with Neothink and the TVP.  Nothing so far has worked and the more I investigate and explore my membership in the Neothink Society the more I am convinced these are the best Ideas I have heard concerning changing the system and living in a world free of fear and pain.


I want to begin by saying thank you all you have done for me.  Before finding you and the Twelve Vision Party, I thought the US was on the wrong path and going down the path to destruction.  I have not seen anything lately to change this view.  I could not see a way out of this mess the politicians and power elite in this country have created for us.
Then,  I found you Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party and for the first time in about 40 years I felt alive again and I started to dream of a long fun filled life with new hope for the future of our civilization and our planet. Yes, with your help and writings I have found my Friday night essence and have started to live the dream. 
With this new found zest for life my energy has returned and I am looking forward to working to help establish the Universe of Consciousness and the Twelve Vision Party.


Wealth, health, and peace are the three most important conditions for civilization. Yet we don’t see this today. Instead, we see a world divided and detached from human life. In comparison, Mark Hamilton has created a masterpiece of secrets the ruling class don’t want you to know about. It has nothing to do with “conspiracy theories” or the like, but it has everything to do with honest and true love-building, wealth creation, and peace pursuing. If you haven’t already, get Mark Hamilton’s literature now! You won’t regret it!

Adam H.
New York