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The Neothink Society is the best idea and life giving teachings I have heard ever and to lose this great knowledge and wisdom would hurt me, my family and the whole of world. Mr. Mark Hamilton is given us everything we need to help fallen humanity and I love the Neothink mind set. I beg the people of the world to help every one see the light of consciousness that Christ bought given again from this great man who is thinking about a better world for all. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes to the key to success.

Sincerely, Robert Conway-Bey III


Dear Mark Hamilton:
Your books are so phenomenal I don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes I feel you have looked directly into my heart. A lot of the things you have written I have felt for so many years. I can honestly say I don’t know how long I have felt this way except to say I can go back to before 1981. God is within and so is the truth which we should all tell even when it hurts.

I am truly looking forward to reading more of your books and putting your words to practice. Even though I could never have put your words in such eloquent terms, your story (theories?), could have been mine. I am by know means trying to usurp what you have written but we as a society should never fall into the illusion of thinking that the “authorities” are always right and we should just fall in line.

Because your words are my life, I would gladly follow you to the ends of the earth to help deliver your message. We are all leaders and we all have the ability to be successful in life and live our Friday night essences. I don’t quite know how to say this but your twelve visions are right on! When are we starting? In fact, I am going to start recording and posting on the internet some messages I have been working on for a few years now. May I incorporate some of your words or ideas? I will keep everything discreet as to the source of my new deeper understanding of various issues unless you say otherwise.

Even though this is temporary, my funds are a little tight right now. I will be ordering my third heirloom package on the 1st of October. I can’t wait to receive it and, even though I am reviewing the first six books, they were so comprehensive, I have to stop, go back, and slow down so the messages can stick and go deeper into my consciousness. And because they are so comprehensive, I feel like I already have it memorized though I know I don’t.
I will follow your lead but I am eager to get started spreading your message!

Percy W. Vera II


I want to begin by saying thank you all you have done for me.  Before finding you and the Twelve Vision Party, I thought the US was on the wrong path and going down the path to destruction.  I have not seen anything lately to change this view.  I could not see a way out of this mess the politicians and power elite in this country have created for us.
Then,  I found you Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party and for the first time in about 40 years I felt alive again and I started to dream of a long fun filled life with new hope for the future of our civilization and our planet. Yes, with your help and writings I have found my Friday night essence and have started to live the dream. 
With this new found zest for life my energy has returned and I am looking forward to working to help establish the Universe of Consciousness and the Twelve Vision Party.