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Hello Mark Hamilton,

Let me say, that after reading all three of your manuscripts, I felt empowered because I realized that my thoughts and views of the world’s society at large were not false or fictitious. I also became aware that there were many other members of our society that shared the same thoughts and ideals. We are all victims of the usurpers among us who care only for power, control and profit. I’ve come


I really don’t know where to begin, at one time in my life I was a very violent man and nothing seemed to go my way. My entire life I was very luck not to have been in prison for some of the thing that I had done. I always new there was a better way to do things but finding that solution evaded me for 47 years of my life. Yet I did not give up as many people do.

Then one day I received the letter that changed my life forever. At the time it all seemed to good to be true, yes I was skeptical, but thought I don’t have any more to lose, so why not give it a try. The first heirloom book arrived and I read through this amazing manual and things started to change. I realized that I am not due any sort of existence put the existence I make for myself. I went through my entire life thinking I was owed something better than what I had. Yet ever thing was out of my control.

So I learned, that



What other choice is out there for us?  I go to work everyday watching the and listening to the dis-satisfaction on peoples faces and coming out of their mouths. Knowing the ugly truths about what they say and why they feel the way that they do.  Being stuck in an illusion filled world were we are constantly being used, manipulated, intimidated, and just plain broken down until we begin to give up looking for a way out.  Well Mark Hamilton has provided a way out.  The evolution of man is a necessity and has been long awaited. If you walk away with nothing but the knowledge and belief  that you yourself has control of your own present and future, then the possibilities of a greater day are not far off.